"Hack Is Back" ! (sever Asia 1330)

My server 1330 have hacker, They name Unparalleled and wodemingzihen and some people name China. They hack speed game. they doing destroy game and when I warning them. They say: your report did’t work, admin dont care. We have clause 20 players and many another player dont play hack, So only 3,4 people hack doing break the game. So please handing them. We got video they hack and just report for admin steam and admin game Conan.
This is link video.


I see some things never change

Video has mature language.

I see the speed issue though that seems like a serious problem. That guy was untouchable. I hope it’s addressed.

They said report don’t working and admin don’t care. Lol

We have the same issue with a clan with the same name on official server #1932, Porting all over the place (only them though everyone else moves normal for most part).

That’s the main problem.

There should be a one clear rule - using hacks/exploits/glitches in official servers will gives you a ban form all of them and that is it.

By not taking any actions against those “players” Funcom actually creating a special class of “players”, because it could take weeks to solve the problems, but they allow those guys to continue using it until the patch. And we saw how many times one issue was fixed or that once it’s finally fixed another takes in place.


theres a clan that uses speed hacks on 1932

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My teammates felt very pressured because of them. They said: they can destroy my base tonight by cheats whenever they want, And if this is not resolved, we lose confidence in the development team.
P/s: They are ruining this game and please do not let them do that

I want to say, f**k you.

f**k you for your bias while you can’t even read what chinese players are saying.

The chinese named players in the chat are all complaining in the chat and trying to find a way to stop the cheat using guy, the cheat guy has english name and not once said anything in chat, how do you even tell he is chinese?

And in chat and in forum you are all like “blablabla chinese cheaters blablabla”

F**k you

that wodemingzihen is indeed chinese and you can’t tell who is this unparallel guy, so you put this on all chinese players, bravo

such a shame 151515151515

They speak Chinese and alliance with the Chinese clan !!!
and i have google trans , i can trans, And his friends are all Chinese!

You couldn’t even read chinese, you’d know better to put it on all chinese players if you know what chinese players are talking in chat

I have a Taiwan, Hongkong friend in sever , they can trans !!!

Then did they translate to you that most of the players on that server from china is just playing their game without cheating?

Putting a youtube video with “Chinese cheaters blablabla ” has consequences that harm the reputation of innocent chinese players, and will breed uncivilized ppl lile the guy above (that I don’t care reply to)

Then like I said if you actually know what all others have said (accroding to you you should have google translated them all per se), you’d know better to raise it to racial problem


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Forum reports (here or on Steam) have limited effect since we only have access to forum systems. If anything can be done it needs to be done via support staff at http://help.funcom.com

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