Conan Exiles is becoming a joke in game community

I’m not here to criticize the game it self. In fact, I think it’s one of the best games available for this video game generation. It’s amazing how they were able to create such an awesome game, with a nice gameplay, great combats, incredible PvE chalenges, beautifull graphics and the best open world map I’ve ever seen. It’s a live world where you can be and you can do whatever you want, and it’s amazing.

But players are destroying the game and the producers does not seem to matter with this. I see here lots of players’ complaints about anti-game, cheatings and other problems caused by players, and in most case, the topic is unlisted or solved with a “We’ve sent to develpment team”. I’ve never seen one situation that was solved and pleased the player. And the worst: community sugests players to find another server, to get used to the problem or to get a private server.

What I want to say is that official servers are the entrance door for most players, and their experience playing there may define what they think about the game. And nowadays, it’s terrible the experience playing in officials servers. When we read this forum topics, it’s like we are in the wonderland. But when we look for external information, where there are no menagers to unlist/block information, all we see is players complaining, making jokes and talking about bad experiences with the game. And it’s terrible, because it’s a very very very good game. I joinned three facebook groups, and all I can see is complaints, complaints and complaints.

So I don’t understand why Funcom does not start to take actions about toxic players behavior. I think there are much more good players then toxic ones. I’ve saw this topic:

But come on, we have two Community Support that seems not to be able to solve this kind of problem. How about one or two guys/girls just to take care of complaints about official servers? Anyone who have played the game as admin knows how easy it is to deslocate throught out the map (admin teleport) and verify if the complaints are true. It won’t take more then half an hour to verity a problem and take an action. Create a warning system, a ban system, whatever is necessary. And believe me, it’s more important than adding new resources in the game to make it more valuable.

So, just create clear rules about what a player can or can’t do in PvE, PvP and PvE-C and start to give attention to players complaints. I know it would be a dream all cases to be solved. But if players take notice about Funcom taking attitude towards this kind of situations, I’m sure they will think more than once before starting an anti-game, cheat or whatever in the game. And the players will start to have a better experience with the game and it will be talked and remembered as the great game it is.

Last time I tried to talk to a toxic player who was blocking resources, he replied to me: “It you don’t like, make a complaint to Funcom LOL”. It’s really becoming a joke…

If I wrote this topic it’s because I care about the game.


Well for me when it comes to officials , everyone is a troll until they prove to me otherwise.

My experience with this game is good because it has options.

Private servers are by far the best experience you will have and you can complete all the content on default settings with 2 people with the exception of the purge.

You cant change the way people are.If they are toxic, thats on them not us. Ignore them and believe me they do disappear.

Do not feed the trolls.

Have a great day!

P.S. i never buy a game based on reviews. Im my own review and i will decide if the game is good or not.


Akomo, we can’t ignore players/clans that block all resources in the game, incluiding brimstone, iron, black blood, obelisks, black keep, etc. I don’t want to spend money on a private server and the least I expect for a game is that I can play its online mode without have to pay extra charges.

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That’s what I’m talking about. One more unsatisfied player. Funcom make us to seem the “bad people”, when all we want is a fair game with everybody having a good experience. Meanwhile, toxic players are having a party in the game and sending good players to other games


Worse, as I had it pointed out by valued player/collaborator @ItsmeAgain, otherwise honest players will turn against the game.


The only solution is the harsh one.

When people act like dicks on an official server, they need to get everything they possess destroyed. Destroy everything they’ve created. Wipe their inventory.

Funcom should work towards implementing this for an Admin, if it’s not already possible. Just go in and target the player, click a button. And all their stuff gets nuked. And they get set back to a level 1 character.

I’m sure Funcom can find a PSN ID while in the game. Surely they could insert coding into the game itself, as a blacklist against players like this.

Just a simple flag. Something to run once during character creation.

If PSN ID matches one found on this list, spawn X item into the player inventory.

X Item being a punishment item. That essentially means you cannot go beyond level 1. You could also add in movement and encumbrance penalties.

Make it so it only works when they are online on an official server. So they can still use the game/DLC they paid for in the single player offline game. Where it doesn’t matter how dickish they act, because nobody else is there to take part in it.

That’s the only kind of punishment people understand and learn from. Extremely harsh and swift.


Official PvP servers are being ruined by large clans that spend all their time playing the game just to make other players gaming experience miserable. I love PvP but these alpha clans are causing players to leave. And this game can not afford to loose the player base just because of these clans. Something really needs to be done about PvP or this game will continue to loose a lot players new and old…


As a PSN developer, we have a number of tools at our disposal, since PSNs are a dime a dozen. Every PS4 has a “GUIID” that is unique to that machine. This was built in, to ensure devs did not use an unsecure IMEI as a locator. At the time of the PS4s rollout, hardware-specific device locators could reveal a lot of private information.

If I were Admin, we’d have servers set aside for Bad Sports. Every flagged GUIID would be directed to a Bad Sport Lobby (server selection page) irrespective of the PSN. This reveals no private info about the cheater, but their continued play on the Bad Sports zone would provide me endless entertainment and information which would undoubtedly help the game.


That would be a good way to handle it, definitely.

Put all the jackasses together in a single server and let them bug one another.

All you would need is to get some roving Admins paid to server hop and identify those players who are acting this way. Most of the time someone comes to report things on the forums anyways. The admins could use that to their advantage.

