Cheater on official server #1104 - using speed-hack and build exploit


Hi there, herewith I am submitting a video as proof of this player cheating. Before the last patch this player and his clan have built a base inside an existing construction (pillar), they used all sorts of exploits (all attributes on max - 50, speed-hack), FINALLY we managed to record him “in action” using a speed-hack. p.s. Glitched base still exists on the aforementioned server and these guys still somehow use it. Please see attached video starting from 2:00 minutes. Thank you in advance - “Maximuss”

w w w youtube com/watch?v=_4dn262R2K4&

Even with evidence and whatever, the funcom does not care what happens on the servers.
“Random yours to be doing this on the server you play.” by Funcom :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Hi there,

I am sorry but we are unable to assist with in-game issues in Conan Exiles. Our moderation tools do not allow us to ban a player from the game. I am very sorry for the frustration that this has caused you.

Is there no one who can help us?

Maybe you could contact BattlEye. Guess it’s worth a shot

Hmm, I do not understand. Wild Card from ARK works with steam to eliminate such behavior from the game, including bans on the steam account. There is even an imformation about it on the game screen as soon as it is launched.

Are you serious? I am shocked.
Can you atleast give us an answer about whether this is a feature Funcom is working on or if its impossible to implement and therefore totally off the table?
Thanks in advance.

yes, we are looking into resolving the exploits in the game. I do not have a time frame for when the issue will be resolved.

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