Case of exploiters and server manipulation

Hello I represent a small group of people playing on conan exiles official server #3553. We are experiencing an extreme case with specific clan. However the issue the we and apparently a drove of people on several other severs including official server #3593 is these people are 1: All around toxic individuals who constantly harass in and out of game (which i understand is a personal grievance rather than an offical one) 2: several case reports of them using glitches and exploits to lag out other clans such as mass producing bowls and placing them in large numbers near bases to cause server delay. 3: cases in which people unrelated to us have reported issues of DDos and other server manipulation to countless forums and multiple youtube videos about the same people are proven in a video I have found which I can provide a link to upon request.

I appreciate your time in looking into this matter we have investigated the other servers they have been on only to find they have caused the servers to go dead and inactive. If any other proof or questions are needed please contact me.

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Couple things first it’s against the community guidelines to post names of clans or gamer ID’s in the forums. I would suggest editing the post to remove them or delete the post and follow the instructions in the linked post.

I edited my post is that more acceptable?

Yeah you should be good. You should still report them the way it’s outlined in the link so that it can be properly looked into.

The problem i am running into is that it will not allow me to DM anyone at Community. Or even mention them due to my new raking status which is from the desperation and length i am having to go through to even have this problem looked at. It is very discouraging since Ive personally seen what these have done to past servers and to know that they are now at our servers front doorstep and are in the process of doing the same.

Can we get some @Community attention plz and thanks.

Hey i dont understand this. are you saying they ddos your server ? i only ask because you seem to state that in your complaint. That is something funcom should look into. land claiming and baskets idk man
good luck lol

They’re “manipulating” the server… with bowls!? Lololololo whatdaactualf!?

Its mostly the DDos and the fact they are trying to use any exploit or glitch to DC or bluescreen anyone fighting against them. There are a few forums on redit and even youtube videos about these people from different servers. Video proof of them DDosing other players. The bowls render before any structures if you place tooo many like 1000 in an area anyone that loads in has to load the bowls first it creates rendering issues and latency issues due to the sheer amount of information being rendered.

i logged in your server and saw no signs of any DDOS man. You understand what that is right.
you can can tell if a server was ddosed out by how many times the server restarts. i see no record of that in 3553 for the last 20 days. I think maybe you got smacked up and making stuff up. the bowls or basket thing idk about. i dont think you know what a ddos is to be honest.

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Say what you want I have definite proof. Im waiting for community management to look into it not you.

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It’s odd because I see this all the time on these forums. And it usually comes from the most toxic clans themselves trying to point blame at the clan that’s whipping them. I saw this thread before you edited it and I know about the “evidence” you think you have. Considering that these vids and posts you are referencing came from a clan who literally were banned for DDOSing, WHILE they blamed the clan you’re talking about, I’d say you’re probably being lead on. Or you’ve latched onto any possible way to hurt people outside the game. My advice? If lag is your issue and it’s around your base, chances are, it’s not the clan raiding you that’s causing it. It’s your base and the amount of thralls you have on it plus lights / torches / archers firing / animals etc.

Even though Funcom has optimized much of the building pieces in the game, large amounts of other “animated” and “scripted” objects still cause area load lag. That’s why bowls will load far faster than say; palisades. Bowls have little information to load. Model ID: and Hitpoint information + X,Y location. Where as palisades have similar info load, but with the addition of damage on collision.

When you have a giant base surrounded by guards, animals, archers, palisades… your character literally has to load each one of those objects in plus it’s scripted behavior and any environmental impact it might have. This is why sometimes, lights in the game are slow to load as opposed to walls and foundations.

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The best advice I can share with you is the same advice we give our community:

Trolls/griefers are everywhere and will try to exploit anything. On official servers they don’t police them. Their excuse? Manpower. It’s really not a good excuse. It’s more like it’s not profitable for them to do so. This leaves most of us having to handle it ourselves as best we can. Microsoft has a code of conduct which they enforce. Sony does as well I’m sure. If you suspect any player is cheating/exploiting/griefing/trolling (basically breaking TOS) then you should take gameplay footage (including their character name/GT), take screenshots of any harassing messages, don’t enter into party chat with strangers/trolls/griefers and most importantly spread the word to other players in a positive way. Yes, we should let others know but do so in a constructive way and don’t spread drama. Ask if others have experienced the same issues and if so ask if they wouldn’t mind reporting it with details also. Don’t just accuse, prove it beyond a doubt and then submit all of that to the developers and Microsoft/Sony. Always mute, block and avoid toxic players. If they continue to harass you after you’ve done so, don’t engage but continue recording gameplay. You have to also realize there is a difference between “annoying” behaviors and griefing/trolling. If any player is indeed exploiting the game you need to contact the developers and (again) submit all of your evidence. Be as thorough as possible - assume they know nothing and can’t read your mind. Be descriptive, provide all of the evidence you’ve collected and include times, dates and other players who have experienced the same issues (if possible) with the(se) player(s).

Microsoft’s Code of Conduct

Microsoft Harassment Reporting

Playstation TOS

Playstation Reporting

Conan Exiles Exploit Hunters


Like i said say what you would like your entitled to your own opinion. But I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone but community management. It will be their discretion to determine whether im in the right or wrong.

By far one of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen given. Sounds like you’ve been through it. Thanks for posting it was a pleasure to read.

:wink: You sort of contradicted yourself. You in fact do have to prove it. No one, including developers or platforms such as Microsoft/Sony have to believe anything and will very likely not unless you provide proof. If they believed anyone and everyone who came up and said “I’m being harassed by ■■■ person in xxxx ways” we could all end up being banned. Players could exploit that and fingerpoint at anyone to get them banned.

You should be using the link I provided above which is:

Conan Exploit Hunters

The forums here are mainly to share bugs, ideas, servers to visit, etc. If you have a true exploit issue then it goes to that link. Forum posts here in the public area are basically asking for community input for a solution. That seems to not be what you’re wanting. If I’m incorrect in saying you simply want to report an exploit/issue then please correct me. Otherwise: use the link(s) provided and try to realize we here are not your enemy, we’re only trying to help. Either accept the advice or don’t, whichever works best for you but try not to lash out at us for helping.


Like i had stated before, no one but community management. I do appreciate your advice though at least someone is trying to help.

No one is asking you to prove it to us :rofl::rofl::rofl: get a grip.

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Well it seems the issue has resolved itself. Ive learned both sides of the story only to find I was a moron, but who isn’t durring a 20 day siege. Sorry for wasting everybodys time. I appreciate the helpful advice. You won’t hear from me again.

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