So what do you do?

These issues have plagued the game since the beginning. I understand that there will always be hackers; they’ll always be ahead it would seem. This is not new. I get that.

As a note, this in regard to Officials, not privates.

It seemingly comes in waves, Funcom finds a way to deal with them. It can take weeks or months. Then it’s patched and a new way is found to speed hack, mesh, pull hitboxes, ESP, and whatever new features are introduced.

Right now on Official PVP, pretty much every single high pop server, which isn’t very many, is suffering this new wave. It appears worse this time though - to me anyway.

Reporting them is all well and good, as should be done. But it can take anywhere from a week to a month to see action taken. If they are actually suspended/banned they can simply use an alt. But they use other methods as well, such as keeping their loot in a sister clan, remaking their characters to fool people and of course such things as building skybases or being in the mesh.

Now with the bat, you can actually mitigate some of the onslaught by flying around in the sky to locate skybases. That is awesome, you can raid them without using other exploitative measures to deal with them and at least attempt to cut off their supply. But you can’t deal with them if they’re undermeshed.

There are all types of people that end up hacking. Anyone who has looked into the reasons, has talked to others in the community, know what those reasons are.

How long do we have to wait before something is done again? Waiting on a thorough Zendesk report won’t help at the moment it is happening. The deeds have already been done.

You can absolutely restart, farm again, build back up. But the risk is that they come back while being active or in the few weeks they’re checking in on the server and put bombs through your base without having penetrated the outer shell. Even fully encased bases without pieces missing in mesh, for instance, are suffering this hack.

Emotional maturity is very important to continue to play PVP. You can lose everything for so many reasons. You accept that by choosing to play this game in that mode. But, no one should have to accept this.

You can kill them, if you’re smart, quick and deft, of course. But it doesn’t matter for all the aforementioned reasons.

So what do you do? I like playing officials, it is my choice. Anyone who has had the discussion regarding these issues or similar have communicated that privates are not always the solution. It isn’t the solution.

Funcom, I know you pay attention to the forums. You may not always do what we ask but you’re going to bleed players again if something isn’t done soon and a much more permanent solution. This isn’t a matter of not liking a feature of the game, this is literally unscrupulous people causing unintended havoc which can barely be dealt with based on the tools we have currently.


I don’t suffer cheating issues but i will stand by you in this! I hope for better official pvp on pc!


Сan a bat replace a flying rhinoceros? :grinning:

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The only solution that can yield appreciable results is to manage the officials like privates are managed.

More active moderation.

The issue with dealing with hacks is there are more people working on hacks than there are devs working on Conan Exiles. Updates and fixes take longer than Zendesk reports. And as it stands now, even as they do their best to combat this sort of thing, its still not enough to meet the demand.

The issue is two-fold, the workload is too high and the assets are too spread out.

There is hundreds of servers and less than a dozen people to manage them. Don’t get me wrong, hiring more people helps. It turns a 3 week ticket into a 2 week ticket. 2 week tickets still get players to leave.

The expectation of most players is when they log off out of frustration and put in a ticket, the ticket should be resolved by the time they go to bed, wake up, do their chores/job/lifestuff, and log back in again. They expect the issue to be resolved in 18-24 hours. Tops.

How the hell are they supposed to meet that expectation with the amount of servers they have? You can’t. There’s no freaking way they could afford the people needed for that. The servers don’t support enough players to even think of charging a monthly fee as some have suggested. Not unless everyone (I mean everyone, not just the few who say… “Yeah I’d pay that…” EVERYONE, even the ones who only play 5 minutes every 1-2 weeks to just refresh) to pay double a MMO sub per month for servers that lag at 20+ players. That’s a fantasy.

That rules out hiring more people. Period. At least more then they already have.

Which means work load needs to be cut. This one is doable. What they should do, if their agreements with G-portal allow for it, is put ONE server per box. If we’re just talking about PVP, then maybe 3-4 servers in NA, 2-3 in SA, 3-4 in Europe, and 1-2 in the Pacific region. Or around 15-20 servers maximum for PVP for each platform.

That gives them a 800 players total online at one time total capacity. That’s more than enough and may even still be too much. But at least it leaves room to grow a bit if some come back. But then with 2-3 people dedicated to those two dozen servers, you will likely see response rates cut dramatically.

Potentially even have game moderators able to actively monitor servers during certain times to see these things unfold in real time. With faster response times, active moderation, all comes a heavy blow to hacks, cheats, and exploits.

Private servers aren’t without hacks, cheats, and exploits. But due to fast responses from their owners and admins, its not an everyday occurrence like you see on officials. In fact it becomes something that many will claim doesn’t happen because they haven’t personally experienced it.

Imagine that, not believing cheats happen because they are rare enough that you may not even have seen it?

Can’t have that with 400+ servers.

But if the agreement with G-Portal precludes doing this. If they have to have hundreds of servers to boost G-portals presence in the server browser. Then its a lost cause. You’re effectively just tools of advertising to boost G-portal and nothing else.


Good question!

It’s not only not cost effective but unrealistic to expect Funcom to hire more to moderate. Obviously tickets need time of course.

