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I’ve been on numerous servers and grow tired of having to change because people block off major resource nodes like shattered springs. Please either fix this or I will go onto every official server and begin shutting of every available node that is able to be built on just to make the issue a problem you have to deal with. I also have friends who are ready to do the same thing. It’s been a complaint for awhile from the community which you refuse to do anything about.

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I’m guessing you are talking PVE/PVE-C as the answer to that on PVP is to blow them up

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How am I suppose to blow up 3000+ pieces of t3 in a single day? The amount of resources that would take is insane. It is pvp but they have the entire spring scatter with a insane amount of t1-t3 building. they even have have the blocks of t3 in the water was well as a ton of t1 and about altars as well built in the entire spring they intentionally shut off every brimstone node. And now they are working on attempting to block off all the brimstone caves. Hate to say it but with the lack of brimstone on my server making explosives has isn’t very viable. As well as they can easily throw more down faster than we could blow them up. So tell me how that fixes the unfixable problem? And I got about 15 people ready to shut down every servers node and I can easily get more. I will make funcom take action or we will cause the game to lose players. Their choice. And a note, they blocked the springs in a matter of one night and numerous clans keep attempting but we don’t have the resource capability to farm up enough resource. As well as each down goes by more and more t3 are places as well as reinforced.

Lol well good luck with your 15 friends to do this on every server lol

Or gather your 15 friends to
A) secure the entrances to the brimstone caves so those can’t be blocked
B) Target the players who are doing it so they can’t play without constant harassment … so they can’t gather without someone sniping them and killing them. They can’t go anywhere to built without being sniped and killed … I mean they have to stand reasonable still in order to place foundations so shoot them/kill them then. Find their real bases and destroy their capacity to craft.
C) build massive blocking wall around their shattered spring foundation spam and then go in and systematically free up the area and then “claim it” for yourselves. Make agreements between the clans / individuals on the server who want these obnoxious toxic players gone how to divide up the springs and each claim a bit … and leave some segments as “free entry” so new players can still get to brimstone nodes to harvest.
When the server has secured the springs and prevented them from blocking it, then clans/individuals could replace certain walls with door frames and leave them open for free access.

There are ways to counter these types of behaviour without spoiling the game for others across multiple servers. it’s extremely unlikely Funcom would take any notice of your behaviour … and if they did take notice well I think it would be to ban your accounts from all official servers as you had become the problem.

Than how do I target them when I don’t know who they are? After all everything says no owner. If I knew who they were I’d be doing exactly that but it could be any of the 20+ clans online also banning my account wouldn’t save them I can share play my game onto any account I make countering any ban they could ever possibly try to do. But yes we have already secured the caves for the server. Though it would be nice if the other clans weren’t little kids and understood cooperation and some don’t even speak English which is annoying as well on a us server

The “no owner” status of buildings is currently a bug. Funcom is aware that it is a bug.

Whilst you are not able to tell who has done it … then I suggest that you take immediate steps to ensure one or all of the brimstone caves have access for you and individuals friendly to you.

Or stalk those areas to see who is coming to block them…

You could surround the entire shattered springs area to deny them access to their claim so it decays. You could go after smaller sections of it to clear a path around some of it so you can build a blocking wall so that some of it is inaccessible to them and then decays and so respawns. Or once access is blocked if not decaying because they can still get close enough … then at your leisure start to clear the rest. I’m guessing an avatar would be most efficient for that.

Personally I’m appalled that this bug made it to the PS4 and Xbox platforms … it was a bug identified on the PC platforms after the 2 March update and hotfixed about 48 hours later. It’s poor that Funcom didn’t ensure it was fixed before they sent the patches for certification.

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