Blocking brimstone

Hello there is a clan on official server #1089 revision #144822/21818 the clan called spartans and they are blocking brimstone resources on the server i have screen shots also they are also blocking the lake at c8 pls take action i want to play on this server [edit : they just started to removing after i started this topic

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Official server #1089 PvP

Destroy the blocking pieces with trebuchet, jars or orbs and make it available for everyone again. It’s a PvP server and you have the means to do that.


the thing is its prevented action in conan and they have to get banned for it and i dont wanna spend my week makin jars and fighting a 10 man clan when im alone

If you really want to continue playing on that server, then get people and crush them. Wipe them from the server. That’s gameplay and content.


Admins won’t fight your wars on PVP servers.

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If it would be a rule, the devs would’ve enforced it by preventing players to build there. The issue has been reported many times already.

I believe they see this as a move to create conflicts on a PvP server and to actually force other players to act and create content.

yea maybe idk

didnt want them to!

Yes you did, you ask for your opponents to get banned for denying you ressources, wich is a perfectly valid thing to do on a pvp server and a prime reason to fight them.

In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof . Action meaning this behavior can lead to bans of the clan or players involved. In extreme cases please use contact anyone from our community team and send them a PM to report these issues. i read this on the conan forum u can read it too!

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None of this is the case here.

Brimstone lake isn’t the only source for brimstone, they don’t block the spawning desert, and they don’t prevent you from playing the game.


i have sc and proof and u can come online too and see they are even blocking the caves ok if u think im crying then the conversation is over ill go fight 1 vs 10

i see what a community!

go mine some underwater in the jungle, or go farm Cimmerians at Mounds of the dead or other high level mobs up north, they drop considerable amounts of steel and brimstone.

Also destroying their walls with trebuchets is dirt cheap and does not require brimstone at all.

So you have plenty of possibilities, aka they don’t prevent you from playing the game.

mr 40 ! if a new player join the server he has to play without brim stone till he make a 10 man clan and 1000 jars to fight a clan back thats what u tellin me ? ok dude then u lost your mind ! its not called crying its called not letting new players play and preventing them from playing !

yea and i joined server 2 days ago so they keep attackin me for trebuchet their blocks thats master mind u got there bro use it in nasa

What you dont get (or dont want to) is, that not even on a PvE server blocking brimstone lake is banable and on PvE server you cannot do anything aginst it!

Thats how Funcom decided the game should “work” on their free servers.

There are many options for you to choose:

  1. find a clan/friends and wipe them
  2. find another official server where you can encounter the same problem again
  3. find a private PvP server with rules and/or mods
  4. play PvE-C when you dont like crafting many bombs (but you could encounter the same problem again)

And yes, people who play longer on this server or 16hours a day, will have many advantages compared to someone beginning new.
But just switch the roles. Would you be happy, that 1 single NEW guy can wipe your clan/base? No…


Then frankly your best bet is finding a different server. If something like this truly bothers you, trying to find a private server where it’s not allowed might be a good idea. You’re probably going to take this in the wrong light, but it really is the easiest solution - and going by the information in this thread, I think it’s almost a given that any more time you invest in that server will be ultimately wasted. Better to cut your losses after just two days.


Hello again @Ignasi, can you have a look at this, Brimstone Lake & all brimstone Caves are blocked by the Spartans clan on #1089. Thank you again and best regards !

For u smart ppl that are saying that u should wipe’em instead of crying? How u gonna do it when ur not able to farm brim that u need for steelfire, to make bombs, use magic or what?

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