Clan useing exploit on server 1091

They are very open and know of even more places to build inside the map so no one can reach them
They are even so bold to make screenshots of it

Plz ban the entire clan from the game / server

He allready has alot of game bans on his account

best regards Wishy

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Ahhhhh just when you think all the ways the Chinese could exploit into the terrain, they find a way. I guess us old vets gotta dust off our thinking caps so we can figure this out to report it. I have couple ideas, and I know that location as well. Time to test and report!

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Of course they’re Chinese. I dunno why they are always such exploiters

Its why asian server are segregated

And to top it off, more people are learning this bull sheet. We need our gods back to super strength to dig these cheaters out of the terrain like we used to.

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