Northern Jungle Obelisk blocked off entirely on Official PVE-C #1823

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [US]

[Player Blocking Obelisk]

Northern Jungle Obelisk blocked off entirely by Urzak (Steam ID Killjox) on Official US PVE-C server #1823.


tactical advantage for whomever blocked it, yes its annoying but does not stop you from playing the game. Should trap bases be removed as well?

I have to disagree with it being a tactical advantage. Its a dic move, because your basically blocking content. Sure, there are ways around it…you can always run instead of using the map room. If I go to a server and see one clan has walled off all the obelisks…yeah two things: they are a clan that needs to be smacked around for a while, or just leave the server and find one that’s more fun.


not saying it isn’t a dic move on a PVE-C server but it is what it is. In their eyes if they can trap you and take your stuff then they did well.

Yeah I can see your point. Its a more friendly way of killing people then full blown raiding/pvp like you’d find on those servers.

Trap bases with the chance of free loot, I can see those…but blocking obelisks…meh, Im not a fan of. But, to each their own.

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Problem is unlike PVP servers it cannot be removed except by those who placed it and those who are doing it server hop they moved to one I am on (was on 1823 when they moved in) now they are where I am now and doing the same thing. Blocking oblisk without some way for other players to rmove it is unethical whether you pvps glorify the move.


Yes it’s a cowardly way to PvP on a PvE-C server …but surely it would have been fairly easy for the players who were established on the server to prevent if they were inclined to ensure their obeslik access was always open … build as close to the obeslisk as you can and then run a line of foundations out so it’s impossible to enclose to block off … obeslik now unblockable … only risk is if a purge destroys it as the player/clan who made it won’t care to actively defend it.

If a clan/player wants to build near that spread-out obelisk protection foundation line then they can negotiate with the owner for them to relocate the foundations out in a different direction to allow them to build where they’ve picked.

That is what some actually did after the fact problem is most on there were builders and didn’t expect someone to do that. Most pvp before they showed up was of a fun entertaining variety such as naked fist fights in a arena area wasn’t much down and out pvp like these guys brought. Fortunatly on the new server when they showed I warned everyone about that oblisk and most don’t use it or have attuned to it anyways.

Reason I play PVE -C server is on PVE you spawn with your gear and to me that isn’t survival if you cant at least do corpse runs to recover gear but to each their own.

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Can you provide a screen of said obelisk and how it is “blocked”?

I once saw a clan trying to block the same and they did horribly. Reason? One can walk on fences… :wink:

I will gladly post one today when I get the chance…

A group of them just go from PVE-C server to PVE-C server just being as obnoxious as possible.

If I could flag them/report them for toxicity to be investigated or warn others, I would.

As a server, we united against them and defeated them repeatedly, but they aren’t graceful losers, so they want to ruin it for everyone.

Are you asking for screenshots out of curiosity or there something you think you can do about it?

I have plenty of screenshots, but would rather not glorify these juvenile griefers.

Mh I ask because I would like to see wether they managed to really block it. Because of the area, its almost impossible to really block it. At least the ones who blocked it on our old server didnt do it properly. Instead of the fence being on the same level, it was done in steps. So one could jump on one of the fences and then get out.

Just tried to create a character. My ping is too high. Then I saw… america server. :joy:

Ah ok. So they did it properly. :confused:

Oh, no. They built the walls straight up very tall and placed the fences on top that cannot be climbed over. Several of us have gone in naked to test it - the only way out is ‘remove bracelet’

Here’ is what it has done to our server polulation:

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can you share screenshoots of that block? i agree that pest should be removed. keep filing reports to exploit hunters. we got one griefer banned . bacause the same exact situation (but set city obelisk)

someone got banned for blocking an obelisk? that seems crazy, there must have been more than that going on…

why is crazy? over a pve ? common… all of those morons needs the ban hammer. (you can control that grief over pvp but NEVER OVER PVE…


its pve-c so controlling an obelisk is still a advantage for controlling enemy movement.

On PVE I still don’t think its ban worthy, I honestly think there was more reason for the ban hammer then blocking an obelisk.

There are no enemies in PVE-C. There is zero need to block anything unless you are griefing or trolling. I agree with bans on these servers.


all other players are your enemy in PVE-C hence the conflict adder

Not to the point where you need to block content. Fight each other yes, but not blocking things as there is no way to blow it up. Save this stuff for pvp servers (which is still a dirty move, but at least you can deal with it)