Server 1518 with a kid spewwing out racism

We have a kid on our server going by Numb Digger with a steam ID of Behavior Farmer, Repeatedly dropping the N word every few sentences.

Report to steam, funcom does not moderate.

We have already done that just waiting

Hey @ap3xth30ry, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having to put up with such abhorrent behaviour from a genuine troll like that, but as a veteran gamer with 15K hours plus in many different multiplayer games, I’d suggest you lower your expectations of anything being done about it, and also lower your expectations of humanity in general, or at least those who play games like ours.

Sad but true.

I know what they did to a clan in an official server. The clan were engage in pure harassment and making game play impossible for everyone. All the other clans build an alliance and detroyed and killed them “round-the-clock”. They were forced out of the server. Of course, if you are in a PvE server that is not possible but maybe there are other ways to sabotage gameplay for these inferior “beings” in a PvE setting. This behavior and many other reasons made me prefer servers with admins. Good admins, of course.

Complain to the admin of the server. No point moaning about it here.