Russian’s Ruining Official Servers

I’m currently a solo player on Conan Exiles Official server 3222. The clan with a number of members known as Russian Mafia are land claiming all official fast travel obelisks and walling them off preventing there uses.
The unfortunate player who teleports to an obelisk is trapped inside with a number of thralls and pets. Their bodies then looted by these awful PvP fighters.
They are ruining the game, they have blocked the Brimstone Lakes to prevent mining too.
Why is it Funcom are allowing this to happen?
This isn’t why I play this game and invest my hard earned cash on DLC’s. Sort this out please or ban the Russians

I don’t think it is realistic to think they will ban the Russians just like that. It is better to speak with our wallets. Players can abandon all officials and test other servers until they found some decent servers. Not all dedicated servers are demonic with evil admins. That’s fake news constructed by teens and not so teens functioning in tantrum mode or I-know-best mode.

And when a good server is found better just stay if population is low so more players can join. If all that matters is population alone then better stay with officials, Russians, Chinese, buildings overcrowded worlds or whatever.

Russians [and others/other] are not ruining the game. Best case scenario is they “might” or not “might” be ruining G-Portal as official servers of Conan Exiles. Those that might be ruining the game is the people that keep playing in officials and always on the same servers just because it is populated, instead of spreading, migrating and testing non-officials. Staying always in those same servers attracts new players, and some of them will then get a first bad impression and spread the news over thew internet.


Im sorry but thats not how it works, for me and many others the reason we dont play on non-official servers is because there is always the chance that someday the server disappears, goes down and never comes up again, and so all our hardwork goes away. So there is no excuse for this problem, I myself play in the 3222 server and think its ridiculous a game that is already 2 or 3 years old and still allows people to build on areas like Shattered Springs. And the server is pvp, yes, we can try and explode the foundations yes, but everytime someone does that they replace it with black ice foundations and they just keep adding vaults and religions altars to it. SO NO, raiding is not gonna help it, what we need is for the game to make building on these areas impossible so everyone can enjoy the game, if not they will start to lose alot of players who wanna have fun, which is a shame because this is a pretty interesting game but is being ruined by these Alpha´s.

I agree there is always the chance a server disappears. All I can say is I have seen some non-official servers been online very long time, years. Some already from the beginning of Early Access, indeed. But yes, they can still disappear. I guess it comes down to tenacity and some research before finding a non-official home. For me the main issue with non-officials are updates. If the admin or admins are not online then you will have to wait to login. But you pay a price too for choosing officials. Nothing is free of risk.

Beat them at their own game .Unite the whole server to raid and pillage everything they have. Most important thing to do is take one obelisk at a time & spam it full of foundations once you broke the wall.

I just said that’s not possible, since they’re just too far ahead and have resources that no one has access to. It’s a simple thing, block building on these areas.

tey have block all brimstone spawn in the lake and in all caves.

Are you sure that we closed ALL obelisks? We closed only 2 obelisks on 3222, but there are 8 obelisks on the map. Why do you lie?

No, you are wrong. We had 0 brimstone and 0 steel one week ago. We just know how to farm resources right

Ahaha no mate, you simply picked loads of it and stacked it, you’re ruining the game for everyone and you’re having fun doing it, bruh moment.

The thing is the Russians don’t cooperate with anyone, they are simply friends in real life most probably, and like I said, it’s pretty impossible to fight back if we don’t have the damn resources available to us. I don’t know why everyone keeps finding justification for something that shouldn’t have one, they’re ruining the game, period.

It’s your opinion, I said as it is. We haven’t to much resources, we just know how to farm right