Glitch and Usebug on server #1207

Hi, i joined a server there is one month, lot of player, funny game. In the same time, a clan of glitcher usebug, duplicate items and build all time a base glitched. Day after day the community disepear… After few days lot of people reported them on steam. No answer, we wrote at Funcom, no answer. What did you do ? You lost lot of gamers and the bad gamers continu to play. No sanction, no penality, nothing. They can attack all a player and ruin this game. All day they attack a new player or little lvl, and come back day after day. We have got screen we have got location and we can’t counter this. Same if the game is update, they can build lot of vault and continu to play impunity because you do nothing to counter this gamer. So continu like this and say good bye at your game. If you want really to the players buy your DLC, don’t ignor you community. The location is retreat of priest and the name of clan is Wolfgang, they use to speed hack to xp. You must to do something

Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear that you are having a bad game experience in Conan Exiles. Unfortunately, we are unable to moderate any server in anyway. As for the exploit itself, the developers are aware of the issue and are looking into it. I am sorry but I do not have a time frame for when the exploit will be fixed.

Who can moderate a server then? Where should I write? We just need a penalty against them. A temporary ban until the resolution of the problem, a gesture on the part of the staf.

They could but they won’t. It costs too much.
Leave the server and if you want moderation, go to a private server.

I think you’re french, but I’ll keep it in english :wink:

Noone moderates Official servers. Only if there’s actual issues(eg. downtime) with the official server itself does staff have the ability to jump in.
See also: Is your server unavailable? Use our new report tool!.

However, if this is on an official server - your report concerns a player issue - you’re not able to report it.

Unofficial servers are moderated. If your server admin is on you can message them letting them know of the issue.

Friendly heads-up, reporting exploits -for both kinds of servers- should be done via the form, instead of a forum thread, see Found an Exploit? We'll pay you for it!

I hope this helps you, @raphael64.

I did it, reported an exploit with movie… but nothing, i never seen a mail.
At 15h, le server is empty.
You losted players and good players.

When i started we played at 25 or 35 players. Now in hour of pvp, we have got maybe 8 players max in the good days.
You don’t help your community, i think seriously stop the game and others people to.
When we go on an official server, it is precisely to be sure that there will be no cheating or to see a admin moderate it.
Now it’s to late, the server dead, you can do what you want.

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