Clan Going Server to Server to ruin game

There is a group going server to server and they are vocal about griefing to get people to stop playing the game. in one night we and other clans have had thousands of T1 foundations spam and our base walled off completely. I have a screen shot of the one in front of my base and i cant stop him from adding anti climb to this. This is going to ruin The new map Siptah.

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you know the best way to get griefers to go away… just ignore them. their whole point is to get a reaction out of you which you clearly gave them now they are messing with you.

How did you make your base accessible to be fully walled in anyways??? You can always wait a week to see if it decays since they are jumping server to server.

best you can do is email the admins please read the official post:

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When you ignore them they continue to do so, they wait for your reaction till the server is wasted… we’ve been there in server 1036

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SindeeSyringe i read that post and it says to make a post on the forums and yes it is just a waiting game but it doesn’t change the fact that things like this cause the rush of a new players to quit. I think funcom likes sales and this will make a steady decline of the content they try to release

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The admins do not read or reply on the forums. In the 2 years of playing this game, I have never heard a story of admins stepping in and helping (not that they don’t just never confirmed) everyone always says email the admin or reposts that official thread.

Sindee I have had them help with a hacking/exploiter and it took a couple days but they did ban and wipe them


Good to hear. You see all the complaints on the admins not doing anything but never the success requests.

You really need irrefutable proof. Images, Videos to start.

I remember the " giant lady " :joy:

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It doesn’t. Here’s what it says:

The rest of that section describes what you should include in your report, so I would highly recommend reading it, in order to help Funcom act as quickly as they can.

Since your forum account is new, you might not be able to send direct messages right away. Here’s another part of the official rules that explains what to do about that:

Good luck :+1:


thanks for all the help guys and i got way more photos i direct messaged the devs its insane the amounts of T1 spammed everywhere and now its even blocking resources


Try to get them to explicitly state via text message (so you can screenshot the exchange) that they are trying to drive away players to kill the game. That should get a reaction out of Funcom if nothing else does.

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This is what my clan gets to look at on an official PS4 server. We have sent in a complaint and followed all requirements and still no action and it’s been over a month. I get they are busy but this isn’t right…

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We’ve had success getting people banned for doing crap as well. Just takes some effort (i.e. evidence) and time.

I sometimes wonder though if there would be a benefit with Funcom being more vocal about their bans, etc. I believe too many players (including exploiters) believe that Funcom will not do anything therefore no risk to them if they do cheat.

Also, we cannot place anything in our base anymore because of land claim issues. Worst part is, I am on a PVE server. If it was PVP that land claim issue wouldn’t be a problem. But like most, I take time away from the PVP scene and enjoy the PVE part of the game until players like this start to bully others. This clan has bullied multiple players off the server.

This! Funcom really needs to start communicating the outcomes of the reports to the people who send those reports. One reason is just plain old transparency. Another is to allow the word of mouth to serve as a deterrent.

But the number one reason is so that people can check whether the ban had any effect or not. From what I’ve been hearing, Funcom won’t destroy the offending structures, not will they sit and monitor the server. They’ll just apply the ban and hope it works. However, there was a way for people outside the banned clan to refresh the structures. Unless they patched that, bans are worthless because they can be circumvented.


I get they cannot ban all players (bad for business) or destroy structures but they can suspend a player or clan for two weeks or a month or more or until they lose all they built to decay timers and hopefully realize as to what they did was wrong and just enjoy the game or go to a PVP server and do that there. They would realize real fast what happens to players like that.

I agree similar to what most MMO’s do. Every week/month they post we banned 5000 gold selling accounts and 345 exploiters. Even if FC made the numbers up it be better then silence.

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Completely agree with this . Don’t need specific names, just need to know that actions are being taken.

In fact it depends on the structure and the reason of the ban , let’s say you report someone for blocking an obelisk , the devs may destroy the obelisk blocking , but not the base the blocker , it also depends on the evidence you showed to them , for example I had them intervine on pve-C because of blocking vulcano obelisk , the sobek cave , and in the mix , the blocker also had walled in the main base of 2 of my clanmates as well as the hole north (savanah) of sepemeru from green wall to the border ( untill the “cliffs” that goes down to the shattered springs ) and from the boss kappa island to the border of mounds of the dead (the big red and black pointy rocks ) with walls going from his main base , I had a long list of screenshots , all those structures were destroyed by the admins ( so even his main base , but he used it to block ) , also he had a lot of more ‘beginings’ of walling other parts of the map , those structures were not screenshoted , and so was untouched by admin , also as the blocker received a ban ( temp or not I cannot say since blocking was just one of the many things i reported ) , the rest of the structures vanished after decay hitted .

I hope that people reading this post will have a bit more faith in funcom, cause when you have evidence they do act , sometimes quicker than other , i mean it depends on their schedules also , remember that they pump out an amount of content , update and fixes as they are also responding to the claims , in my case it was before even the rules where changed to be more clear , so I guess they had less claims at the time , my case was delt with within 2 days ! ( so if they can , they will deal with it quickly )

don’t lose faith just arm yourself with evidence and patience !

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People suck. That’s why I play solo/co-op only. And I wish Funcom realized that and paid more attention to solo mechanics. A lot of them have degraded with Siptah.