Self moderation tools for Servers

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I’ve started playing Conan Exile fairly recently. I’ve mostly played competitive games before like moba’s, Eve online and Rust. So when I got comfortable with controls I went to pvp official server naturally. I was expecting something similar to Rust, like I will be killed in noob area at lest several times for no reason.
And then I was not, I’ve safely build a base in a Rust way, and I was not raided in first day. Pretty much no one attacked me for a week. Every one was semi-friendly to me, and in response I was not total jerk to them.

Well I regularly stole thing like fish and honey, but no one was mad about it. Resources where plenty, I wasn’t directly competing for something. Sure, experience in Rust made me not an easy target. But still I really enjoyed my time playing in non toxic environment.
And then my experience went sour when I’ve encounter Chines Streamer clan.

The amount of minor exploits an major exploits they are using is just mind boggling. They don’t really need resources from raiding, they just do it for views and their own enjoyment. But it ruins experience for everyone else on the server… Do this game needs to devolve in toxic sewer that Rust is?

I’ve submitted all exploits that I can recognize, I doubt this Chines clan would be banned or punished in some way. They do it on industrial scale almost for long time it seams, hopping from server to server. There is no way I know of to reach admins in timely manner. It’s not even obscure exploit, this guys are building under the textures to gain advantage. This is a game braking thing.

I understand that Conan Exile team just cannot physically monitor every Official server. And here after a long rant comes my suggestion. Why not delegate some of it to a community? Either in traditional way by looking for volunteers, or giving limited tools to a Server players. For example indicating how aggressive certain clan or player is, it can obviously backfire if that status will become a desirable thing.

So in the end my question is, do this game needs to be another Rust?

Self moderation tools for server moderation. :+1:t2:

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