Official Server 1110 Russians Exploiting again

me and my Clan Play Conan since the Beginning of Early Access. In the early days we have ever Problems with exploiding and cheating chinese People. Now we have the same Problem ever with Russians… again and again with russians !!!

Actual the Clan 404 not found on Official Server 1110 ! A russian clan… what else.

First exploit : they have a unraidable Base glitched in a mountain !

Than yesterday they raided us… with many surprise for us !

5 People stand at our base and throw TWO hours GASorbs… endless… and ever and ever… dub ? Orbbug ? Whatever… not possible in normal way.

Ok, no Problem… we think they are in loaded skill… we fight.
Next surprise is coming… they run and run and run… woooow much Points in agility and grit. We fight them,.,… hit a complete heavy combo… and… 25% life lost… in middle armor… hahahaha. Ok much Points in vitality … hm… not possible !

Than they hit us… 3 hits… we are dead. Wow AND much Points in Strength … WTF !

Next … we kill one of them… yeahhh … now loot… ähm… loot ? NO LOOT inside the corpse… nothing… no armor, no weapon no orbs !!! HAHAHA … not possible.

Next… come on… we trapped him between two doors… yes good… the russian is trapped… he must die… what ? the russian is gone… glitched through a closed door !

Next… ok … we go inside our base… no Problem… we have shield, we have climb defence with fences… 2 minutes later… next surprise… 3 russians stand inside the Base and kill us … all fences are not destroyed ! NOT POSSIBLE !

These all in 3 hours… all exploits in same time !

We reported the Clan to Steam and Funcom… but… nothing will be happen. Thats not the first time that we reported exploiding and cheating People.

Funcom… please make for these exploiting shi. a own Server… only russians… than can they talk about there exploits in there language which can noone read !!!


So next evening since patch… nothing is changed ! The 404 exploiting Clan glitched now on the highest Tower on Server… no fences destroyd again. They have 1000 of explosives… (dub again)… they kill us with Hands and light armor… sorry… that was it … we go on a private Server with ADMIN !!! Thats the only way to ban or catch so exploiter Clans … THX FUNCOM

Here is a Photo how they do that… they build a Tower INSIDE the Tower from our base… unbelievable !!!

They also have a glitched un-raidable base, they’ve built into one of the temples near the black keep. This is their main base afaik and it cannot be entered without exploiting, why is this a thing funcom?

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I am in the same server as Malissa, we killed all of those russians to help Malissa and none of them dropped any hint of explosive items. However they did indeed drop weapons, armor and other misc items such as healing items. I can confirm the fact they did indeed carry bombs at that very moment we killed them as they were trying to kill us by placing explosive jars near us and throw poison orbs to detonate them, many infact until we countered the bombing tactic they tried and charged them. After a big fight with us victorious, we looted their weapons and armor. (None of them got away btw). But any hint of explosive craft materials? Nothing. No tars, no poison orbs, no earthenware jugs, no dragonpowders, no jars.

Bombs are being duplicated and their base is indeed inside a spot you cannot go into normally as Kamos above me stated. At first I was skeptic as usual and gave the benefit of doubt but it’s true, they do indeed exploit. Not one, not two, three types of exploits i’ve encountered only today. Two more at different times.

I’m hoping for an official response from funcom admins or community managers in this thread, Anything that can reassure us legit players that these exploits will go soon. I have played since early access too, i got almost a thousand hours into this game and before I tolerated this kind of crap when the chinese kept exploiting and cheating during early access, but now that this game is now officially released theres gotta be a way for us legit players to not suffer these kind of things.Please funcom, don’t let us loyal players since day 1 go through this. I know I got an ironhide to these type of things, but many players including new don’t and I’d rather not play in an abandoned server(s)

I will keep up the fight against these cheaters but I can only do so much fighting legit while they have all these exploits advantages.

I can prove with screenshots of this exploit base and more if there’s any interest to anyone.

To any skeptical people reading this, believe me, I always am skeptic when I heard the words “exploiters, hackers , cheaters” heck I’ve been accused as one multiple times during my hundreds of conan hours from salty players but we all know why people say this, because somewhere down the line, these type of things happen in conan exiles. Conan is now officially released. It’s high time funcom fixes these issues as soon as they can with priority and fix them for good.

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I am on the same server as LONEWOLF and MALLISSA …i play over 3000 hours and from the beginning…i love this game but i dont understand why glitch guys and other exploiter can do this again and again…WE WILL NOT HAVE GLITCHER AND EXPLOITER…this russian guys with name “404 can not found” had a glitch base in a temple of ice…and they do more other glitches…

we can make screenshots of the exploit base…

PLEASE FUNCOM…its not funny to play this lovely game with cheaters!!!

To my knowledge they were likely using bedrolls in order to spawn inside the walls which has allowed them to build inside the temple. I’ve not been able to replicate it but then again, I don’t exploit like these Russians do.

I believe they may of also abused lag in order to place foundations next to claimed land, which should not be possible, people on this server have put significant time into building their bases, losing them to legit players is fine but losing them to exploiters with glitched bases? It’ll drive people away from the server and maybe even the game.

More to add to this, I’ve also contacted funcom and received a response, but that guy was more interested in the bugged siege tower they managed to build in claimed land, fair enough, but he also completely ignored the glitched base they have not too far from the black keep, it’s not the ruins of xullan either, it’s this.

Right there they were able to build inside the tower, we scouted it two days ago, we checked for an entrance, we did not find one, The russians have built a god shrine inside as well. To my knowledge they were likely using bedrolls in order to spawn inside the wall. They had a few bedrolls high up near the towers end.

Funcom, if you care, if anyone cares, these type of players effect the gameplay of others, cheaters cheapen the gaming experience and may ultimately cause people to abandon servers or even leave the game.

A great test for companies is how they deal with cheaters, this base is just one, what they did to barbarian nutten is another and they’ve been using duplicate bugs and stat bugs prior to the fixes.

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