$10/h seems pretty reasonable to handle that. Once they ID the troublemakers, they can get the GUID and use it to enable the transfer.

Sadly, those are currently the only options. It would be nice if it was different. It’s a topic that has been debated to hell and back since the game came out. These forums are like a graveyard of proposals and requests for solutions. And all this time, Funcom has refused to change their stance.

It’s what it says in that topic you linked: they have 1000 servers, they claim they don’t have the manpower to moderate them and they prefer to fix the underlying issues in the game.

Which sounds reasonable on the face of it. Hell, I even remember defending it. But I feel like that sketch by Chris Rock, about how he loves rap music but it’s hard to defend it these days: I love this game, but it’s hard to defend it. Or rather, it’s hard to defend Funcom.

Sure, I feel sympathy for them, because they kinda painted themselves in the corner. But that doesn’t change the facts, and the facts are:

  • “We’ll fix the underlying issues in the game” is a method that doesn’t work if fixing the underlying issues takes months.
  • When a fix finally comes out, it’s part of an update that breaks a bunch of other things.

As for server moderation:

The math is discouraging: 30 minutes x 1,000 servers = 30,000 minutes. Even we say that a work week has 40 hours and that an employee will work non-stop, like a machine, for those 40 hours, that comes out to 2,400 minutes per week. That means they would need a new team of 13 people, paid full-time, to administrate their servers.

That doesn’t mean that there are no alternative solutions, but that’s a whole other can of worms.


The game has always been this way … even in beta … unfortunately. I honestly do not mind the toxic side of the game tho. I suppose the longer you play it the more you get use to it … I often find myself apologising to players I have raided … even tho they have done the same thing at some point :joy: people that undermesh use to annoy me but it’s scary how normal it’s become :woman_shrugging: I still manage on official servers tho and never use undermesh bases

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When the toxic clan is the alpha clan, it’s an embarrassment. The immaturity of the taunts made me leave the game for awhile – until the next patch, or until the population limits and sprawl is adjusted.

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You can not punish a clan for having more members or more time than you to play …

How do they ruin the game ?

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Not all alpha clans are toxic and I find if they are it’s because they have had enough bs from trolls on the game

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A toxic clan, for example, uses DDOS, doxxing, and wipes to maintain their status. I’m sure your not supporting that.


If your base is big enough they will not wipe it … wiping is removing every foundation not just taking your loot … never experienced ddos on Xbox unless someone has found a new structure build to crash servers … and yes unfortunately some people will wipe every player they can to ‘protect’ there server … but probably only because they have had a few handful of players on there server previously that use every exploit they can … but you can survive on these servers if you play smart and don’t build in silly spots … I have joined plenty of servers and made friends with people I considered toxic before but after listening to why certain areas are blocked (always turns out to stop people meshing) there are plenty of awesome players on pvp … just don’t join and expect not to get raided … more fun when you realise everything is replaceable… what platform do you play ? I could suggest lots of friendly pvp officials on Xbox but that’s not to say some troll could come along in a few month and destroy everyone :woman_shrugging: It’s how pvp games work and some play harder than others


I gave my base away to another clan that just got theirs destroyed. Coincidence.
Helping others… lol… is a viable tactic in the game. I learned what I must do to build the next base better for solo pvp, ps4.

Yep. I live with a hardcore player.

I dunno maybe its not valid advice, but I always scout a server before i invest time in it. We ran into one pair of jerks on official pve that tried trapping a buddy in a house in new asgard to rob him. For as much complaining anecdotes i hear i dont see it on my day to day official server life.

And ill happily set it again. No mods shouldnt waste their time because you got offended over a corona virus pun. Unless you are getting physical threats, with which you should take to the proper authorities, stop with tryna censor peoples insensitive humor. Im willing to bet more people have died from bears then the corona virus and no ones ever complained about my clan name or the bears outside my base!


Correction: It’s the childish mentality fostered by the Internet as a whole.

That’s why things like “trolling” exist in the first place. They can safely hide behind their anonymity and computer monitors.

Doing this sort of thing in person gets your lip busted open. And most trolls are too cowardly for that.


Yes, I agree with you. I’m not complaining about the community. Conan Exiles has a great one, and most players want to help each other and make tha game enjoyable for everyone. It is very common, even in PvP servers, newbies asking for help for high level players. And they usually get help.

Open Map Rooms all over the map, open water resources on desert, open fireplaces on cold biomes are the proof that most players want people having fun together.

That’s why I think Funcom should take care of those players that keep the game enjoyable and start to take action against those that make playing Conan Exiles a terrible experience. Good players have no chance against toxic players, unless they are protected by rules that keep order in the game.

And if Funcom keep letting toxic players take over the game, this great community will soon desapear.

That’s why I told that it’s impossible to solve all cases. But if players start listening about banned players or even other actions that discourage anti-game, good players will feel safe and motivated to play the game. While toxic players will think twice before act as a jerk.

The problem is that nowadays the impunity motivates players to cheat, undermeshing and disturb other players.

I don’t think all complaints must be verified, and there aren’t simultaneous problems occurring in all 1.000 servers. A good complaint form, requiring accurate information would be enough to filter which servers need to be analyzed. And the better the quality of the information sent by the players, including screenshots, videos, etc., the greater the chance of being analyzed.

It is little effort to have an immense and significant improvement in the game

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