Funcom make up ur mind, stop giving us new structures if you will wipe us

How to start?..

This, despite the fact that may sound like a complaint, is actually an invitation to review many aspects of the game.


having the (not so) newly introduced battle pass and bazaar systems, funcom is selling more and more placeables and structures to players in game, so those willing to spend some bucks can get their hands in the new content.

But what happens is, with these new content, people builds broader and wider, they/we are not replacing any old structures most of the cases in the effort to create new scenarios / compositions.

I know funcom published examples of whats to be avoided but ttbt, whats left in the game to do for old players?

I saw another post complaining about sorcery ruinig pvp and I have to ask, what is the purpose of sorcery really?.. there are no scripted instances, barely any foe that has to be beaten using sorcery, the spells are not practical or even usable most of the times in pvp conditions, for they require casting time.

Whats left for us builders, or role playing communities???.. you might think this is a pvp game… its not… its not just a pvp game… for pvp i play division or even CoD.

Conan is everything that Ark lacks, it provides a set of beautiful assets, so ppl can materialize amazing projects.

It is a beautiful game that is close to be abandoned to be honest… now that the scent of cash is in the air, noone pays attention to what really matters in game.

Sincerily, I dont mean this post to be yet another rant post… but I´ve spent (as many others) YEARS playing this game, and i just saw how funcom destroyed elder clans around me for the so called “building size restrictions” which are not even clear…

Such is the case of a fellow gamer who was a victim of an admin who did a wipe it all command, entirelly wiping more than 3 years building castles and decorating them.

So funcom… make up your mind… you cant keep selling building pieces through the bazaar and then punish us for doing exactly what this game has to offer.

If you value your core community, then please pay close attention to this post, otherwise, clearing the maps so, some new players who wont be even staying that long can have the smoothest experience is an awful approach.

To the admin hiting the delete button and wiping us, I dont wish you bad, but at least i hope u step on a lego piece… trice in a row.

Thats all…


Hopefully they loosen up on the rules because building is the main part of conan . Also surprised no one has hit you with the (if you got wiped its because you broke the rules) .


Loosen rules? How about actually enforcing them?
How about more clearly defining the rules?

My opinion is they need to expand out the no build zones around POIs, loot chests, bosses and main paths.

I’ve said it before so you know I’ll say it again, I see Conan droning under the weight of it’s own content. As the OP pointed out the more content there is the more driven people are to us ALL of it. I left the official server I was on because it looked like down town Dubi. There were ares the bases were so built up and had so much continent down that I had to go around them because they lagged me down to 10fps; form 70.


I agree completely that they need to be clear about the rules and then actually enforce the rules, they have slacked majorly on enforcing the rules.

Those rules only apply to official servers though and they made it clear on several occasions that official servers are NOT the standard of how the game should be played…

But it’s rather their version of trying to stuff as many people on a bus as possible…
This is pretty much an official server right here :slight_smile:

On the other hand bazaar and BP stuff and all the new decorations and whatnot… those can be used by anyone regardless of their servers / modes. So the argument based on that is a bit shaky :slight_smile:

I do agree that one thing they definitely need to do is supply very concise but CLEAR reasons when they issue bans / wipes…
Eg. “We found that you were abusing placeables in order to create heat traps”
or… “You built above a cave and blocked the spawnpoint of an important NPC”
or… “Your base contained numerous satellite buildings on a large area that appeared to serve no purpose”

You get the idea… so this should 100% be a thing, if someone gets a ban… then need to be able to say to themselves… "Yea… I guess I did do that… "

However… and this is where the other edge of the blade comes in play… players should also realize what I pointed out at the start of this post… that these are “community transportation” servers… they’re of bad quality, you’re not really meant to idle around there forever… even thou you can ofc, but it’s kinda the “you have nowhere better to go / I just bought this game and I need to experience multiplayer” type of things… and if someone wants to build the Taj Mahal, it is really not a good idea to do that on these servers…

Not to mention all the base refreshers who built all that up and are just hogging space logging in every week to refresh without playing… like… why :man_shrugging:

So I’d say, yes… Funcom needs to make a lot of things clear… but players also need to lower their expectations as to what they should be allowed to do on what is essentially a demo community server of the lowest quality with a ruleset designed specifically to cram as much people as possible and get rid of bases that claim more land than they reasonably NEED (and not WANT, as there’s a major difference).

