[HOTFIX ASAP] You actually CAN build and block Shattered Springs (Brimstone lake)

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Official #1092 EU PVP no-ping

Brimstone lake doesn’t have “build block zone” (you can build in this critically important location and basically the only location for a whole server to farm brimstone and get out from iron age)

Because of that toxic community on official servers is doing that:

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I agree that it should be a non build zone, but its not the only place to get brimstone.
in the desert: Sinnermans Refuge and Gallaman’s Tomb. in the Swungle there is the large ocean vents that have bromstone drops you can collect, and in the vulcano there is also brimstone to be found.

the highlands don’t really have brimstone.

but yes, i agree. stuff like that shouldn’t be allowed.

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  • Spider cave center of map.
  • plateau center of map SEE of black galleon.
  • Ocean and rivers in swungle near vents.
  • Volcano.
  • Shattered springs.
  • Big crocodile boss cave gallow(something) cave (just above noob river)
  • As a drop from bats in the batcave in the highlands/north border
    these are the spots i know brimstone can be found.

When people do stuff like this on my two official PvP servers, we wipe em off the server.

Sadly this is working as intended.