Xbox One PVE Conflict Server #2508

I’m currently playing on the xbox one PVE Conflict #2508 Server and a clan has decided to wall off the Dragon Eye Jungle obelisk, Since this isn’t a pvp server we can’t do anything to combat this. It’s HIGHLY frustrating having to lose your stuff because of some griefing clan. Can someone please do something about this.

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Welcome to the server, my clan and others have been sending emails and such as well for a few months. The clan doing this is the “care bears”. They had sink hole blocked as well, but i believe the devs knocked a section out, but not positive. The other jungle base obelisk they tried to block as well, but there is a get around.

Try playing at 2996, there are rules about not blocking obelisks and features and they work, I play there for 3 months and it’s quiet.
3x Harvest, 3x experience, you will enjoy.

What’s the work around? So frustrating. They shouldn’t be allowed to do this. This obilusk no longer exist.

Yea the southern jungle one you cant get out of if you jump the wall. And the one closer to the passage, there is a spot if you grab the tree you can shimmy threw the side out of their traps. I agree total garbage they can do that one pve-c server…sinkhole isnt blocked anymore but there still trying…yea can confirm the clan is deffinitly the carebears…if the devs wont fix, it seems like we got 4 or 5 other clans on everyday…we all could meet up n come up with another solution jus saying lol…who ever thought the carebears would grow up to be so evil smh.

Just heads up they blocked off the exit to the one near the passage

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