Brimstone, caves, and teleports blocked Xbox one 2578?

Uhh I know it isn’t against the tos but this one clan, koga, has the shattered springs, gallaman’s tomb, and several underwater brimstone locations blocked off on the official Xbox one 2578 pvp server. They’ve blocked the main spawn area in the past. I can get screenshots of everything they blocked off but this is a bit extreme, there’s almost no way to do anything to them when they use the beserker thrall that was removed from the game, I can’t teleport because 3/4 of the teleports are walled off, and they got like 20 mega bases. Are gods useable on the Xbox one? If not this server is gone.

Gods have been temporary removed from the game so funcom can work on them I don’t know when they will be put back into the game … would you like to move to an Xbox PvE Official server?

Ah that’s interesting… I appreciate the offer friend what’s the server number? I doubt these clowns can find me though, I may wait on this server a little longer. I know the guys, they’re not the alphas, they’re idiots that took over the clan when the alphas got tired… the whole server is free loot if they fix gods, I’ve already got 9 arch priests and lvl 4 thralls from one decaying base.

2504 we have good people on the server you are welcome to join this server if you wish but it’s not PvP it’s a PvE server

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