Can a Dev intervine if a player has completly blocked off the brimstone lake? on official server 1128

Official server 1128, a player has surrounded the brimstone lake using exploits tripling their wall defence. The player is griefing the server by doing this. I have a screen shot but can’t upload it due to being a new user. If the Dev’s are reading this, please see this on 1128 server…its a game breaker if resources are being blocked off. The player in question, only logs on once every Saturday to reset the timer.

Is pvp? Or pve?

There are more brimstone resources around the map . … so I guess the answer is no , but if its pvp take the law in your own hands

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Its pvp server. Easy. Make a treb and break the wall

Why do people play on a pvp server then ask developers to do their fighting for them?

I don’t get that part too

Blocking the lakes is a d*** move that some would call a strategy, but yeah if it’s PvP and you don’t like it, you have a direct line to the person or persons that have the ability to take care of it. I mean you, did that come across? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If its official server no mater if its pvp or pve they wont help you i have similar problem on pve-c server where 1 clan wall off sobek and skittering caves and there is no help to all of us there than to wait for him to quit the game i sent at least 10 tickets and i know few players also from server sent tickets to devs but no help after 1month of us sending tickets the walls are still there

Unfortunately Funcom only intervenes if it is harder for the alphas to do something. For example, hunting down people who run away. You’re always welcome to play offline, though.

You can still run away if you have the stamina and agility pool to do it.

I know. I jest. :stuck_out_tongue:

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