Call to action. Conan is in danger. :)


Hello, everybody!

I want discuss about the situation at different pvp and pve official servers. I am sure that this situation applies to all servers and very many players.

We (im and my guys) playing since first early access Conan and each spent more 4k hours at different official PvP servers (maybe 50 or more). We saw a lot, but now we have one problem, which we would like to ask and discuss.

At different official servers we see the situation complete blocking of obelisks and sulfur or other resources. This significantly affects the course of the game and creates difficulties for all players at the behest of the griffers. This deficiency kills official servers and in practice leads to blocking the server by one clan, blocking the game and making it impossible for beginners to play.

I suggest developers to prohibit construction in places vital for a server or to make it impossible to block objects and resources.

It would be nice, of course, to clear these areas, because we will need some time to clear the areas, because the blocks will remain even if construction is prohibited.

I ask the players to express their opinions on this topic, and developers should pay attention to this.



  1. Pepla:
    “We can make corridors to combine areas, and a large wall does not make sense. In areas where there are important resources to enter construction prohibition areas”

  2. dakka:
    “What if the area around the zones in question were set as “public building only”. So that any1 could then just demolish the buildings.”“The other solution is to hire 1 Admin”

  3. Glurin:
    “The only guaranteed solution is restricting building to select areas”" Next best thing is having admin"

  4. Fire:
    “And there’s only one solution. Moderation.”

  5. Talu:
    “The solution is simple, don’t play on official pvp servers”

  6. Larathiel:
    “My preference would be for intelligent moderation as it would likely be the fastest, least expensive”

  7. KDS:
    “problem official server do not have admin”“also for PVP server, at the bring Funcom is offering PVP-Fast server and each month will be wipe.
    I that is the good idea, for long term… PVP server should wiped completely maybe seasonal.”

  8. Olumat:
    “More definite solutions would be sth like in rust that limits your building radius.”

  9. Vattende:
    “the only real answer for official servers that could work are admns”

  10. kevbal:
    “Yeah man but the problem with that is trusting the Admin.”

  11. John-Baptiste:
    “I can see the best option being a structure limit for a solo player or clan.”

  12. Halcyon:
    “The only solution to this problem is to make Brimstone Veined Rocknoses, so people can be resource-deposit-independant and build a resource farm back at their base.”

  13. thoth-anon:
    “This game isn’t realistic with the minecraft cheese meta but there’s not much that can be done without fundamentally changing the landclaim system to a capture flag / or landclaim flag system (which comes with its own problems too)”

Have you proposed your own solution?


There will always be a way around it, doesn’t matter if they have to build bigger, they’ll still do it.

Try naming places without no-build zone which could use one.

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Additionally, while an extremely large no-build zone around obelisks may be desired on hostile servers, it would be detrimental on friendly servers where people build communal map rooms next to the obelisks.

Not an easy fix, unfortunately.


Dear TheLOLxd2!
We can make corridors to combine areas, and a large wall does not make sense. I will show you! :slight_smile:

Dear Tephra!
We can save places for friendly maprooms!

Let’s take a small piece of the world map and draw a little … I apologize for the rough art … but in this way we can save space for friendly buildings and prevent building.


The remaining obelisks can be planned on the same principle.

This is just an example. Please do not judge strictly - it requires study.

I have seen so many posts about this that I am starting to be swayed to support a solution.

What if the area around the zones in question were set as “public building only”. So that any1 could then just demolish the buildings. On PVP I am guessing you can already just demolish walls, so not an issue. But on PVE where you can’t destroy other clans/players buildings, maybe in these areas just make it similar to PVP where u can.

Anyone that builds there, builds at their own risk on PVE. Not sure if this solution would work, or how hard it would be to code. But I really am starting to think there should be a solution to this.

NOTE: I am unaffected by this as I play on a private server, but I felt like I need to contribute my opinion since it was asked for.

EDIT: The other solution is to hire 1 Admin that can fix these on public PVE servers. A set form that requires specific information to make it easy for a single admin to fix these. Ban the people responsible, and pretty soon these issues will not happen anymore.


Dear dakka! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beer: !

Dear Shadoza!

This is just a suggestion, not a final version.
I understand, but what to do with the building around the obelisks and resources?
Can you suggest your version?

This is just an example of the area around the obelisks, of course there are still many places worthy of attention and correction.

In my opinion, there are many places where you can build functional or beautiful buildings to start worrying.

The only guaranteed solution is restricting building to select areas similar to settlements in Fallout 4. We don’t want that. Next best thing is having admins on the official servers who can deal with this kind of crap.

Any attempts at expanding the no build areas are just going to result in the griefers building a bigger wall. The level of determination these people have is almost admirable. If that determination wasn’t focused on ruining the game for everyone else anyway. I would not be surprised to learn one day someone had built a huge wall around those red marked areas of yours.


If it’s pvp what is the problem? Pvp is expected to be a hellish warzone. of course people are going to block stuff off. Theyre defending themselves. It’s strategy.

So if this about pvp then this thread is pointless.
But if we’re talking pve then yes this needs to be dealt with.

And there’s only one solution. Moderation. Which will never happen because they want to force people to buy or rent servers. It’s all greed.

All the talks about it being too much to moderate is a weak arguement. There’s so many huge games actual mmo games that are heavily watched. So much as say the wrong word and bam you’re gone.

