Cheaters - What to do with them?

Hello there Conan Exiles community.

Today at 16:00 a group of players entered our wonderful server and threatened to wipe us all within a few days. We laughed at them but now they are a group of 6 people on the server and have already progressed beyond level 40.

We found one of the guy’s youtube stream and we can all clearly see that he is cheating.

There are no topics about cheaters, and no wy to contact customer support in an efficient way.

So please, community managers, admins, anyone. Help us save our wonderful server (1111)

he’s got two previous VAC-bans on his steam profile and his team-members have been toxic towards other players on our server. You also got the evidence of him STREAMING himself cheating AND switching to his third party application from time to time.



i think you can use this:

or this:

Please can any moderator and/or editor make a sticky note with useful links like this 2 like “Need to report , read this”

thank you

Discord: Zing#5780

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