Base territory cordoning

Alright, well I’m playing on an Official Siptah PVE map.

I would like some feedback on this practice that I’ve noticed (so far) Chinese players engaging in.

Which is laying pillars every 15 meters or so, as well as building blocks in tree stumps to stop other players from building anywhere ‘near’ the vincinity of their bases and in some instances doing this nowhere near their massive many thousands of block boundary walls and pathways they like to build everywhere. Some of these boundary blockades stretch the whole way through forests, a couple of hundred metres in-game.

Is there any rule governing this practice on Official?

Or am I free to cordon off a whole forest or mountain too.


Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.

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So what they’re saying is when people pay for the games and DLCs this is not online inclusive so don’t expect much. Understood.

You’ve also given information stating this is against the rules, but you’ve failed to state if there is any recourse I can take and if so, how to go about it and if it would be looked into it not. That would be helpful.

Please advise

First you have to raise trust lvl and after that it will allow you to pm a moderator on the forums which will have to submit proof of action

In order to raise lvl spend time reading and writing on forum

Ps due to lots of tickets the response time can be weeks before they can help you

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But how is it when a clan just build walls and buildings everywher on the map?

Same time response but they if found not allowed then banning time will vary and the base may not decay for it to be gone

Actually, that is not what @Kapoteeni said. What was provided was the link to the terms of conduct, ect and the process for reporting abuse.

Please review the link provided and follow the established process. The forums are not intended as a conflict resolution platform.

I never stated that was what Kapoteenin said. “So what they’re saying is”: ‘they’ refers to Funcom fyi.

“You’ve also given information” refers to ‘them’ providing information which Kapoteenin has provided in turn by forwarding that information to my thread, whether it be sourced from themselves or quoted by another; the phase could mean either and is open to interpretation, however anyone with common sense could easily interpret that it refers to the information Funcom provided as is plainly evident by the existence of the quoted text.

It’s all in the thread I linked. The reason why I didn’t pick out any particular quote out of the thread beyond the one specifying your problem is because I’d like you to read all of it. It’s a really important thread.

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Alrighty, cheers!

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