Base glith no finishi time?

clan players (XXXXX, serv. 4511 XXXX) are stealing other clan from beneath the earth.

And they are living inside the rocks, forcing many players to give up the game !!!

please fix this as fast as possible and ban those players who use glith !!


They wont fix it

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how they are living inside the rocks?where is the base location?and how they stealing other clan from beneath the earth?thats not possible i think…can you tell us the location of there base?

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they look for points on the rocks,

a mattress and a bau glued in these points are killed and born dendro of the rocks, live there and even get points to enter bases and steal the tails on the benches and the footmen. then they should leave everything locked in the chests !!

There are already many videos on YouTube based on glitch

Serious problems caused by clan XXXXX in server 4511 XXXXX because of base glitch. They build their bases within the rocks and enter the bases of other clans using glitch to steal. A disrespect to the producer does not ban these players


I play on server official 4511 and the clan XXXXXX is using a lot of glitch, many players have already stopped playing for this and I’m getting discouraged too, knowing that they can steal you from the inside of the earth, that spoils the game, we can not attack them, but they do not even need it attack to rob us

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clan players (XXXXXXX serv. 4511 XXXXX) are stealing other clan from beneath the earth.

And they are living inside the rocks, forcing many players to give up the game !!!

please fix this as fast as possible and ban those players who use glith !!

Servers 1124 & 1111 same issues, there were threads which were unlisted because “reasons”.

Funcom don’t ban the cheaters. The best you can hope for is that an admin comes on and they wipe their undermesh bases.

Problem is, they will come back, probably that same day, as it’s no deterrent to a cheater who glitches everything. Banning for cheating is the only deterrent that would be in anyway effective.

Why do we have crime and punishment? Cos without the later, there would be a lot more of the former. That’s Conan Exiles right now. Much Crime, no punishment or Much glitching, no consequences.



O clã Plata oh plomo do servidor 4511 tá usando muito glitch e explorando bugues do jogo, tem muita gente saindo pq eles conseguem entrar na base dos outros sem expludir nada

these same players are ruining the gameplay of this server raid under the map using several glitchs I ask the funcom or who is an admin that takes action since it is an official server where there are no rules and even care for the good of the gameplay punish these evil players who use cheating to take undue advantage to play honestly. in the players we have a feeling that we have no one to turn to because the only option is the forum. could any admin position itself on that subject taking place not on that server.


Imagine parents who dont punish their children for bad behaviour, they just try and remove their opportunities to be bad.

Imagine a society where criminals dont get punished for crimes, the police just try and find ways to stop them comitting crime.

No consequences for wrong doing; I wonder how that would work.

Now imagine, there is an online game with lots of ways to cheat. Then imagine the makers of that game chose not to punish cheaters and instead focused on ways to make it impossible to cheat.

Now imagine they were unable to find ways to make it impossible to cheat in their game but continued with the policy of not punishing cheaters.

That game would be in real trouble.

Let’s hope Conan Exiles doesn’t go that way.


I denounced the PSN with the names of the players, but the community of Funcom prevents and extinguishes the complaints !!!

then I see that Funcom itself is conniving to these players or has no competence to solve this problem

we have just been attacked by these players who enter the earth and invade the base.

conan turned a game that you lose a lot of time and out of nothing players with hacker system steals everything! you leave injured and no return from any administrator, No response we can sue Funcom!

We’re being harmed and we’re holding hands.

Once again a player invaded my base using glitch on server 4511. There are days we are reporting the fact here on the forun with no response. Total disrespect of the producer with its consumers.

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now these players who live inside the rocks, get powerful buffs that cehga to kill you with 1 Hit.

No adimin ever pronounce this game ??

YouTube (Fara gamePlays) base glith!!! Funcom???

You all need to use the proper path to get the information to Funcom.
Gather as much info as possible, take screenshots, record when you see them glitching if you have that capability etc… read the following thread.
There is also a thread about reporting glitches. Also, do not put the cheaters info in these threads, it’ll be flagged and deleted, put in the direct message with your other data. Don’t expect feedback or a response, you’ll see the response if the jerks get banned. It takes time.

Or just dont expect a response. Noone gets banned. Funcom do nothing to players.

They fix exploits, they dont punish exploiters. That is what they say, not me.

That means gathering info on cheaters and supplying it wont help you get rid of those cheaters. The info will just be used to, maybe, eventually patch the game.

Reporting is a charitable act that might improve the game for those who play in the future but it’ll do nothing for you in the short term.

It’s like, even now, were play testers and they are fine with us having terrible experiences with their game cos it will (might) get better in the future.

I dont wanna be an exploit hunter or a play tester. I wanna play the game i bought without a bunch of cheaters ruining the fun. Funcom has no solution.

One of the reasons I dont play MP games anymore.