Server 3608 harrassing, bullying, and taxation

Recently joined server #3608 a week ago with 4 of my guys. Since the join we have been greeted with bombs several times… After alot of messaging people on the server what we have discovered is theres a Guy called “The Grandfather” of the server… He has 6 ally clans who fight for him and he does all the resource support and claims to have been on the server since conans release. They hit every and anybody and tell people u cant build level 3 alters or summon gods. Any thrall house you build they level. Any teir 3 base you build they level. I find this one particularly funny :joy: they claim huge areas of the maps they say are “no build zones” and wont even let people have maprooms. They have also pretended to make a truce with us just to several days later hit us again when we start to upgrade…Anyway me my clan and a few allys are working against their “alliance” and kill them everyday. Fighting wise they are pathetic they just have numbers and resources atm… If any lovely conan feins would love to join the fight against these server bullys it would be appreciate!!! Back to the grind!

Our server had a similar tyrannical alliance abusing newer people just two weeks ago but then we united with all the other clans and wiped their entire alliance. Every time we see one of their hidden bases we immediately level it. Karma is a b****. Good luck in your endeavors! And remember to spread out your resources

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