And I believe that’s one of the judgment criteria of admins doing the wiping… "Does this player / clan actually need / utilize all of this… or is it just there because they were trying to be creative… " and if it’s the second one, the beauty of it or the hours invested does not matter on those servers, since they qualify to be wiped as decorative landclaim… That’s one of the rules that are quite clear even thou people say it isn’t :stuck_out_tongue: “Don’t take up more space than you NEED”


Yes!!! This would help so much. Players are still receiving canned responses to suspension/ban inquiries through Zendesk which is literally a copy/paste of the browser message when attempting to join an official server.

Definitely not great at all… but not as bad as many make them out to seem. It’s manageable when everyone is following the rules, have decent systems and decent internet. Of course that rarely is the case.

I choose official servers. Just like everyone I can go to privates, SP or get my own. I prefer official servers and view them as the “better” place to go because every single private server I have experienced or know of have their own cons that do not fit my expectations. I’d rather risk the caveats of an official frankly.


Yea, that’s fair enough! And you also play PvP so that makes it much harder to pick a private server plus your game actively relies on other players being present, while for PvE they’re more of a passive “part of the world” thing… you can still do dungeons and farm if nobody is online :slight_smile:


I did spot this from a little while back (last year) that may help? It has a number of clear checkpoints that base-builders can keep in mind on Official servers. Private servers have their own sets of rules and usually have their own moderation, etc.


This is nonsense. It’s absolutely the standard of how the game should be played. Any statement they’ve made alluding to anything otherwise is just PR talk essentially saying they refuse to invest the resources into decent servers. And the flimsy TOS is just there so they can point and say “look we’re trying to make things better!”


My biggest gripe, honestly, is the fact that all the workbenches that make optimal use of time and/or materials are too damn big. If they don’t want large structures, especially on PvE where the objective is to make it pretty in most cases for veterans, then don’t make us rely on huge workbenches. I’d kill for a set of high tier benches that are small. I’d GLADLY downsize for it, since I actually enjoy small, but detailed builds.


Wait to the Op So why don’t people just let their old stuff go? Help me understand why having more options in building should be seen as an invitation to overbuild? Why not just start over with the new variables in place? It’s better for the server, better for your building skills as it forces you to try new things, and if you are a builder, actually prevents overbuilding since the old structures are removed. The server I’m more active in had 3 completely different designs before settling on the 3rd…and if I continue, I garentee I will build another and demolish the one standing now.


Yep, and I can’t really remember the number home base revisions I have had. As I do play on private servers, I do have a little more leeway on ‘spread’, though the Admins are still quite strict as mega bases have always affected other players, resource/thrall-spawns and the servers alike. I think I am around base revision 10 or so.

If I want to experiment I stick to solo and then incorperate those into my server build where necessary.

If players like to sprawl build and incorporate every build style, find a private server without the necessary build-rules official servers have. Official servers have always had stricter rules. They have to be fair to a lot more players than on private servers. The link above covers build guidelines that keep bases unbanned pretty well.

ps Players who ignore these rules should also make sure they take screenshots, etc so they still have a record of their base in case of a ban and wipe.

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Taken out of context this sounds dirty.

The Building system is one of Conan Exiles’ greatest assets, and one of its greatest challenges. Because of the freedom and creativity involved, it’s pretty much impossible to create a hard, unambiguous set of building rules without losing that freedom and creativity. Yet unambiguous rules are needed to prevent the other problem, overbuilding, without making players feel like they’re subject to random or arbitrary decision-making.

But at least Single-Player or private servers are available for those who want to build big and beautiful. Whenever playing in a sandbox with other people, you need to take the other people into account, rather than just yourself.


A long time should have made the limits on buildings and placed items on the official servers. It may not be an ideal solution, but it’s MUCH better than being left without a base on any given day.

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i dont think working benches are the problem. they are somewhat manageable.all the mega bases you see on pve officials are the ones with all religious altars. honestly they should limit the number of altars you can place to 3, i find it odd that you can worship 7 different religions at the same time. or at least they could reduce the distance they need to be placed to each other


“join the club” i would say: 5 days ago, they wiped my base on the Shattered Bridge.
It was a RP Hotel that i was building.

Even if i managed to cover the entirety of the bridge, i took a special care to let the base fully open and not block the three points of interest because of the TOS. (and i had a lot of player staying in my base few nights)

Maybe it took the entire lenght but it’s really thin in terms of width and the ressources under the bridge are limited to stones.
And frankly who would build an entire base under this bridge?

