1060 official is griefed daily

Hello, is that part of game or u somhow fix that with purge? but on our server some clan griefing brimstone lake and block obelisk… will game somehow solve this or players just need everyday de-grieifng that buidlings? And what can we do when isnt raid time?

Yea, true it´s getting really anoying one clan is purely just griefing around the map on the official 1060 pvp server, there´s literally no brimstone spawning in the lakes because of the foundations and obelisks are beying obstructed with buildings so if you teleport you lose everything you have on you .
the clan name is: λ (Lambda)
players: murena(FIliP) , Juss(Gustavo), Zalupa(Lupa) probably more…

this have to end it´s just griefing of resources it´s doing no good to noone not even them and everyone is annoyed by them.

and we dont have any chance to fix that by self cause of raid time…

yeah blocking resource spawn points, blocking all obelisks and more

you are on a pvp server, then you all can go together and just kill and bomb them back to nothing till they stop doing that. But what to do on a pve server, nothing. map is full of long sandstone lines that block Everything.

problem is that we are on pvp, but u have raid time 1/4 of day and rest of day we are griefed… so we can do nothink

Yes but you all can hunt and hurt them alot during raid time. take eeverything they have and bring them back to the stoneage.

We cant do that on a pve server…

Its not too easy dude. 90% players on server are begginers without PVP experience, explosives and resources. This clan is ruining server so i think its work for funcom admins not for players on this server. If u are owner of server and someone is ruining your server, u will ban him or delete all bases like admin

What you do is blow a hole in the wall then place some of your own foundations to prevent them rebuilding it if you on a pvp server.

PvE server, you out of luck. My suggestion to FunCom was to spawn a purge at obelisks every 12 hours whose sole purpose is to fight its way out. The good news is it does not take long to run anywhere in conan.

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some kind of fast purge close to obelisk can be nice

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