No building allowed on Shattered Springs please lord

I would like to suggest that building on Shattered Springs (The main brimstone resource location) be disable. This is due to people blocking the spawns and griefing. This is a video I took on the server that we started playing on.

I have seen this across many official servers in the past.

there are plenty of other places to get brimstone.

There are plenty of other places to harvest brimstone, yes. But nowhere with the quantity of SS. Which requires a player to spend more time running around half the map, to collect the amount of brimstone one lap of SS will provide.

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Would be nice to have more places to find brimstone too.
And to put a limit on how much a player can build, to stop or at least reduce the land claiming abuse.

One of the advantages of playing on a privately owned server, we have declared certain areas off limits and with the rules posted at all spawnpoints and obelisks we don’t worry about deleting stuff that’s out of spec

It is but my mates and I are Australian so not many private servers with good ping sadly. official is fine for us. plenty of population just so many rat griefers.

we call thjat the aussie curse… high ping and wrong hours

I understand your problem, but I’m afraid building restrictions would not solve it. Blockers, especially those doing it just to annoy others, would simply build a longer wall around the no-build zone, thus claiming an even bigger area than before.

Well if they build it there then a statue of mitra appears and another one of there base locations and jumps up and down till :white_check_mark:

Mitra: boyah :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:block it nowwwwww

I think they just need to add brimstone to several other spots, fix 80% of underwater ones so they can be hit with axe.

Add some to some of dungeons, this way there always a source.

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