Exploiters on Server 1082#! Russians abusing server! ADMIN NEEDED ASAP!

Living INSIDE of bridge of the betrayers, not raidable, they are raiding everything and everyone, maybe even using exploits or hacks for attributes. Admin you need to do something and we need one asap.


Hey @Myzra3l,

If this is an official server, there’s probbably not going to be an admin turning up, as Official servers are not moderated.

However, if this is an unofficial/private server, it should already be moderated by someone. This is all I know though.

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Hey @TheLOLxd2

well this i not point then, if somebody has passed antihack system that means they can do whatever they want freely…Also with buildings, Conan exiles devs should make that if somebody is ABUSING their server, they come online and deal with it, demolish everything. Rust devs>conan devs. No priorities made. One big MINUS!

I can’t help you with that, the only thing I’d do about it is writing up a post in the suggestions subforum.

Sorry Myzra3l, but Funcom don’t give a **** about it.

They took your money so no need to bother with you anymore.
They know about those exploits for months, I’ve reported some of them and nothing. They had million of copies of the game sold, but don’t have “resources” to have moderation.
They want to get rid of the official servers, because pay for them so it’s good for them if those players kills them - will have a reason like “nobody want’s to play there - will stop them”

I guess those are “pay to win” players, and Funcom have some additional income, because not only that they don’t do anything against them, and actually protects them because if you say what the exploits are - they will hide your thread. :slight_smile:

Trust me - I know how you are feeling, but Funcom stand next to those “players” and protects them.

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I feek you alphina… I feel you completely :frowning:

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