Need help saving our server from jerks

Greeting community,

I hope that most of you believe as I do that this game is at it’s best when we have active server communities and are both making friends and battling enemies.

Unfortunately, some people take pleasure not in playing the game, but in killing servers to prove how cool they are. Doing things like walling off the spawn area so no one can get in, blocking teleport obelisks, paving over resources, erc… Not to mention destroying small clans to force them off the server and ultimately driving everyone off till the server is dead.

Our server is 2575, and a group of jerks are doing all of this. A collection of clans are fighting them, but they pretty much play 24 hours a day so it’s tough going for us.

Though Funcom claims that this sort of Grieving is grounds to take action, they have not replied to any of the complaints filed by multiple clans.

I am hoping that as many of you as possible can jump on the server to verify that you cannot get on, and submit MANY complaints to Funcom to prompt them to take action.

2575 needs you!


Too bad no replies at all… we just got insided so we are hosed but fighting till the bitter end.

Nearly every other clan has quit and given up in disgust.

We are reporting them repeatedly, but Funcom is not replying at all.

So what’s going on exactly to new players…I mean if they are causing trouble Id love to help…2575 you say??


Yes, 2575. New players are locked out by the giant wall they built north of the spawn area

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And they have been using fake accounts to inside other clans, but I do not know if that is a banned activity like the wall blocking entry onto the server.

I am hoping to get enough people to complain about them blocking entry to the server to get them banned

I looked it up but cant seem to find it but I/m going to keep trying

I would never wall off obelisks or paths nor dungeons, but I totally foundations all resources so only my clan can gather them…“dominate” anyone?

Isn’t that the point of a survival pvp game where you can destroy all your enemies? Until some issues aren’t clear for the devs it’s not going to be clear for the players either.

Jokes asides…
Have you by any chance read any of my posts begging the developers to untie the claim system from building blocks and to implement a single claim system, like a bench or a cornerstone, like the tool cupboard in Rust or the claim block in 7 Days to Die.
Switching to a system like that for official pvp (roleplayers don’t come at my throat if you don’t play officials you have no idea what we are dealing with on a daily basis so please stay out unless you have a constructive suggestion that is not police on the server) would make it possible to take over old bases, not only, it will also allow for building arenas without the burden of being in the same clan and it will also allow for clans who take over blocking buildings to demolish it fairly quickly once they claim it.
You can build anywhere, but until you claim it you can’t destroy it as you would do normally in your owned area.

Hope you good luck, but the gameplay of this game needs a rework.

I mean I don’t know if this server will ever pop up…I’ve tried searching for it and it seems to not want to come up for me…

Your right to a certain point…but walling off new player spawn points is just saying you don’t want a competitive game server.


I think you need to let people know what platform this server is on and which zone it is in.

If they have completely blocked access from the character creation spawn point into the rest of the game, then document it and send to the Exploit hunters email listed in the griefing and harrassment sticked post in this section. Pretty much only preventing players from entering into the rest of the game or from entering a dungeon needed to get the components to make the bracelet will result in Funcom banning someone from the official servers.


Yes, that’s why I would never EVER block passage points or wall off anything, but resources, resource controlling is the number 1 priority in a survival game.

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It is official PVP server 2575 on XBOX in North America

I recall them, but not sure I agree. It seems like it would enable large Griever clans to just take everyone’s bases.

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A number of us have filed multiple reports in exploit hunters

Well a large group can already wall off spawn and blocks all resources in matter of 2 hours…

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Actually the truth is that we are power hungry and we don’t have the skills to back up our statements, our clan is known as DECAYED and we exploit to run away with loot that we steel off of smaller tribes, and were currently placing the blame on the server Alfa because we can’t fight.

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we have been ddosing the Alfa every time they attacked us to save our own skins, but we failed.

that server wall was placed to keep us out because we ruin the game for other tribes that play legitimately.

100% cancer you are