Chinese tribe using glitch on server #1091

You can see it in the video itself. They created a base under the ground, what they needed to do is to farmer explosives and armor. Totally stolen and unfair game, a real trash for the game community. They attack everyone from the server, and what remains for us is to stare as they become immortal within the texture of the map. Please somebody help us.


remove Vid Link but Dev´s could still see the Link

Dev dont care we reported each day these exploit and nothing done so far wasted 3months in this game for nothing they swimming underground towards all asguard bases and raid them from underneath. They have even access to server settings want to tell me this all right? They loot certain vaults of enemy without even blowing it up! And we must just be quiet about it and do nothing about it? Conan going to die soon again!


Unfortunately, I am going to have to agree to Kwagga’s pleas.
If the devs are not going to do anything against the (Chinese?) exploiters, a good portion of the willing community will soon give up on this game.

Currently I myself am wondering if it is even worth continuing this game after this “Clan” has entered the server I (we) play on.
Ease sollution for the devs: max out the ping on official servers.
Better sollution for the devs: fix the game!!!

If you don’t listen to your community you will soon be beating a dead horse.

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Yeah, i also play on the same server Potsak is playing.
I reported all the members of their Tribe so many times in steam and i dont see anything getting done.
All their players have level 1 steam account and some of them have VAC bans.

The devs need to do something against people glitching below the mesh, because it makes unfair for the people that follow the rules. Its impossible to raid them, while they have enough protection to just farm explosives and raid everyone in the game.

I am a former ark player with more than 4k hours, and you guys need to do like Wildcard, just login into the server and GLOBAL BAN their account/IP from any Conan oficial server.

This guy under the mesh is also a streamer in China, and he is streaming his glitch for all over the world on huya. So he is teaching the whole world that Devs dont care about glitch and teaching everyone how to do it.

Ive been playing with the Chinese since the game came out. Its fun to play with Chines. Not with you whiners. And I didnt notice there were fewer people playing Conan

Last week: Servers- 18,000+ Players-17,000+

This week: Servers- 15,606 Players- 8,000

IDK, maybe there just on vacation :thinking:


I shall come to your server. The king of the fallen lords will rid your world of these underground dwellers of darkness.


Dont give up. Live like nomads until I can deal with them.


So he is still streaming undermesh. huya/13600528

When are you guys gonna do something ?

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I do not know man, every time I try to contact support, I’m totally ignored, I think we can only spend money on the game, and watch as we can bug her.

@Spynosaur_Nicole just get someone to enter into the server EU - PVP - 1091 and BAN the Tribe MD. The guy is gonna get banned while streaming, so all his viewers will know that someone is watching and they cannot do whatever they want.

Also tagging @Melcom. Go there and ban these exploiters now please.

Sorry Guys, but I dont work for Funcom. I am a Volunteer Moderator. @AndyB @Spynosaur_Nicole and @Jens_Erik as an Example working for Funcom.

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I understand that it is difficult to keep so many official servers. But I also hope you understand that we all lose a lot of time playing. The game has an amazing gameplay, but most players are killing them, and we are just watching your stream, without being able to do anything under the map

Time to c if steam can force FUNCOM to get my money back i wasted on failed launched game and totally bugged out and now they fix that we can bug into ground to take revenge even. This most unfriendly staff of funcom . They prob swimming in there money we paid for unfinished game with such major bugs that game failed again after second big launch!

Surely Funcom could hire a couple of people to address this sort of thing.

First off, Funcom had said they can’t and won’t moderate the servers. So why should they now change? It’s a harsh world and that means people need to learn to deal with the grief or escape it.

As for policing the servers being easy… I doubt that. To begin with, are thete even logs set up to record dialog? If Not, then Funcom would have to add them which would take programming resources away from other tasks.
Then we have no clue if Funcom setup the servers so people could be banned. Of there are no IP checks or the like, it may not be possible.
Then there is the fact that Funcom does not even own the servers. So we have no clue how Gportal can handle bans at all.

Look, just because an idea sounds easy, doesn’t make it do. If it was easy, Funcom would have already done it. As it stands, they have clearly stated they won’t moderate the servers, only send out bug fixes. So we have to roll with that as our only option.

I don’t expect them to moderate the servers, so long as people aren’t exploiting or using cheats, hacks, etc… then its fair game. However, its not acceptable that people can blatantly cheat, and use game exploits.

These guys have the right idea… If only so it acts as a deterrent:

You mean that I can use glitch and hacker on official servers as long as Battleeye does not find me. So it means that I play on an official server, that OFFICIALLY does not have anyone working on them?