Both my RP base and my friend’s base were wiped out without any explanations with an email and i took a two weeks ban for claims abuse, which is false considering other bases i saw on my server that were still there.
Months of work for nothing.

So if something very long but thin, open to everyone and block nothing is problematic, i’d like to know what it isn’t? Because big closed bases, i saw a lot until the return to the 7 days of decay.

If Funcom wants small bases, then they should give us the maximum size.

For now we are too disgusted to even think about returning for now but imagine if i came back and that i will build a square of 12 X 12 and build everything on the height instead, will it be destroyed by an admin because the tower will be too tall for his taste? (making every religious altar take a lot of space and height to be covered properly.)

Same feeling, he should have a sens of moderation and suppress only what’s necessary to suppress AND send an email to the account to explain why so we can avoid to repeat the same mistake.

Instead you only have a “wype it all” without explanation with a ban, a very unprofessionnal way to say that you are no longer welcome to play on official.

Okay then, don’t complain if i vote with my wallet and cease to invest in Conan…or any Funcom product.

That’s what happen when you don’t have clear rules, no sense of measure and have no care to do the minimum of communication: You lose potential customers.
But i guess that Funcom is healthy enough to lose some potential incomes.

First of all thank you for bringing this up for conversation and i really hope we will manage to keep it civil in here and actually have a conversation about this issue.
No matter what “they” decide and how they will do it, the way it is done so far seems harmful both to players and company!
I don’t say that i know their profit, if it’s good or bad, i have no clue but i feel that it works against them. More and more people are coming here with complaints both sides, so it’s a good sign that’s something not working right!

Yes i do agree that since you sell building pieces, people must be allowed to use them!

Yes i want servers not over builded, not laggy to enjoy the performance on my fights!

Yes i don’t want people to destroy various spawns and above all park thralls near to bosses to help me!

Yes i have multiple religions and i would like to be able to build as much as altars i wish!

Yes i love building, but i love performance too!

So how do i do it, because this far i have some issues!

1st! I start it wrong! My greatest community that comes and goes in each update didn’t play the game with these rules and care not to read them!

2nd my main costumers!
My main costumers stayed next to me all these years, support my product playing in emty servers that they gain the feeling that they own them!
How do i tell them that you don’t own this server, it was always mine with or without you! How do you say something like that to an old costumer?

The worst part is the servers and their quality!, but i make a deal, a contract with this company for these servers! How do i change this in a beneficial way?

Numerous problems my friend @MightyZeus that we think that we can see and hundreds hidden under paperwork and business policies that we cannot imagine or understand!

What can we do about them?
A few things only.
1st understand this situation but never fail to show our good and bad feelings about this situation! (for this i congratulate you, Bravo)
2nd read the rules and try to convince other to do so. But never be the ones who try to enforce the rules. I know that what i say makes no sense but it does! Talk to people, give them the time to think and react, do not reach to Zendesk easy as that, this brings only more problems, not solutions!
Use the tool without actually using it is my advice!
For pvp unfortunately i cannot speak, but for pve we could not use Zendesk at all, only conversations and time would be more than enough!

But people choose “easy”, isn’t it? And when they choose easy then it’s not their fault, but the ones that allow them to choose “easy”. Ladies and gentlemen we must first correct our attitude against our fellow exiles before asking others to do so!

To me the nonsense seems to be you trying to purposely misrepresent what they said as “PR talk” to suit your own bias :stuck_out_tongue:
The game was clearly NOT developed for official servers and they seem more like an afterthought, else there wouldn’t be any need for HALF the things the game offers.
I never said there’s anything wrong with playing on official servers though, so no need to get defensive over it… but it’s very limited, both technically and rule-wise.

If that was in any way the standard or if they had any intentions of making it such, they could very easily make the game run a million times better on those servers and taking care of a portion of the rules by coding it into the game.

However if you’re hellbent on viewing it as them “being lazy”, feel free to carry on :man_shrugging:

My guess is, whatever they got for official servers was measured back in 2017 or something, when the game was a lot smaller and less complicated. When it turned out to be as successful as it was, the game kinda inflated with new content until the originally sufficient servers couldn’t handle the load properly, but for whatever reason, upgrading them wasn’t an option.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily contradict your theory. If official servers were not considered to be the primary platform for the game in the first place, not investing in better hardware, even after the demand became apparent, makes more sense. Unfortunately that seems to have backfired, as the company’s reputation suffers from the insufficient quality of what is perceived to be the “official” way to play. I mean, they are called official servers, so it’s understandable that that’s the standard people use to evaluate the product.