We NEED an ingame report system

There needs to be an ingame ticketing system where moderators can review and respond to problems. this ingame ticketing system would also help report bugs… and players that are exploiting.

I firmly believe players exploiting in manners that cause problems for other players should be banned from official servers or from multiplayer all together…


Funcom have been very open in saying they do not have nor plan to have any form of server moderation. So this will not happen. It’s been told many times when people try and report players blocking areas and such.

As much as I would like to have an easier way to report bugs it’s been talked about enough to know it won’t happen

does not matter “what they have said”. It is a simple matter of what their player base wants. either they fix their sh$# or face a disgraceful flop in users… putting a very quick end to their cash cow plan for cosmetic DLC’s


Hey man I’m just telling you what they have said.

At least they are being honest and telling you it as it is that they will not have it. Unlike other games that have moderating and don’t use it.

Also I highly doubtful this will affect the cash cow as you put it.

Same reason you keep seeing EA games go full release before their time. It’s a huge spike in sales. Same as DLC always brings in alot of sales. The only time you need to continue to keep people happy is on a subscription based service.

This is the sad truth about how marketing works in the current game industry.

You are assuming that Fail.Com (FunCom censors Fail.Com phrase typed without a dot lol) cares. Buy a private server if you want moderation.

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Here’s another thing… How many servers are there? Across how msmy platforms? And yiu ate requesting people look at individual actions, where there may not even be log files in place? (Yes a clan name may be visible but no clue if chats create a log file that can be viewed) .

How many mods do you think they would need? Do you think the salary and benefit costs of those mods would be covered by the one tome game purchase costs? After all, this is not a subscription based game or one filled with micro transactions.

So in other words, the business case of supporting such mods doesn’t exist. This isn’t some MMO woth a constant income source nor is the publisher some giant company that cam absorb the cost of mods over multiple games. So don’t expect as much moderation as say Wow or the like.

Also, this is a harsh world survival game, not some hello kitty online. You should expect people will try to push the lines of good play to get any advantage they can. I’m not arguing if this is right or wrong, but it will happen so prepare as best you can and accept that if it gets bad, you msy want to switch to a private server or another public server.

Yes its need to implent that, for help and report buggs and player that brake the law!

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But would you be willing to pay a monthly subscription cost for this service? Otherwise you are asking a company to give yiu an expensive service at no cost.

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It dont have to be one online 27/7 on every server, just a system that go to a sentral hub to deal whit it. The importan is that they get the info not that they need to respond direct.

For bugs, i would agree. They should have a bug repository and the people in place to sort, prioritize, and fix the problems. All software companies should.

But for people “breaking the law”, again that requires dedicated employees which costs money. If those people are not already in place and the costs accounted for (which is sounds like is not the case), then there has to be revenue to support this which would mean a subscription based cost system. Do you want that? I’ll take a game i pay for only once with minor annoying people over having to pay a monthly fee to be able to report people doing something the compamy may not eben consider greifing.

I actually like that honesty.

an expensive service at no cost?? i thought we bought this game?? Dota 2 is completely free with ONLY cosmestic purchases paying for it… yet they have moderation… FOR FREE… see no matter what some troll says on here… its easy to debuke it… and why the hell would you be trolling an idea that simply wants to better the game???

on top of that whats with all the idiots saying rent a private server… OFFICIAL servers will always be where the people are… and to suggest getting a private server is just stupid… this game will indeed fail if the development team doesn’t wake the [email protected]#$ up

Dota is huge and has the cosmetics to support on going use. This company is not and does not have cosmetics yet.

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I think it would be beneficial to have a system to report bugs from inside the game. One where a player could submit an image and location key would make the bug area is easier to find.

That already exhists…

I think the last thing this game needs is players that cannot present themselves well, spoiling the entertainment of those that came to have fun. The fighting should be in the game not in the chats or in the game mechanics.

My opinion => Using terms like “mother’s special little snowflake,” makes the poster look bad. There are better ways to get the point across that will cause the reader to take the post as serious rather than seeing it as an attempt at bullying.


I have not noticed it. Where can I find it?

The game is a PvP game and anything goes. A in game reporting system will be nothing but flooded by bitter people complaining about everything under the sun.

Not anything. Players still need to show respect to the players behind the character. Some folks are having issues with behaving well.

I, too, see the potential for issues here. Players will not only be griefing one another, they will be bring grief to the moderator as well. I would not want to be the soul to sort that out.

Being the internet, many people will give no respect to anyone and it is not FunComs responsibility to enforce respect. Until the day you can click on a profile and get an address so you can show up at their door and teach them respect, nothing will change.