Building in The Shattered Basin

The TOS states it’s wrong: “Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.” One could question why there are not no-build zones around the area.

A few clans, over the year, seem to target that area. Fewer come back after being cleared, but out of all places to build, they come back for that one spot. The map is huge for many other places.

Ack… zendesk…

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Over-all, Its got water, access to obelisk. Multi-Boss farming isn’t to far off. Several paths to large amount of stone and ore and wood.

To many “no build zones” just starts to hurt the game… there this really nice plateau north of Sepirmrururururuururru or how ever thats spelt…

Thats so far out of city, its now a no build zone. It was such a nice spot. Gone…
Few of Caves and other spots with good path ways…gone.

I think few caves could get brimstone added inside, to help people to not hoard certain spots to.

Never really found area appealing, outside running thru and nabbing brimstone. Staring out over wastes… just sounds boring. XD


@Dzonatas ,It is so annoying when people do these actions , I really agree here . The funniest thing is that in PvP servers until you grow strong you must build somewhere hidden , still some persons are so hilarious that go and place sandstone builds in obvious places and then they cry because alphas destroy them . I know @Halk will be upset again but yes , a lot of people deny to learn the game and go to PvP servers at once . All you can hear from them is that they hate pve :woman_facepalming: . I told them so many times … guys this is Conan exiles , not Fortnite , if you won’t learn the game you will always loose , always .

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Does Fortnite have players that act like admins of official servers? Seems misleading, if so.

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Because it augments the pvp experience, as the TOS states. Easier to set no-build once an no longer worry about escalated conflicts.

Be easier to add brimstone to more locations so players have more options, and instead of limit more sections of map.



That is an excellent alternative to no-builds.


Okay, now I don’t get it. Why should Shattered Basin be a no-build zone? I could understand if you said Shattered Springs, especially after agreeing with @Sera67, but now it seems you’re saying you’re not talking about Shattered Springs.


@CodeMage ,He is talking about the passage to North . Most of new players , including me when I started the game ,the only passage I knew to go North was shattered basin . In the past @Dzonatas has made his point for how PvP players create barriers that troubles new players , he was always trying to take a stand for the weak . Another example was the sinchole obelisk . I can clearly understand why he complains about it , it is nice but I think impossible too . I cannot however remember when was the last time I used this passage or Savannah to farm elephant hide :rofl::rofl::rofl: . Still back then it was my only choice :wink: .

No it just have players that doesn’t need to play pve for starting PvP :wink: . In order to play PvP in this game you have to learn how to pve first , don’t you think too ?

I know. What confused me is that he agreed with Sera about brimstone.

I wish Funcom would display a warning banner when you select PVP mode on a freshly installed copy of Conan Exiles, saying something like “Are you sure you want to jump straight into PVP? Maybe you should learn the ropes first.” :smiley:


asking people to be banned for building in a cave that 1 side leads to the north and 1 leads to the desert is dumb.

Guess we should ban everyone who builds in the deserters gutter as well. So many pathways to the northern part of the game.

The people on this forum :roll_eyes: Also brimstone being in 1 location is to promote PvP since it’s an incredibly needed resource for multiple things. After all this game was advertised as a hardcore PvP game when it was released in early access in 2017, unfortunately the new producer has taken it into a rp scene :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I started with PVE, moved to PVE-C, and have been at PvP for some time now. The usual image I’ve found is of PvP’ers taking care of the main roads, like in the cave to north. That doesn’t mean treatise.

I like the idea about brimstone because then it gives reason to, further, preserve the cave.

Noted that someone could build straight up the bank near the alligator, but hmmm… if there is land claim still left.

There were a lot of persons that walling all the North side of Sepermeru and the problem was not so big in PvP servers but on pve or pve c . I believe that every action Devs doing is coming after to much conversation trying to balance the less evil for this game . I say less evil because there are players that do wonders in this game but at the same time some others are just selfish bas… that they care only to destroy it.

That is an assumption. It may have been already done. Someone else may do it, too. Just because it’s pvp doesn’t mean the magic happens on its own.

But issue is, south and west side, you can build not to far out… the no build zone goes way to far north past open field, into hills and then some.

I pretty much build my slave pen on hill on edge of town… just drag them right form prison etc up the hill.
I don’t know… the anti build border on town is heavly lop sided.
Seems like something they could imput into servers, and not SP mode.

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