So the solution starts with killing their cash flow. Stop buying dlc stop paying for private/custom servers.

But what it’s been 2 years? I think if people took a stand they would just say screw it and just abandon the game.

It just makes me sad really. I don’t even wanna be on a public server. But since I’m on ps4 I can’t really play with my friends otherwise.


The solution is simple, don’t play on official pvp servers, join a good private server with an admin that can setup rules for what people can and cannot do.


In pvp there is no rules and it should be as such. GODS are powerful enough. if you dont like it… destroy it. However… I think in pve it shouldn’t be allowed

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Yeah, I see this sentiment a lot. I even agree with it for the most part, aside from cheating or obvious exploits of course. But, well, let me put it this way:

What people think PvP is: An epic, savage and brutal struggle between mighty warriors vying for dominance in the field of battle. A great contest pitting skilled fighters against each other to determine who is the better and who is dead. Two men enter, one man leaves!

What PvP actually is 90% of the time: An excuse for people to act like total jerks to each other. (Wanted to use a stronger word to convey a more accurate level of incivility and immaturity, but the censors wouldn’t let me.)

Still, at least in PvP servers the option exists to blow up the griefer’s walls somehow. From what I’ve seen, PvE servers are often just stuck with it until the griefer gets bored and leaves and their stuff decays away.

Yes and it spec important on pve server when you cant blow a hole i the walls to.

As erlier make 2-5 safe flages areas fora Clans home base + some outposts and Buildings outside Thos bubbles have a wery fast decay and more easy to bomb.
And yes to expand the zoned you cant build and link then whit vital areas Close by. Ex an link from The Den to jhebbal sag, to the obelist to the Sepeerume and manye to the undead city…

To limit the area a clan can build on, faster decay and lower hp on Buildings outside a safe zone and to ad the cost of Buildings.

Make it imposeble to clame the hole map for a clan

That’s just your assumption of what goes on in official pvp servers. Most of the big clans who poop on low levels, while they are trying to level, deserve to have obs blocked on them and the server taken over. Most Alpha clans wont let another clan of equal or more members in their clan level up to 60 without griefing them… in fact they , the new people, never really get to 60 and last enough. You see… although people complain about these walls… the servers that have this done are usually well earned. While in retaliation the remaining new people come up with genius plans ( locking obs and resources) to limit the alpha clans’ ability to farm resources. Which that causes them to grief less because they have to spend more time restocking their supply. While giving new guys a chance to build up and defend themselves. Anytime that I have personally blocked an OB was to make them, the griefers, work harder to grief. While most of you guys assume that this is just a tactic to ruin a server… you’re wrong. It’s what you get for assuming I guess. I’m sure most of you will read this with a blind eye and continue to complain about it. I however still believe its uncalled for in pve and pve-c and should be looked at

Dear Fire!
Dear MrSm0kin1!
Dear Glurin!
Dear Masmassu!

No, and on PvP servers its problem, becoase we all have raid time and i can destroy a lot blocks, spend a lot of jars, boulders and win fighting on the ground, and it is only 6 hours in a day. After that (after raid time) i just craft 300 t1 blocks (30min) and can block almost all spawns of Brimstone of the map, and no one cant destroy that (raidtime is over). After that i rebuild the wall again around obelisks… and again all players (18hours min) cant farming, cant teleporting. And i cant too, becoase i all the time fighting, firing and blowing up to make a holes… And tomorrow i need again a lot stuff, demonpowder and etc, again need to do great work to unclaim, destroy and win, but i cant farming becoase all spawns are blocked. GGWP! IT IS ONLY MY SERVER! :frowning:
Regarding the use of blocking tactics: Most often, the tactics of blocking resources use alpha clans, not incoming players. (as MrSm0kin1 says) They do it to no one cant changing the situation on the server. Coming players are not interested in overlapping resources, because they themselves need them.
As a result: it is much easier to create and block resources - MUCH, than to destroy them. It is very easy to block it (no matter who it is done), and it almost completely kills the server. NEED TO DO SOMETHING! And completely decide this situation…

Dear Talu

Private servers have better things, but there are also bad ones: small smile:
But this problem should be fixed regardless of server type.

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Kind of feel like debating PvP tactics in a thread that’s primarily about an issue unique and uncounterable in PvE is counter-productive.

As a PvE player, I’m in agreement that something needs to be done to counter intentional griefing. My preference would be for intelligent moderation as it would likely be the fastest, least expensive (i.e. coding man-hours add up), and least intrusive (inevitable bugs, existing public works destroyed) method.

That said, as someone who has taverns with maprooms, dancers, wells, and shelter by more than a couple obelisks, I find the idea of making them public intriguing. While I’d probably want to move my emergency “Someone’s Getting Purged Chest” and any T4 thralls further away, I’d be fine with leaving elevators, T3 dancers, wells, etc. present provided they cannot be looted if someone else bombs them. Maprooms, chests, and T4? Hmm, maybe pull those back a little just to be safe.

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If someone would be inclined to grief an obelisk by building a wall around it, which takes a bit of effort, they would certainly be inclined to demolish a communal building near an obelisk, which would take little effort.

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That’s a fair point, good call.

Yes its a problem on pvp to…