Server #1930 PvE Griefing & Harrassment

Server #1930 has been griefed by two individuals whose name I cannot pronounce (Chinese characters, screenshots will be provided) belonging to the clan saber in the form of blocking important resources such as surrounding Shattered Springs with walls trying to block off the Brimstone deposits and blocking the nearby Obelisk at Klael’s Stronghold to trap other players. Other offenses have been claimed by regular players on server #1930 and I have seen this clan blocking the Bridge of the Betrayer as well.

Here are the screenshots that we can do pretty much nothing about on PvE.

I’m new to these forums as I mentioned so I apologize if this is the incorrect format to file a report, please let me know if there is a better way.

I would appreciate any assistance that can be provided, and thank you for your time.


Funcom has been provided enough screenshots through the last month to take action, they havent done anything yet and apparently are not concerned fixing the issue.

Griefers have been the biggest problem in this game since EA. Saber is a 2 man Chinese clan that have been harassing the server since day 1, they cant even speak english, they never use Global chat. Its like their main purpose is to make hundreds of unhappy costumers and Funcom seems alright with that!

Funcom shields griefers, doesnt punish them and provide them the perfect playground. And dedicated players who support the game since EA day 1, add suggestions in the forum, report bugs, etc… are left without support! Its wrong like this!


This server has been griefed by one tribe called saber , I bought the game and decided to play pve to make friends have fun and avoid all the issues on pvp. I have made some great friends but in same time one tribe has made alot of people quit. They relish the fact that they go above and beyond to see how far they can go, I think they actually get off on it. So many people have reported whats going on and we get sorry nothing can be done. I can tell you this is why ark is gone down hill and why man games do. Players need to be heard it isnt whining etc its not the need to tell us go play on a unoffical its if we pay for the game and join a server for a reason then funcom should back us.

They blocked oblesks so people cant leave they die they loot , they block the resources needed to repair after being hit by a purge and they ruin the game not for 1 or 2 or 3 but we went from a server with 40 people to half that now. This is such amazing game and knowing there is no support this will just entice more of these types of players to join and cause problems for people unless funcom nips it in the bud.

Anyone who spends hours and hours playing a game where the only thing they have in mind is how can they ruin it for everyone else shouldnt be allowed on pve or pvp being honest. Many of us could do the same thing but we would end up being band and why sink to there level. I joined offical for a reason if i wanted to be bullied and not be able to enjoy the full game I wouldnt have bought it. Funcom you expect us players to report bugs and exploits etc to make your game better but when are you going to lay it down blocking things etc is not allowed . Like i said ark was and is the same way we left that game coming here thinking there would be some sort of rules the only example thats being shown is you can do anything wreck it for others and management dont care. How many tickets need to be shown how many players need to quit the game etc for you guys to take notice. Your willing to allow one tribe to ruin the game for alot of customers and new ones who join? word of mouth my friend gets around .


btw they built over freemasons maproom that was there didnt think that was possible. So now you tp in they loot you cause noway out and now the open map room is gone. I really hope the devs prove me wrong and stop this type of game play or else its like all other games we are just $.

Funcom obviously doesnt care and people should start leaving them negative reviews on Steam. I already wrote mine, I play the game since EA day 1 and I would recommend this game to everyone I know… but I dont, and this is the very reason why I badmouth the game. When people ever ask me “Hey what are you playing as of late” I say “Conan Exiles, but dont waste your time, its north worth it, the Company doesnt care about in game exploits and thats all you see. Griefers rule the game”

Officians are a burden to Funcom and they really expect you to have a bad time playing, so you can move to unnoficials. But I doubt most people who have spent hundreds of hours on officials, expecting some kind of support and suddenly see 1 or 2 players ruin their the entire server will move to private. Most will simply LEAVE in frustration and never look back.

Some good folks from the server already left, they didnt move to private, they simply quit the game.


Interesting development, now I can’t log in to server #1930 because of a continual “Fatal Error!”. Edit: Finally got in after six tries. However, I have to do this every time I log in. You should have almost two dozen reports from me alone Funcom. I’m fairly certain it has to do with the amount of structures the saber clan has built near me which number in the thousands now.

They’ve built spiked fences on top of the wall surrounding the Klael’s Stronghold Obelisk. It is indeed a trap meant to kill players and loot their bodies. This classifies as Griefing, especially on a PvE server where our option is to only kite Purge armies to destroy the walls (putting us in a bad light, even though we’re trying to allow access to the Obelisk and Shattered Spring), but they may not happen to me for the entire week at a time. When the heck do I get to post screenshots?

