Brimstone blocked on 4508 official server (latin america)

I’ve already reported the player that’s blocking the brimstone by the proper means, but, as I spoke to other players, no action has ever been taken when they did the same (reporting to funcom).

So, as last resort, I’m trying to reach the developers here, hoping that they’ll notice.

The server is the 4508 official server (latin america) and the blocked brimstone is located at B8 (named “fontes despedaçadas” to me).
I’ve got the name of the player that’s causing the trouble (but I think that I shouldn’t expose it here) and screenshots that proves the issue (but, as I’m a new user, I can’t post yet).

This game is too good to be destroyed by toxic people.
Thank you!


So does that mean you reported to Zendesk? I am not sure about the rules for pvp pve-c and pve vary.

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And welcome to the Forum my friend

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I see you are saying that someone is blocking the shatters springs location which would be a voilation of the TOS. If you have not yet done so please file a report at Zendesk though it sounds as though you have have done so already. I would suggest that you do NOT mention the user name or this thread will get locked and or deleted by the mods. I do hope that your issue does get resolved quickly as I can see how this would be a major issue. For the time being you can go to:

Sinners Refuge top of G4 map grid

(a great place for brimstone as well as T4 thralls) as well as

Executioners Entrance bottom right corner of I6 map grid

(a great place for brimstone, iron and a chance at the executioners hood).


Thank you, my friend!

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Thank you too for the tips, I’ll be looking for this locations!

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You are very welcome and I hope that the issue is resolved expediently as the Shattered Spring is the most efficient place to gather brimstone.

There is brimstone in the cave east of Sinners refuge along with a lot of crocodiles in it and a big one in the back. As far as the players name you mentioned just go in and edit the name. No name no blame!

Just posting so the trend don’t die…

Still no response from zendesk yet.

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