What do you think about the administration of funcom?

funcom is losing players. The servers are getting emptier. Despite being an excellent game. We are a clan of 6, we have been playing for hours, you have a base, and a wall, tell me, why would funcom ban us for that? They keep banning, they keep losing players and clans from years ago.

olvide mencionar. Ps4-ps5


that looks a little different to me

otherwise i agree with you. the communication that something violates the server rules is suboptimal. if a violation is detected and it is not obviously intended, then the players must be given the chance to correct it. in my opinion, however, those who spam foundations on the entire map should not expect understanding and accommodation. they should get a ban immediately.


They are actually making money with that, because banned people buy the game on new accounts again. Might be for 4$ only, but it seems to be profitable.


They do their job. That’s all I can say.


Most players dont feel they have a direction with building so they dont login anymore. Due to the rules.


What do you mean? Only the account get banned. You can make a new one and keep playing the same game you bought.
Is it different for PC? Can you not just use family sharing and share the game with another account?

Yeah, so if they’ making money even if a pittance, and are able to tune/cull the Official server population at the same time then it’s not likely they will be willing to reform. But if they are “making money” from this it’s gotta be chump-change and not likely something that would influence anyone’s thinking.

I think it’s 99.9% about tuning and culling the Official servers to fit a particular envisioned mindset (player type). I believe they are trying to encourage horizontal progression techniques and discourage vertical ones.


Not on officials. Or any server that has family share disabled.

To the original question…While I think there is plenty of room for improvement (with respect to coms back to individual players who are enforced on, overall it’s a much more pleasant experience playing.

Not true.

Quite true.

As a PvP player, my understanding based on this statement is this: you have been playing, raiding and killing (as all 6-man clans should do). Whilst playing, raiding and slaughtering, some longtime server chads (or so-called chads) are saying you will be banned. Is this correct?

If so, ignore them and just have fun. Don’t overbuild, and don’t exploit. And by all means please keep right on killing. That’s what you’re there for. :crossed_swords:

Any good PvP player that I know who’s still playing CE has moved to PvE-C, or Privates. Most have taken a hiatus. In my case, out of 28 Steam Friends who possess CE, only 2 are still playing.


It wasn’t the ToS that had me step back from PVP but the bomb dupe. I’m back in trying to figure out the server dynamics still on this new one. Truth be told, lots of things went down all at a relatively short time…server consolidation, ToS heavy enforcement, and an exploit that allowed explosives to be harvested like stone. Lots of Chaos and almost impossible to plan effectively. I’m looking forward to the stability now that that is all done and the boost in players due to 3.0.


Are you down for TestLive server action? If so, we should join up.

I have my own views on what’s going on, why it’s happening and whom it’s targeting. Overall this style of PvP is not to my liking, because the great Avatar Dev has been mightily smitely. After 10 months of solid play on Officials, I took a break, in solidarity with many of my server colleagues who were tarred and feathered.


Official servers are not maintained like private servers. Admins have to cover hundreds of servers so there is a limit they can do.

Personally, never had an issue to deal with admins on official servers to truly have a comment. Can communication be better? Sure. That is all I can say on this subject without first hand knowledge. I have experience with various other games CSR (EQ1, DAoC, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies, ESO, etc.) where I have a better understanding of their ways. Granted these are MMORPGs that work way differently that small servers (40 players only) so they are not nearly anyway close to be the same.

Suggestions of improvements, is always welcome of course, within reason.

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Appreciate the offer but I’m a console player. I’ll let you PC folks test it out for me :slight_smile: and backseat drive/Monday morning quarterback. It’s what I’m good at.

I stopped PC gaming because it was chasing my tail with upgrades and I just got tired of the nickel and dime expenses (and when I say nickel and dime, I am actually saying $100-500 expenses). So I went Chrome OS and console…spending a grand about every 5-8 years on average to keep the computing and gaming up to date. Much better than spending a grand every other year.


On your server? That’s cool! On the 9 servers I’m on there has been zero discernable difference. Sure, people get banned for mega builds that block off everything and wall in huge swaths of land. But then a week or two later another one takes it’s place. If whoever reported the 1st guy doesn’t report the second guy it stays. If they do report it then there is a third builder who comes along and does the same thing as the first two who got ban/wiped.

In the end over time, zero changes. And then there are some Official servers where everyone just refuses to report anything - ever. And all those 200k mega structures never get wiped - they were there 18 months ago and they are still there today.

So if this thread is supposed to be about “server administration” then from my personal observations it’s a complete and total failure! And it’s actually worse that being a 100% failure because I think it actively alienates players, is fundamentally unfair in it’s very structure and nature, and promotes a sort of nanny like tattle tale revenge behavior among the more immature minded players out there. So it’s like the worst of all possible cases - a 300% super-failure! Add to that the evidence being presented that no one is answered adequately by FC/ZD and now it’s a 400% mega-super failure!!! :dizzy_face:

But that’s my opinion and is based on my limited observations so YMMV.

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I would point out that every server has had a slight slump in players. This is to be expected as people take a break away from the game prior to a major update. Expect this to continue until 3.0 is eventually released. But of course the population will likely explode up before dipping back down to just above current numbers.

This has been my observation for every online game I’ve played that has active development. Heck a game like Everquest has experienced this very thing 28 times in 23 years.

If you feel burned out, frustrated, feeling like its a grind. Then take a break. Heck even let some of those structures decay off and start over when 3.0 hits or just before. I guarantee you’ll have a ton of fun when you get back.


20-30 players I know stop playing due to tos rules. Most of them are farmers and builders so if you cant build whats the point. I go online only to help last big base in case someone raid other then that everyone I know body vaulted most of the important stuff.


im going to be honest, i played from a time that servers were basically the wild west.

and i cannot say for sure that servers are better.

i will never forget a war that we had vs a clan who had the entire map claimed AND key resources like brimstone and foals, in one occasion we spend 1 k of DP to unclaim ONE foal spawn. and at the time horses were extremely important (feb 2021)

we were fighting for an entire month until funcom actually did something, banned them and deleted all their bases.
in that occassion they did their job right and im glad they did.

Problem is that went too far with their criteria to what is considered “land claim abuse” and now you cannot even have a base, game is basically unplayable now. at this point i would rather prefer that we get back to wild west at least we could play the game. Not even speaking of the hacker problem.

i think that trying to police the server was going right at first… now i don’t even know if i can have a wheel of pain near teimos without getting by base deleted because, i don’t know if i blocked some damn trees.


We entered a server once, this guy had a massive wall around brimstone lake. So we setup a massive fob around his base and told him to tear down the wall. Turned out he did it to help end the hackar problem on xbox and after a matter of 2 hours of posturing and assassinations he was a cool dude and agreed to take it down once he found out said clan was forced off the server
He was mostly a pver but loved the danger pvp presented
I miss launch times the most of all, the most brutal the game ever was

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