The track record for taking care of tickets in relation to hackers specifically, in my experience, is negligent. Upwards of a month. That is unacceptable and really kind of pointless.

The problem needs to be addressed on their end before it even becomes an issue. Battle Eye is working. That is not the problem of course.

But you bring up a very important point in that there are indeed more working on hacks than on the game itself. There are more people invested in being able to sell their hacks to the playerbase than the actual company being concerned enough to find a much more permanent solution and prevent it from affecting us.

Isn’t that pretty ■■■■■■■ terrible?

Definitely. My point about saying this is Officials is because the admins of private servers actually do address hackers fairly swiftly. Obviously because of that active moderation. I don’t want this to be another thread about “just go to privates”. I’m not interested.

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I agree that the servers should be slashed. To many dead servers. If you want to play on a dead server go to single player. If cutting down on servers would help with hackers I think most people who play pvp would get on board. I I’d make it 4-5 severs each however.

Side note/slightly off topic maybe dbd would help. If a hacker is on the sever just don’t log in for a few days while the ticket goes through. Obviously the whole idea of hidding offline it’s great but for this situation it could help. Just to be clear I’m fully on board with dbd on some severs


I think that Funcom needs to collect more data from the server for analysis. Many cheats can be suspected even just by analyzing the coordinates of the location of the character.

I can tell you without a doubt the company is concerned and cares enough to WANT to deal with these things and if they had a means of putting out a permanent solution they would. This doesn’t just go for Funcom. But the entire gaming industry. For half a century now.

This is why I suggested making officials pretty much moderated like privates. If you won’t go to a private server, then maybe Funcom can bring that experience to you.

But that is IF the G-portal agreement allows for it. If not, then I’m going to recommend going to private because at that point you’re not an official player, you’re an advertising tool.

To be honest I think G-portal and Funcom need to be more transparent about what their partnership actually is and how the players actually fit into it. And both companies need to be equally pressured about it.

Of course. I’m not saying they’re not at all. I know they are. Every single multiplayer game experiences hackers. There are extremely popular games that deal with exploits and hacks daily just like Conan does. But I also see others that address them without having to go through the process of a ticket system, and even then, often does not have as much impact as it does with the unique game play of Conan PVP. Getting killed by a hacker is one thing. Having your base completely hack raided and there’s little to nothing you can do is debilitating and removes the will of players and support of the game. It happens everyday and is pushing people out.

I saw a full pop server dwindle down to almost nothing in the last few days. The remnants are mostly solos that were already raided by other players and are building back up. Those hackers are still there.

So perhaps your suggestions regarding reducing server count to allow for moderation is the solution. I don’t know. What I meant by permanent is not the temporary fixes that have been done and the useless ticketing system that currently exists. Hey, I might be talking out my ass but there are plenty of other companies that do their best to address them, simultaneously communicating with the playerbase and showing interest. Which is a HUGE problem as we know, that encompasses more than just this issue that I am bringing forth.


Clearly from the teabagging that happens still to this day when a battle is won.

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Ya… Kinda like the same people that have to announce every single kill they get. “■■■■■■■” “you’re so bad”, screaming in VC blah blah blah.

Meanwhile they’re losing way more. I rarely, if ever, announce a successful raid or kill.

Even if I lose it’s usually just GG or compliment them :wink:


A good first step would be to stop utilizing the limited staff they have addressing server issues for flimsy TOS building violations. Then maybe they could actually spend a little more time investigating and dealing with people actually hacking, exploiting, and truly ruining the game experience for other people.


I don’t think I can heart this enough with one single emote.

I’ve watched so much go down because of this very thing in the last 6+ months. Friends, acquaintances, myself and the community at large has felt it.

So many people affected and so very disheartening.

There are legitimate reasons that land claim needs moderation for but not the extent of so much over reaching and debilitating action.

Very much agreed.

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Yes! Just write “gg wp” and be done. No need for toxicity.


When i got upset by something or someone, i was using the language… It was wrong and the next minute, hour, day maximum, i was apologizing for my wrong behavior! We cannot be perfect all the times, sometimes we play a lot of hours and if tired the mistake is easy! Eventually experience comes and your stronger opponent is your teacher! But when we speak about hack cheatings you cannot help it not to become emotional, because it is unfair! I really admire persons that can stay “cold” in situations like it! I wouldn’t be able to do it even if i always try to find the positive in everything!

I agree the number of officials should be cut.

I remember our clan (and several others) were some of the earliest to be TOS banned (after the server worked together to report a group of hackers, said hackers turned around and got most of the established server banned for having too big of bases). Two week bans with no warning. I remember at the time folks in the forums not believing us and insisting we must have done something worst that just building a bit too much. I warned folks what was coming…

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I haven’t participated in every single thread that broaches this subject but have paid a keen eye on it since about May. I noticed it starting to happen once the ToC was revamped in late Summer/early fall 2021. While I can’t recall you having mentioned this I am not surprised and probably did read it.

It’s still amazing to me that Funcom punishes players for building violations and they seem to get priority over those hacking their game.

I just don’t get it. What’s the deal?

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And really, just the amount of people on these forums that have been banned is kind of staggering isn’t it?

Seems like that would be a huge red flag that maybe the system in place is not working properly.