#1040 pve-c server destroying by annyoing clan

Hello ! I want to complain about a clan that destroys our server. Im playing on 1040 official server, 30 people are playing here with me but 5 of them are just destroying server by using exploits to destroy blocks to build walls around our bases. Also all obelisks are their walled by sandstone with spikes. They are very vulgar and annyoing and we want ban for them Funcom . We love Conan, this is why we playing this game, we love build nice bases this is why dont we play in pvp servers, also we want pvp this is why we playing in pve-c server but they destroing us by walling our bases, obelisks. If u respect 25 online players every evening and if u want us to play keep playing please do something with it, we spend so much time to build this server, our map rooms at all obelisks (thanks caro) and we wont lost this. Ban them for using exploits and be vulgar . i hope that there are active game masters, grettings exiles. ah i forgot this clown clan name is KILLER KAMAL!

Its impossible not being able to punish them , it is your game. you Dont need this players , We will refund their money, just ban them somehow.

Good luck with that, you’ll need it.

I Also play on #1040 official server.It is true about clan KILLER KAMAL! okay there are troll players and troll players,and most people can tolerate most of them so not everything needs funcom to interfere.Agreed…BUT on a PVE-C server where we players cannot do something about people exploiting,and blocking numerous players spawns and bases and building fortifications around the obelisks,stating they are doing this to get all the players to leave the server,while they do this to the next server and to the next.it’s not just bad for us players,it’s mostly bad for you Funcom,we don’t get paid by this,we just invest time…I really enjoy what you’ve done and what you are continuing to do with this game,fantastic job but seriously.Something has to be done about sittuations like this.Please check it out somehow,official server #1040 .Blocked obelisks and different player’s bases by Killer Kamal!
Thanks for your time

Funcom it is your responsibility to make your product usable in the manor for which it was brought not stopping griefers and those that exploit the game from destroy the enjoyment of others is letting us the gamer that supported you down in a fundamental way

This sounds familiar. And based off of battle metrics its at least 3 out of 5 of the same people to destroyed 2 servers I was on.

They are known for it. Cube bases and walls.

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Sad, pathetic people.

Unfortunately, nothing will be done about it. We can discuss forever whether it’s “Funcom’s responsibility” or not to deal with it (I personally think it is, if they want to maintain official servers that includes more than keeping the power on).

But whatever answer one wants to give to that question, the effect this behavior has on the playerbase and perhaps more importantly the perception of the game (which Funcom certainly should and DOES care about) is pretty clear.


A classic example of people who lack the balls to play on a real pvp serer. Real men on a pve server, lol. I’ve said it months ago, the only real solution for pve servers is to spawn a purge dedicated to destroying building pieces around obelisks.

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I play on Official server #1040 and i would like to report that 5 people,of Clan Killer Kamal! are building structures around obelisks to block them.this has disrupted the way the whole server can go about their daily routines…they have also blocked several player bases…please sort this out

Yes this problem is on all pve/pve-c server and also on pvp. But what can they do about it? Exept from baning members and ad clensing purges.

Or make it so you can pvp sandstone Buildings in pve,

I agree, and i think it shoule happen on all official servers. would definately trim down some of the griefer. Not all, but a major % would lose thier leverage.

Yes one whit minimum rewards.

Ran into same thing on ps4 server they would have friends come in load them up with weapons and armor to grief people and wall off areas. Got my own server. It is BS. Little punk kids playing adults.

I’m from the mentioned server too, they already started blocking my base. I’m playing the whole game for a week, so I don’t really care about my base, but there are not one players who spent hundreds of hours on this server already, players who bought the DLCs, loved the game, they were loyal to it, and now even if they built their characters, the bases for months, their fun is over because of some children, and Funcom should care about that. Of course they can’t care about every low lives who block bases, but when they start to prevent us using the obelisks, otherwise we walk into a trap, that’s a no go. Blocking key elements of the game should not be allowed.
And if people won’t get a solution to trolls like them, they won’t rate down the people on steam, they’ll rate down the game because of them, it’s not only a bad thing for us, it’s a bad thing to the game itself. That’s why Funcom should ban them, or give us an opportunity to deal with them somehow, make a report page, accept obviously evidences like pictures or even videos, and let us play the game we like for hundreds of hours without losing our obelisks, our bases and our fun.
And a positive feedback from the devs can make wonders with the PR.

Sorry to hear about this, but this is from Funcom (@Jens_Erik)

You have to ignore them enough for them to get bored. Funcom WILL NOT ban them - even though it is a known group

I dont Think an admin on every server is needed, dont even know if the law premit them to ban them unless they brake any lawes. But pve/pve-c need alot hardet purges anyway so thats the key.

They are all out exploiters, that server was killed in a week or so every other day another player is done with.

Some dutch pretending to be russians thinking they are cool.

Funcom knows this, understands this problem, reads this,but does not help out, and lets the cheaters rule.

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Actually no rewards. The Purge spawned at the Obelisk should not be able to melee, be immune to all forms of damage, in other words all they do is level buildings within a certain radius of the Obelisk then dissipate. A special Obelisk only purge. CalÄş them corruptors or something.


I am not sure I agree with it happening on a PvP server because the offending walls can be destroyed buy players. If you lack the power to do it yourself, form an alliance with other clans affected. Fight for your Obelisk.

pvp = fight m, in pve you cannot destroy so totally different ballgame indeed.

Its the fact their build used as quasi weapons are invincible.