Blocking resources

BR official server 1995

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Sad state of afairs :frowning:

Can one somehow build IN that area, not just around it? Or is it a build-anywhere-type of mod?

Yes, it’s possible to build in the Shattered Springs. Strategically, that’s not the smartest move because then you’ll block the brimstone spawns from everyone, including yourself.

“As per our current stance on harassment and griefing, we do not act upon brimstone or obelisk blockades.”

This is what support tell me

A bad joke, all alpha have undermesh base, and we dont have access to resources or gods to help us… conan support is a s…t

Well, maybe you should report those undermesh bases because those are actually against the rules, instead of focusing on something you don’t agree with but that isn’t illegal.

If it helps any, I would love a more active customer support from Funcom’s part, but I also understand that asking them to take action in a situation that is not against their rules is futile. Better focus on actual rule-breaking issues.

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i already report and FC does nothing. I just wanna my money back.

I dont see anything wrong here. Moving on…


I love PvP, think about solutions instead of screaming for help.

This makes the game the game, you figure out to work around this and come back destroy it.
Not hard to ask for help in the server, some others will help because they think the same.

Good luck and in my opinion, this is OK.

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