Official America server 3525 pvp

This server is great in all but there is a clan that is blocking off oblesques I don’t think this should be allowed. Restricting player travel is just a real a hole thing to do. So far the brimstone lake has been almost closed off. The built a gate on the northern bridge forcing you to swim across. I shouldn’t have to waist time and resources to blow something up that shouldn’t be allowed to be built there in first place.

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Good luck with this. They will do nothing. You can either change servers or deal with it. How do I know this please see these threads as references.



I agree.


I think after playing 76 beta Conan is actually the better survival game of the two in theory but in practice and with funcoms pure disregard for any admin to do anything on their official servers and complete failure to fix core mechanics that were known in their beta and still exist in the game today. Makes 76 the superior game because it actually works with zero performance lag and working core mechanics and still in beta. Conan feels like an alpha test still that I donated a kick starter project with 60$ to play their test alpha release.

It’s a pvp server in the description go attack them if you don’t like it. Why are you even here to complain about it?

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I fail to understand why these people don’t just farm up some explosive jars, blow a hole in the wall and then lay down a bunch of pillars to prevent them rebuilding the wall in that area. Instead they come here to the forums and beg FunCom to play the game for them…



Because it’s obvious that 1 black ice foundation is worlds cheaper then what it takes to destory it. Multiple that one foundation by the 50-100 at minimum to completely enclose the obs your talking about 100x more resorces needed to destory it… Then if this clan is halfway decent the second you start blowing the foundations they send someone naked with foundations to run in circles using the no Stam run expoilt without fear of punishment to spam their duplicated foundations. Sure you could duplicate your bombs but you will never be able to destory quicker then they can rebuild.

All of that aside if you read any of the posts I put up and evidence funcom says as their rules; not mine that it is against their rules to prevent players from entering or exiting sections of the map where you spawn at. You spawn at an oblisks when you use it.

If that’s ok with you then how about the other 18 hours per day where you can’t do anything to the buildings and you teleport there not knowing it’s boxed in and have to abandon your body because a small number of players think it’s funny to grief spawn points.

If all of this is ok with you then fine that’s your opinion on the matter and everyone has ability to see things how they want…

What server are you on so I can come block your obs then tell you it’s ok it’s just a PvP server you can destory it right? With your required 800 bombs needed if your lucky and assuming I don’t log in to just keep dropping more as you pop them.

It really just comes down too the fact funcom clearly states that those kind of tactics are not allowed at spawn points and for good reason the only reason to do it is to grief a server.

Please refer to my posting above this with all the relevant information…

What server? I’ll be happy to join and demonstrate for you why you can’t just simply blow a hole and replace. It’s also more than “just a few bombs” if built correctly just blowing one small section would take at least 150-200. Using wall foundations to shore up the foundations then builong them in criss cross so pilliars also shore them up then building it 4 thick.

Sure use a god. As soon as good pops I just run in circles placing again. No big deal.

Unless your on a pve server then what do you want people to do ? At that point you change servers or quit or deal with it. Again it’s against funcoms supposed rules for reason.

This type of spamming never used to happen when you actually had to work hard to farm up T3 mats.

It’s always happened against me since the dupe bug has been around since beta. And all the griefers know how to use it…

Show me these supposed rules

Because it doesn’t exist, lmfao. No interest in seeing your other posts…

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Still don’t see your server ?

Close attention on blocking spawns to prevent players from entering the game area…

The only real way for Funcom to prevent this is to spawn a custom purge every 3 hours that only attacks building pieces, is immune to damage and works only within a certain radius of the the obelisk.

Or you can team up with the other people effected by this and knock a hole in it.

The obelisk is not a spawn… That FunCom post is well known and deals strictly with walling off the southern spawn area and for good reason. If you get trapped in the southern area, the resources needed to get past a wall are not available to gather. Nothing to do with Obelisk, lol. Also you need to be COMPLETELY prevented from playing the game in any other way. Blocking an obelisk does not prevent you playing the game… My advice is get to up off the chair and walk to your destination or make bombs and fight for your obelisk.


Okay sounds good. What about pve servers? What about the 18 hours you can’t do anything? Why completely block all obs if not to grief and Chase players off the server. As I also already stated any person worth anything in this game will just drop more as they run in circles which there is no counter too.

It’s open to interpatation I guess but ill be happy to join your server with my mates to demonstrate for you how this single Handley will kill a server.

The only solution to PvE servers that I can see is like i said a few posts up, spawn a custom purge at the obelisk.

Which requires an admin. Which funcom refuses to act on. I’m not saying players that do this should be banned but it’s obvious it was not intended to be blocked off since it has a wide berth of no building. If you really believe this is a non issue and is working as intended I am confused as to why you still have not provided your server?

No it doesn’t, just requires automatically spawning a purge dedicated to destroying buildings at the obelisk every 3-6 hours.

It’s pvp, obelisk control is tactical. Don’t like the walls build a trebuchet, don’t like grinding for bombs or rocks to blow stuff up? Go play pve or pve-c.

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Still it requires funcom to do something.