Hackers on official server(1088)

Hackers already destroyed half of the server population, people seem to complain about them for weeks now. I personally encountered the Players “uncle”, “shy” and “io” , they seem to share the same hackerclan, i witnessed they speedhack and aimbot, but they also seem to destroy bases with esp for chests and loot closed chests/vaults.
Please, finally do something about it !Before the server is completely empty and im pissed off from the game again, i dont know how hard it can be to track down hacking but if this isnt fixed/ is dealt with in shorter times, the game will die, even with all the fancy changes coming to it.


I doubt you will see help until after Sep 1st. I hope you can wait. If you need an immediate reply, then you can contact Funcom through Zendesk: https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I have already reported there, and now urgently they empty our workshops and closed chests and do not appear in the logs, we lose EVERYTHING, HELP US server 1088

I am sorry to hear but unfortunately you are a goner.

yes i need an immediate reply, thanks

seems like everybody already reported, they still running around trashtalking - whats up with that shady 1997 guys, i heard they hack too, but they never encountered me personally

if thats the case, then all officials are dooomed

Just the official PvP ones.

its a pvp game - but very helpful, thanks

they change clan names every day, they raided me 2 days ago, they drop jars through doors, teleport thralls, and steal from locked chests etc, one of them got Shy call on his old account he had speedhack and i put it on youtube and reported but he recreated an account and keep cheating and ruining the server, there is also Sbutou which i already reported, io uu etc , but they are still here, they place jars in your base and steal chests and go through walls

I think what many are failing to understand is that reporting, while SHOULD be done, is fine but it takes time for a response. Before a report can even be made the damage is done by the hacker(s). Additionally, Funcom does not refund any loot or materials lost.

Even after reporting it matters little, there is no guarantee of a permaban and not like that is a big deal to the offenders, it is easy to buy cheap accounts to then repeat the process again.

More needs to be done on the company’s side to address the rampant hacking issue plaguing the game. This has been an ongoing issue since the beginning but tends to come in waves. That includes preventing the hacking from even occurring and if it does, a plan, communication and means of address. We’re not getting any of that at the moment.

The new resurgence of hacking is cresting on to 2 months. Some servers have upwards of 8 hackers running around being repeatedly reported and banned with no changes.

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so i played as a solo on sipthah, after funcom messed it up so much that the servers were nearly completely empty due to the poor mechanics of the map, and because they were so poor and took so much time i build a single line of fence foundations to the middle of the map, to trigger the event bosses and not have to rebuild every time a 100+ piece base. Long story short, i found a body vault 10 metres away of the base of the owner and he reported me for “abusing the building system”, it seems like i got banned instantly after the report arrived and my base was gone since it was 1 week ban, i dont know why u can ban dedicated players on empty servers in such a short period of time, but hackers who getting on the nerves of every single player they encounter on a full pop server can do their thing without any problem. They put lately much effort to bring new features into the game, but if the hackers aint get touched its all for the trashbin, you loose hundreds of hours as dedicated player thats the only thing that seems to be a constant here - please funcom, pay some admins and let them do their job for a bit, there are only like 4-5 servers in pvp official that got over 50% population and if only one guy comes up there for a few minutes a day he could easily ban them hackers, since they hack in front of everybodys eyes, dont tell me its an impossible thing


they got me now 2 times with 3 hours worth of loot on me “Shy” and “io”, 6 hours lost to hackers already, but loosing all your stuff to them must be so f*cked up, i get why the server is becoming so empty, and to play on emtpy server is also much less fun. What can we do, should we hack the hackers now or what??!

Ultimately you cannot expect that enforcement won’t take action on a report that clearly is against the ToC.

However, I would hazard a guess that the investigation of a report on hackers may take more time especially if there is supporting evidence to review and multiple reports. I can appreciate that but I am getting at is that there should a measure in place to prevent this from happening thus allowing for less work and frustration from both sides.

There is a help button in 3.0 on the main menu when you press escape. The hope is that live help is coming.

How much longer do we beat the dead horse out back? “Hackers” became some celebrity definition that doesn’t even match the truth. The sentimental gets carried here. People put the target on any hacker just either thinking the horse is still alive.

We do what has been done: (1) report the exploits, not the exploiter (aka “Hacker”). Common mistake, too common! If you report the exploiter, be ready for an uphill battle.

i dont know what happened in the meantime, because i left the game for a long time after that, but the guidelines were not clear when it comes to building big and clear exact guidelines werent provided after asking, but i know they are clear against hacking and hackers and if there are only a handful official pvp servers that are visited frequently, i dont know how hacking clans can rule for weeks without getting manhandled. All it takes is one guy to sit down a day and clear this mess, as far as i can tell the hackers even abused the reporting system to one of the biggest clans because their base got wiped entirely after telling us hackers are coming to atack, so it seems big buildings are a red flag but hackers take too much time, i dont get it. Only time i saw cheaters get banned was when they were building big, but here the investigation should take longer because you are destroying potentially hundreds of hours of many players on unclear rules, on the other hand hackers destroying hundreds of hours by clear rulebreaking need more time, doesnt make sense in the end, at least if you want to keep your playerbase intact

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man its no exploit if i use 3rd party programs to speedhack and aimbot and right now it seems like the whole server already reported the (most prominent) hackers on the server and even made youtube vidoes and ish, still they running around fast like a horse on foot and ruining the game for all

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I agree.

The rules are woefully unclear and other than a post about landclaim abuse posted many months ago there’s been little to no clarification.

Contacting Zendesk rarely nets an explanation.

They do make mistakes otherwise there wouldn’t be the ability to appeal a ban or report those that are abusing the system.

This has been a battle for a long time. It will be a year since the new ToC was implemented soon.

If you’re interested there are many topics on this subject on the forum by doing a search, you’ll see the history of the discussion.

Those problems are the exploit. Speedhack happens due to lack of assertions. Thus unfinished code entered the scene and people blamed hackers. Aimbot is another exploit. It doesn’t work on the console, however. If the console was modded, then that is a DMCA violation.

Blaming hackers is a waste of time. We can do better.

somebody indeed can implement an appeal for ban function and dont provide a real chance for it, rather closing all forum posts and so forth by inidicating there is a appeal ban function where the stuff belongs to - just saying. I dont know how it is when it comes to funcom, but players seem to be pretty frustrated how it is managed in this game when it comes to bans and my personal experience didnt realy put something against that, its like we are receiving mostly the bad side of a reporting system here. Hackers should be prioritized if you ask me, way before big building, these guys ruin it way harder . If you ban for a building and the timer is one week, but you get banned for a week and peeps need days to answer to you, you can give up on your ban appeal anyway in hopes of keeping your progress so peeps leave the game, isnt that the least thing a developer wants??We will see in 3.0 whats up, but after returning to the game for a few days seeing this ish happen isnt really speaking for a promising future