Blocking off brimstone

There is two Clans blocking off the major spawns #3595 why do they let you build there all people do is grief

Thats why I don’t ever play on public servers.


if you are experiencing a legitimate issue where players on your server are blocking off access to game content, the best course of action for you is to document the issue and contact Funcom via a Direct Message with the evidence.
Since you are a new forum member, you may not have that option yet, so I am including @Hugo on this.

Do note that blocking off a specific resource (like the Brimstone lake) is not considered harassment or griefing - only very serious cases like blocking off the entire starter zone (yes it’s been done) is likely to warrant action. One can agree or disagree with this stance, but it is what it is.

For details, see this topic:

I say this as a way of managing expectations.

So to summarise on official servers you can:

  • Exploit the game without bans.
  • Block major resources such as oblisk / brim (even screw their resources spawns) / mob bosses etc.

Thumbs up on the architect behind this social experiment.

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Because if they didn’t let you build there, PVE griefers would find the edge of the no-build zone and then build there to enclose the Shattered Springs or whatever it is they wanted to wall in.

PVE claim system is broken in that sense.

This is why I will never play on official servers. Life’s too short.

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servers without rules and consequences are meant to be broken…

Just dont wall of the starting area and you can harass the whole server, while having 0 consequences.

You can also do that at PvP. But at least there people could bomb its way free…

Sure, some players may consider blocking off all brimstone as an act of violence, but do we really need brimstone? I nearly never farm brimstone, because getting steel bars (maybe they are steal bares then :wink: ) from New Asagarth seems a much faster way to me to get enough steel and it also saves me from farming iron nodes. Maybe that is also the reason why official Funcom does not consider blocking brimstone as an act of harassment.

PvP needs them for bombs.

Well I guess if not needed then why bother to put it in game to start with, they could have just made it loot right , this is not a way to look at things , do we need it , well ya, should be able to block it so no else on server can get it a big hell no, that is mean and cheatie. So guess I would have to go with yes we all have a right to it.

To be honest do not take this wrong but I find this answer from funcom to be lazy and an easy out for the company to not have to pay any attention to the problems on their servers. Maybe sometimes they do something but we all can read the forums and there are hundreds of reports that never even get a answer from Funcom let alone fixed. Its a broken system which Funcom does not seem to care to fix or even deal with most times.

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Which is why I said that PVE claim system is broken in that sense :wink:

Look at it this way: Funcom’s policy is to fix the game instead of policing the players. I am not saying this to set off yet another long discussion about that – there’s a thread for that already – but as a way of framing the discourse in the context of the current situation.

According to that policy, Funcom tries to fix any game mechanic that both:

  • allows a minority to ruin the game for the majority
  • cannot be countered using any in-game mechanic

In the context of PVE, the claim mechanic satisfies both conditions, but they haven’t fixed it yet. Hence, it’s broken :slight_smile:

I wouldnt have a problem, that you need mats for decay.

Pump up max decay timer to 14 days, but only if you provide XX resources at said date. Make a “decay pot” which only feeds building-decay in the surrounding area.

Make it a journal step, so that people have a clue about the decay mechanic.

Refreshers would been obsolete. Only players who play the game, could have long decay…

Yeah, that right there is the summary of my pipe dream. I don’t have high hopes that the team will ever implement the “claim flag” or whatever you want to call it, but if they did, I would love it. Make it a placeable that you put on a building piece and it makes all the connected building pieces invulnerable as long as it has fuel. Make the fuel cost some kind of exponential function of the number of connected building pieces. Make it so that each player can place only one (same as it already works bedrolls).

Again, I’m a pessimist when it comes to this. I honestly think Funcom will never do this. Worse, I think they’ll never fix the PVE claim problem, either. But it’s still one of my dreams for Conan Exiles :wink:

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