Official America server 3525 pvp

Unless it’s not a PvP server and I’ve seen this done on pve and pve-c servers effectively killing the server because some wants to grief. It’s not working as intended.

You both still have yet to tell me your server?

This post is about a pvp server. I play on lots of servers. Right now I’m playing on a private to try out some rp in this game. Unlike some, I like to try all the gameplay styles.

Even if it’s PvP no amount of God’s or bombs will get past a decent clan that has people run in circles placing more as you attempt to get rid of them.

Anyways were going in circles let’s just agree to disagree.

I think based on their wording of grieffing is preventing players from using spawn points then to prevent them entry to the game world from spawn point. Is grieffing. I don’t think it’s working as intended since they attempted to make a large area around obs non placement places.

You don’t which is fine. I am sure if I joined your server with my mates and blocked all your obs you would feel definitely about it but it’s also ok if you don’t think it would.

The end result is that this tactic punishes an entire server which may have 100-150 players because 1-10 people think it’s funny to not allow people to use obs. Which ultimately kills the server and causes players to maybe quit for good.

Funcom looses money on DLC as a result. As a further result you end up on a server with maybe 2-3 clans if your lucky and no one to PvP with because everyone else leaves. If you think it’s fun to be on a pvp server with no one to raid or fight then great. Might as well play SP or pve if you think that’s fun.

Now you are complaining that while you are fighting to bust a hole in the wall the other clan will run around and place new structures, lol. Dude, it’s a pvp server. Don’t expect FunCom to do the fighting for you…

Frankly, I rarely use obelisks. Sometime use one to get to the swamp area just because its a long swim but map is small enough that running where I want to go is easy enough. You won’t win this argument and on a pvp server you will not be getting any intervention at obelisks by FunCom.

You say the tactic punishes 100-150 people because 1-10 think its funny. If you can’t win a fight with 10-1 odds, you playing the wrong game.


Great. That’s your opinion and I have mine.

Just tell me your server and we can test your theory’s otherwise there is nothing left to say. I will continue to advocate my side and your free to do the same.

You also are not paying attention to what I’m saying so it’s pointless your cherry picking my responses without context and seeing what you want to see.

You mad bro? Welcome to PVP. Different clans on 3525 control different obelisks and regions. You’re just crying b/c you came to 3525 thinking it would be a PVE server.

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I completely agree with you based on the context of your statement, walling off obelisk on a PvE server should not be allowed. FunCom needs to come up with a solution.

However this thread is actually about walling off an obelisk on a PvP server, something I have no issues with. I do not support the ops concerns and frankly I think he needs to pony up and organize multiple clans on the server to deal with the issue rather than come to the forums and ask FunCom to play the game for him.

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