The saber clan has been observed using a suicide exploit to retrieve their gear, in which they placed a bedroll and died multiple times right in front of me (then hid in their base to continue after they saw me watching), after they came to visit me and I trapped them there, demanding the wall around the Obelisk at Klael’s Stronghold be taken down and I’d let them access their body.

Surely, trapping them is all part of “players policing the server themselves” as you supposedly intended Funcom so I feel it was a fair punishment for trying to trap others in their stupid spike box…now they’ve used an Exploit, so what are you going to do? I imagine the poor things are going to try and wall me in over the weekend, but hey…not like I wanted to have fun anyway. Instead I get to deal with these two jerks who are really just out to grief and exploit.

Things like this seriously damage Funcom’s reputation!

I have played The Secret World (even before it turned into The Secret World Legends) and AoC in the past, both title for many years. Been sticking with Conan Exiles since EA day #1, all credit I had with the company is in check now… It feels like the company doesnt care about us, the players.

With all reports we see its obvious this game is a playground for griefers, and sadly Funcom is taking their side when they choose to allow all this to happen. Several people in our server feel betrayed and ignored and Im pretty sure the feeling is shared in many other servers that constantly report the same problem.

Today they’ve changed their clan name, I assume to avoid persecution, to some Chinese characters that supposedly mean, “Death to Americans, Death to all Foreigners”. I have more screenshots of the new name at the same building but for whatever reason I am still too new to post screenshots. And now changed their clan name to Lucifer’s Law. Apparently the idea is to get rid of everyone, on a Public server, because they think there will be no consequence. Would be nice to prove them wrong but I’ll be honest, I have my doubts.

Could you pass more information about suicide glitch? The exploit hunters report did not contain much to go on aside from this thread. I just want to make sure we are on the same page about what it involves.

Dear zing,

we have all posted tickets against the tribe on our server, they changed there names from basa to saber to death to americans to death to foreigners , every server has a troll but they have blocked in the oblesks so u have to remove bracelet to be able to leave and now today they went above and beyond, they have posted signs about death to americans and others, rape calling white players white skin pigs bragging about bombing in global and threating people if they dont leave. I love conan and made good friends and some of us are disabled vets who have lost legs and other parts fighting for our country. This tribe is going above and beyond with the threats chasing players and making people leave. They are blocking in bases so players cant leave in 30 years gaming never have i seen such racist and ignorant actions taken by a tribe.

Everyone on server has asked for them to be banned no decay rate is going to fix this kids play this game as well they dont need to see stuff written like this and nothing being done. Come into our global channel offical pve 1930 and speak to us.

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blocking in resources and placing foundations, blocking bridges, placing 30-40 signs saying racist things against each player , even other players of the same race are leaving we always had 30 plus people and now everyone is leaving letting players like this play just entices more and more players like them to come. I can handle any troll anything said but posting signs saying things is way off base and very very wrong again please come into global some of us play 100 hours a week and can verify everything

report bother players to steam ASAP, they will be banned from steam perm.

Both not bother

we have reported them to steam, in all my years gaming never have i seen anything like this the leaving of signs talking about rape, death to american death to foreigners, bragging how they are going to bomb peoples homes. So tell me if they are the type of individuals who really think this way in game what if they try it outside of game whose going to take the blame allowing them to state this over and over. This is amazing game but allowing these types of people play is so wrong and in real world would be charged

We’re trying to do everything we can, believe me. In light of their new signs which they put all around the Free Mason clan’s base located near Mitra’s Serenity (who are also Chinese but don’t act like terrorists against the whole server) they should be banned but I have yet to see a result and that bothers me.

Left you a message, Zing. By the way, I have new screenshots of thoroughly damning racial hatred and more attempts to harrass players on server #1930 in my Steam library linked in the Exploit report along with coordinates of these areas that are affected.

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hopefully something else can be done, when i came on there i seen them talking, i don’t translate… It’s sad that this stuff is allowed to go on

It is obvious that funcom doesn’t care and that is fine , they will realize when they get there reviews from online gaming sites and will sit back and shake there head. The staff at blizzard are laughing cause unlike most games they listen to the clients. Its not about offical unoffical etc it is listening to the players the good and the bad . Stuff like this would be banned within minutes on wow . That is what makes the company check out ark it went down the same way. People realize the company cares they will pay for dlcs they will report bugs its a 2 way street not a one way street.


So now my options I suppose are to bug the crap out of the Community Manager and Director with personal messages, I’m not going to give this up until I get an answer. Like it or not the Official servers are officially your responsibility Funcom.