Clan Harassment (HELP!)


Posting it here since the topic they posted about this doesnt really help at all and the @community members i messaged haven’t read my 2 messages.

My friends and I have clocked in over 1,000+ each into Conan Exiles. We like this game, we love building things but we had to stop playing 6 months ago due to harassment from chinese clans since we do not speak the language or have rubbed them the wrong way. They blocked the Obelisk, and dragging bosses to our base ON A PVE server… making the game unbearably unfun. Now we wanted to give the game another shot, seeing all the updates and such. At first it seemed the server was decent now, none of the old players are here anymore so we figured we would start anew. But I was wrong, this has been going on for about a week now, we always wanted our base to have an open concept, anyone can come in and out. But every night, one or two of our thralls would DIE, I thought it was just a bug and didn’t think much of it, until we decided to add more outside, including our pets, the next day they were all dead, killed by Rotbranch for some reason. Now at that point i’m pretty sure one of the clans was out to get us. I didn’t want to point fingers, me and my friends just stayed quiet and continued to have fun. We just even bought the DLC for crying out loud…But now is the last straw, since we decided to put up a wall to protect our thralls and bases they couldn’t do anything to them anymore, I thought we were safe…I was wrong. We logged in today, trapped, I can feel the imminent trap coming, they are boxing us in. its slow but i can see the wall getting higher and higher, they usually play at dawn to the mornings from the timing of things, like how our thralls were killed and now this. I guess they want us out. But why? Why do players do this? Do they get a kick out of bullying foreign players can that cant speak chinese?! Believe me, we want to play on a US server but cant due to the ping issue. Please help. If not for us, for any other players that may face this kind of bullying/griefing. Attached are screenshots from today and some logs of our Thralls that died in the past few days…I hope you guys are able to track their logs/chats or whatever…I know it might be hard…But we worked hard for our base. Its small but we built it together.

Official Server #1335 PvE
Our clan name is - Tomorrow Tomorro
My player name is - Fried Weiner

As of typing this, the wall just got higher and has palisades now…Are the only options we have is to either move to another server and buy our own server? Thats sad :confused: …I wish we didn’t bother buying the DLC’s!

Honestly I think you have few options.

Why they do this ? Many possible reasons, while you’r unable to communicate with them is meaningless to explore why.

You have only 2 choices from my point of view: counter-attack them using their tactics or change server.

All coins have 2 sides. We heard your story, we will probably never hear theirs. Could it be that you and your friends were building too much and this is their way to say it is enough? Some people tend to forget that they are playing on official servers and not on their own server. It could be that they like the spot and they want to build there so they started a claim war. You can fight back or surrender.

Not all chinese are bad. If you wish to communicate with them and they dont speak your language, I found google translate to work pretty well. If you show disrespect to them, naturally you won’t be their favourite neighbour.

Hey guys! Just finished trying to talk to them, one of the player in our server tried to help and translated both english and chinese for both of us, It seems they did this because they didn’t like our 2x2 fishing hut in the river, since the river connected both our bases. I demolished it a while ago and he said everything was good but I guess not. It’s still growing haha. That is why I am pleading a mod/admin that can check whatever logs they have on the server, we never interacted with them, its a confusing situation since this just boomed. I find it silly that for a 2x2 little hut that I made over 4 weeks ago, they are doing this? They could have asked me to demolish it if they didnt want it near the river, or said something to someone else. Also I am not saying all the Chinese players are bad, the clan that is doing this just happens to be Chinese, that’s why I don’t want to quit this time since compared to before there are more friendly people now, except for this group…

They are not breaking any rules honestly and using in-game methods to wage a war against you for one or another reason. Not using cheats or anything.

You are playing on a Chinese official server and having a conflict with the locals. You mentioned that you had such issues in the past as well. It is maybe time for you and your friends to look for a private server with rules against walling others off or rent one.

Funcom may decide to interfere in extreme cases affecting the entire server however this doesnt appear to be one of these cases.

I would suggest to speak again to the person who helped you and see if he has any advice for you. Else start looking for a way to secure a way out of the blockade and ways to retaliate.


You may be right, one person is trying to help us translate but I think it may be pointless.

Well that remind me first time I played in PvE-Conflict.

Trust me or not I was unable at the time to write i intellegible english, so I had very few ways to interact with my neighbours.

One of them, probably without any bad intentions, beginned to build his shelter just in the center of the path connecting our base to the river (we was low level so we didn’t have the well recipe).

Being unable to communicate I attacked him, it was the only way to just say him “not here”.

Narelle it’s right anyway, they aren’t using illegal tactics (even if the tacticts they are using are commonly considered unfair warfare).

They over-reacted maybe… wich is not a so strange reaction anyway, but maybe with the help of Google translator or some other player speaking english you can arrange a deal with them.

You have a big base and nice things. This is the way of war. Foreign invaders with a growing presence can be a threat.

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