Offical Server #1578 controlled by WHITE NATIONALIST alpha clan!

Official server #1578 is controlled by alpha clan who are constantly hating on black people and anyone who defends them in any way. Please, we need moderation at least to prevent white nationalist clans from taking over servers and killing anyone who disagrees with their noxious political philosophy! At least fix the mute functionality!

One particularly egregious example is a black player came on the server and said he was black when he saw them say a bunch of racist stuff. The clan’s leader responded by calling him a racial slur. The player never played on the server again. I understand why FunCom doesn’t want to get too involved in policing exploits but this behavior rises to the level of real-world harassment and needs to be policed. Please just read the chat logs on that server!

This image shows proof:

[Removed names as they are a violation of the social guidelines on the forums - Mashmellow]

A lot easier to hit the ignore button than to try and fix them


im on that server and fighting them all they have is numbers but we will will just need time for wiping them they have 14 people thats the most seen so far we have 5 and we can hold them for all raid time when they attack before losing the base but never any of the stuff we have if u want in let me know

funny how its a edited photo showing a small section of a chat, so we can’t confirm if that is even the server or if in fact that chat is not done on another server. Hell for all we know you are throwing around some pretty non PC terms yourself. unfortunately i find the people crying on the forums about this are worse offenders then who they are going after. Let me guess you use to be in this tribe and they kicked you out now you chace them around following them and harassing them probably even pushing them to this extreme. You sir are the worse type of scum and a plague on internet video games, you make more trouble then you think your fixing. I’d like to see some screen shots of you chating, i bet your in violations of a lot of stuff.

I strongly suspect that some of the supposed “white nationalist clans” are actually left wing trolls. This would synchronize with alot of recent oddly hyper-critical game reviews that are clearly focusing down on thralls of different Earth racial appearances (even those this is a different planet altogether) for politically correct reasoning.

Aside from an actual national level intelligence investigation, this would be a hard thing to tease out for certain but I can guarantee actual white nationalists would likely have other things to focus on at the moment than harassing the tiny minority of gamers on a ultra small <40 man servers…

But this very thread would be a great Vox article hence why the entire thing is so incredibly suspicious to anyone with a rational mind.

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i find half the people getting mad over stuff in this game do not realize the source material for this game. like they have never heard of Conan before this game came out. its a combat game with gruesome deaths, nudity, slavery, and well pretty much primitive way of life in game form. yet these people come on to the game get offended by 1 thing and then everyone is painted with the same brush. If one element of the game is offensive then everyone who plays is guilty of the same. if one person is offensive then the full server is as well.

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These players are bored and they want you to raid them. They accomplish that by trolling until you hate them and make it your goal to give them the pvp they want.

Thanks to today’s political hysteria, when I see “white supremacist/nationalist,” “alt right ■■■■”, or “racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobe”

I think of 3 things

  1. Somebody disagreed with an SJW
  2. somebody slightly inconvenienced an SJW
  3. an SJW is trying to false flag and/or gaslight.

don’t forget called a SJW a hypocrite for doing the same thing they are accusing others of doing.

Wait i just realized how do we not know the person saying that word is Black ? isn’t it their word and its ok to say ?

I’m appalled at the utterly unsupported and speculative conclusions you made about the OP. While I would agree the circumstances and context are critical to determining if there actually is an issue, jumping in here to attack the OP without a shred of evidence is uncalled for. I have no idea if what the OP says is true, but if so, the offending player’s conduct should be addressed. Official servers should be a space where all players are comfortable playing in without fear of racial discrimination. Referring to another player with a racial slur is not synonymous to the CE game being true to the source material having themes of slavery.

If, on the other hand, the OP is a troll, and his/her assertions are unfounded, then that conduct is similarly appalling to me. And, if so, the OP’s conduct should be addressed. False accusations are possibly just as bad, IMO, as racial discrimination.

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Wow. Player doesn’t like racism and comes to the forums to look for a solution. Then player is repeatedly attacked, accused of gaslighting, and referred to using the derogatory term “SJW.” And by numerous other players, no less. Great look for the Conan community.

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Hi there,

We unfortunately cannot moderate any interaction in Conan Exiles as we are unable to provide a traditional MMO in-game GM support. Here is our official stance on the matter: Harassement and Griefing Issues.

I am closing this thread as it has derailed from the original post.