Funcom please do a bit of admin on server #1207

Funcom please do a bit of admin on server #1207.

I hope this isn’t a wasted post and that you do have a team who will, on request , use server admin power to sort out problems within their powers. A clan ‘Wolfgang’ on sever #1207 have built inside a mesh. at and near the preistking’s retreat.

Now i know its within your power to log on, go look and ban the offending players/clan. so i look forward to this issue being resolved quickly :slight_smile:

They are jumping out of rocks, killing players (including me) raiding bases (yeah that’s pvp) but have a base to fall back on that can not be attacked, as its inside the mesh of the landscape.

I have taken a video, but not uploaded it, showing the base in the rocks, as its not really needed. you just need to log on and look, a 10 mins job when someone is available. if your unshure of the location, i suggest you search you-tube for ‘Conan exiles sologamer’ where you will see a different player using the same bug.

Sorry, but it’s a wasted posts.

Funcom doesn’t care about it. Not only that they didn’t fixed those places for half an year, but they will not care if those players also used exploits to raid your bases.

I’m guessing that those guys are “pay to win”, as Funcom kind of protect them by not doing anything against those players, and doesn’t let us to spread the info of what they are doing. :frowning:
Basically you cannot touch those guys. We I see some guys tried to use several avatar and thousand of bombs and orbs against their bases and not even a scratch… They have kind of a god mode and Funcom are pretty happy with this.

It’s possible that they also want to kill Official servers and to have excuse to stop paying for them, so that’s why help to those players to have that status.

It’s sad, but they already took your money, so why to bother with you anymore.

hopes that’s not the case, but could see why they would be like that…

CEO say: ‘these servers cost money, do something about it’
Staff says: ‘DLC?’
CEO say: ‘Cool idea, do that, but still get player to pay for their own server!’
Staff to public: ’ sorry but we don’t have the resources to police our official servers, if you wish to avoid cheaters and/or remove them from your gaming experience, you are free you purchase your own server’
CEO: ‘Good,good… they will pay for server and DLC… mwhwhw’

…just a guess, if they not willing to help :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be the case. PvP servers are dying because of the toxic players and Funcom doesnt’t do anything about it.
In general we don’'t want a moderation, as this game should be hard and cruel. But because of the exploits and glitches - it’s not hard - it’s impossible and those guys know that Funcom won’t gonna do anything to them and they just wipe the servers…

So yeah - your scenario loos pretty plausible.

would have been nice if they gave me some word… that’s a shame…
oh well, Conan sale is coming up and i chose to wait before writing my review of Conan (a month was the rule at first, give them time for ‘after launch fixes’, i’m very reasonable).

With 1,800h hours on Conan (and connections with a few live streamers/content creators, they like me popping into there videos), and just now uploading my video of the issue at hand… well i’m sure it will help potential customers be aware of the issue.

And sure, its a great game, i say that in my review and video, but have to be truthful about this official server issue and my thoughts…

willing to update my video and review if things change, but not gonna whitewash the lack of communication and how long it has taken to address these issues.

Not angry at funcom, most games have this level of communication… and i know resources are limited and staff are busy

was hoping things would be fixed in this patch, as i heard the was double exp, and a sale… you know, to get players to come back…

Well, what have you done funcom? No fix, and easy exp. Exploiters see they are safe, and invited their friends to boost their clans with fast levelling ><

Kick in in the teeth for existing players.

…aslo, still no info on the exploits? or is this a one way feedback thing?

just say ‘yes, we are working on it’ or ‘no, we wont be fixing it’… not much to ask

Hey @Sooden ,

I’m seeing you worried here… now, as noone’s jumping in on the conversation, you’re not getting the info you need on this.

Funcom does not have a team to constantly patrol servers. However, servers, in particulair unofficial ones, have owners, which may be contacted by people for these issues.

I would like to thank you for leaving a report on this issue. This may or may not be treated asap, I hope for you.

This issue is a report of ‘under the mesh players’. Said exploit is known to the developers. Note that related issues are relatively recent.

ty for the info. its good to know that its know about… well everyone knows about it that’s the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

can only hope it will be fixed soon, even looked at starting on a new server , with the fast exp but >< same problem on that server as well.

seeing an exploit clan on the main sever i play on, recruiting more members, accounting for 1/3rd of the remaining players is disheartening. The remaining players hang on as they have put so much work into their bases, which they have to defend against cheaters…

new players come along, get raided by the cheaters and when they wanna fight back… be it solo or by joining a clan, and they find out they cant… they leave… probably the game its self…

this is one of the bigger issues the game suffers some, and i’m a very reasonable person, but even i’m starting to wonder if its worth hanging on… if the damage is to much… if players will start coming back.

that’s why i was shocked to see the sale and double exp , and no fix. a rally to get new players and returning players, but still have one of the biggest reason people are leaving, left in the game…i don’t get it :frowning:

Hi there,

Please allow me to clear some things up. There are no server admins or moderators on official servers. Unofficial servers, on the other hand, are moderated by the owner of that server. I am very sorry for the confusion and frustration that this has caused.

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