Clan blocking obelisks on PVE-C offical server

This needs to be addressed Funcom, I don’t care what you say. I know it’s a hassle to try and moderate all your servers but doing nothing lets all these kinds of people get away with it and have zero repercussions. We as players can do NOTHING about this here since their buildings are not destroyable in any matter and at least 1 or 2 of them are always logged in before any stuff becomes decayed. The situation is only getting worse and I imagine there’s several other of your servers with the same issue.

Yes I saw this a topic or two about this already.

That is not an answer anyone should be willing to accept. The obelisks are an important part of the world and they need to apparently have MUCH bigger building restrictions placed around them…as do some other areas apparently which can also be blocked off.

It am sorry to inform you Tamryu but there are no rules for conan official servers. There for players performing such acts are within their rights to do so. It is an unfortunate situation the dev team is roughly 60 people if i am not mistaken they do not have the man power to police the server. They will however step in and dole out a ban for hackers and patch exploits and even roll back servers for exploits similar to the orb glitch back in the day. Until they have the man power to deal with such players it will continue to be a free for all.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but it is highly unlikely they will do anything at all.

Yup nasty names, or clan names, build on node, Funcom does not give a hoot. We left 1726 because folks built one foundation block and an archer every few 100 feet for about a 1/2 mile in a circle, no one cared we could not build there. We just left. Now we just put up with them.

Torches seem to also be the new foundation spam of choice. People claiming entire chunks of land by placing down a single torch. Also they erase nodes.

FC needs to figure this out. I know I am just one of many. But I bought the game and as soon as a DLC comes out I ■■■■■■ it up.

Not saying money speaks loudly. But if there is no way to build. Then there is no reason to play.

It is very unfortunate that people are doing this but sadly funcom is doing nothing at the moment about it. perhaps because they don’t care or perhaps because they don’t have the man power more likely the latter than the former. As they do seem to care about the game else they wouldn’t bother fixing bugs.

However for those of you playing on ps4 i can offer other servers that do not have these problems both official and custom

No police action are needed!! Just put to ALL sectors around obelisk, “input code” to block construction. Is it that hard!?!?!

they will just make the enclosure larger. they need walking purges that clear a trail to all the obelisks on PVE and PVE-c servers. This would eliminate most of the issue. They could do it on PVP too but players can remove such structures if they choose.


As Spiral just said they would just make the encloseure harder. I’ve seen people block the noob spawn completely. The only way that could ever work would be if they made it impossible to build everywhere.

It isn’t that they don’t give a hoot Hyborian they don’t have the man power and there really isn’t much that can be done about it. Ark had the same issue people blocking spawns and obelisks its a part of life in these games. Its unfortunate and i feel for yall. Its the reason i play pvp so that if it happens i can put holes in it.

Again. With PVE-C the best option is to not oppose. I don’t even log into the game during PVP.

Be happy with what you have and leave the griefers be.

I stopped caring about certain things. Just play off hours if you can. That way you can do your thing.

Like thralls…trolls starve when not fed

Isn’t it possible to set-up a small game for you and invited players only? That might be a solution until Funcom fixes PVP claims.

Absolutely! Setting up a private server (either using Funcom’s own tool via Steam) or simply renting out space on Gportal is really pretty easy. I run my own server via Gportal–just a tiny affair for me & my friends.

A word of advice, though–don’t bother with co-op. It’s finicky as hell, and even when it does work you’re tied to your co-op partner via an invisible line; wander too far away, and they’ll find themselves getting dragged in your direction. It’s a nuisance, and not worth the effort.

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