So somone on server 1657 on conan offical servers is exploiting a game braking bug


so drodenn on server 1657 has openly bragging about a under ground base that is under the map i have screen shoots but cant add them cant u get banned from exploiting that big of a bug?

they will do nothing at all… funcom does not care about its customers enough to actually moderate their servers… thank you for your money… DLC’s will be coming out soon… please buy them so Funcom can continue to do nothing for you…

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Even though Funcom do not moderate servers as they have been openly stating for a long time if you can post this in the bug section with locations it will get looked into as many others have done in the past.

What has happened in the past is if this is actually a bug area they will do some code updates and when that happens everything in that location is instantly destroyed. So it may not happen quickly but you can take solace in knowing that if/when they do a map update you helped destroy this groups and their buggy base

Just make sure you can show this location and it is posted in appropriate area of forums

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i dont know where it is he just brags without a care about cheating and stuff its funny

and i cant even post pic so what good can a new user that wants to bring life back into this game

It’s clear that offical servers are the worse place to play. Cheaters go there simply because they are out of any control.
Population on official server is lowering because many people found good private servers well administered to play in.
You should anyway report the exploits in the bug section of the forum. This will take to a fix, i guess, sooner or later.
Best way to see your gaming not ruined by cheaters is to move to more safe places as well.

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