Conan exiles server PVP 3222

Hello everybody can a admin to fix the building problem of a clan they’ve blocked all the brimstone area with foundations we’ve just tried to destroy everything but it’s seems all the foundations are back, otherwise all the server should go to take little brimstone from the caves. As I saw guys, funcom, a topic was already created and yes it’s the same clan “Russian Mafia” . We’re waiting for answer and we’ll be glad to see a action will be taken from your side. Many thanks

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it’s not against the rules

I can give you answer - we will not open brimstone lake. Don’t try to build your trebuchets again

That’s very kind of you:kissing_heart:

Just use bombs blow it away after claim it yourself and put archers around on pillars.

Just come to server and try to do it, if u think that it’s so easy:sweat_smile:

Just out of curiosity : why are you blocking the shattered springs ?

It’s just survival strategy. There are 3 clans that fight against us on this server. They attacks our base every day, but can do nothing, because don’t know how to play with low number of bombs

PS. 1 clan is already destroyed and 2 clans left

If someone think that we do something unfair, then look on server 3575, when clan closed start desert, but admins do nothing with that

That dont work in pve and is a major problem… even that he is on a pvp server what i understand!

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