Official Servers - What do you think?

This is not another complaint. I’d like to start a frank discussion not buried in the comments of the hundreds of other posts on this forum.

I’m sorry that this is a very long post. I have over 6k hours mostly on Official PVP so many thoughts and points to bring up. I’ll try to keep it to facts but my opinions and experiences will inevitably shine through.

TLDR; here’s all the information I gathered quickly about the official servers and I ask the question because I am curious about the overall feeling about official servers and their importance.

Are the Official Servers important?

Ok so before we get into some some other stuff let’s talk some general history:

Conan Exiles was announced in 2016. With much acclaim in early access during 2017 and fully released in 2018. It was a shell of what it is now and Funcom has added much content over time to fully realize their vision. Although most of us don’t know what that vision is. The Dev Kit was released shortly after early access and was proud to support modders.

Weekly updates in the Blog were commonplace and while they did taper off slightly, that form of communication was still strong leading into 2020. Constant expansion of the game, events, surveys and contests were celebrated.

Some hiccups were inevitable with the launch and they created a partnership with G-Portal to host official servers and offer the ability to rent servers on this service provider.

Conan Exiles saved Funcom from financial ruin and by 2018 had made over $1 million in sales. This financial report is also interesting and shows what they intended from the beginning.

Due to popular demand and the over-population of official servers, Funcom increased the amount of servers multiple times since its launch; 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The Dedicated Server Launcher was released in 2018 to assist players in running their own private servers and the popularity of these servers increased. In early access, there were as many as 12,000 private servers available so this was a welcome addition.

Based on early access survey results in spring 2017, the most popular servers were PVP Private Servers.

The giant Tencent fully acquired Funcom in early 2020 and prompted this survey that aligned with the companies’ monetization model. A pretty detailed post was made that echoed much of the communities’ chagrin on the matter.

After the survey results and with the announcement of Age of Sorcery in spring 2022, players were presented with the Black Lotus Bazaar and Battle Pass. Much question has come out about whether Funcom intends on releasing further DLC packs with no official response about it continuing or ending. But of course they’re still selling the packs.

Despite growth in 2021 the official servers were being affected by lack of population, they decided to trim the servers in spring of 2022. Mergers of many servers happened and with server transfers having been an option at the time, this made the server trim easier. We now have a total of 780 Official Servers with little information on what the total count was at any given time prior to recently.

What do we have now? The Exiled Lands base game with a DLC map called Siptah (despite it initially being called an expansion) that was released on May 27, 2021 as well as a total of 11 themed packs. Hundreds of mods have been lovingly developed by the community including another 2 modded maps and another in mod development. There are 3 online game modes: PVE, PVE-C and PVP available on Official and Private Servers. There is also a storyline and content development with a timeline of ages and chapters being released.

Keep in mind that this is really condensed information.

Let’s take a look at the most recent event:

As many know, during the summer months Funcom increases the decay timers for buildings and followers on official servers that helps those on vacation have peace of mind during the busy summer months away from the game.

The decay timers were subsequently reverted back to regular decay on September 1st, 2023.

An unfortunate error occurred when reverting where the decay for followers (thralls, animals and mounts inclusive) were set to a 1 day decay timer instead of the intended 10.

Funcom made the decision to roll back the official servers affected on September 3rd, 2023 to the save before the decay timer change on September 1st, 2023, effectively erasing all progress of the 2 days before the roll back occurred.

As compensation, the company boosted experience gained, gathering speed, and the thrall & pets conversion rates until September 11th, 2023.

They have also pledged to make important changes like this earlier in the week and implement improved processes to prevent such errors in the future.

**As an aside for those not aware, read this to know what you can do while you’re away to keep your decay timer up.

The Siptah problem:

Age of War was released in June 22, 2023 and a few hotfixes after. As a result, players started experiencing performance issues in the Dusk Isle of the bottom corner of the Siptah DLC (which on occasion affects the Dawn Isle as well). It is causing players to disconnect within seconds of moving in that area. So any characters having spawned or builds there are impossible to leave or reach normally. Funcom halted decay timers on all official Siptah servers and will not be rectified until the chapter 2 release of Age of War.

The Terms of Conduct, Guidelines and Procedures or ToC {NOT TOS - seriously, stop calling it that}:

The most criticism for abuse occurred during 2021 for Official Servers; land claim being the most prominent which saw all game modes speaking up. While there was a working document there was little official word on it.

Then in late summer of 2021 there was a revamp and more communication regarding the ToC including the addition of using the service Zendesk to report an array of issues.

Many were thrilled as it seemed like abuse on Officials were being taken more seriously. Action was finally going to be taken to alleviate exploiters and land claim in a streamlined, clear fashion. Initially, it was a service where you could report and receive reasonably prompt action in addition to receiving explanation for why you were actioned upon.

However, leading into the winter posts starting appearing on the forums that called out discrepancy with how reports were handled, the proof required and a call to action to correct the procedures. In addition, the General Inquiry option on Zendesk had been removed.

Clans were being actioned upon with little to no reasoning or explanation. Posts were pouring in with titles such as “What did I do”? While some could be explained after some fact-finding, Funcom was being silent on this. Closing out posts and de-listing stating that if they wanted more information to read the ToC and send all inquiries to Zendesk instead as (paraphrasing) individual suspensions and bans were not to be discussed on the forums.

In March 2022 an additional explanatory document was posted to the forums explaining Land Claim abuse and what to avoid. This was created as a result of the almost constant discussions on the matter.

From the period of winter to summer 2022 there were upwards of 4 posts per day asking about why a player or clan had been actioned on. There was so much controversy and theories from Zendesk automation to culling of Officials.


Exploits can happen on both Official and Private servers as well as any play mode. However, they are most prominent on Official PVP.

From early launch, Funcom had been dedicated to addressing undermeshing, combat and building exploits as well as duping. Going as far as to wipe official servers twice. The Exploit Hunters were announced and anyone could submit information regarding an exploit and possibly receive a monetary reward.

As time went on, while exploits were sometimes addressed with hotfixes and updates, less and less attention appeared to be paid to exploits. Some exploits, while may be different in the code, are still present to this day.

Undermeshing, skybasing and purposefully crashing a server are still very serious issues on Official PVP.

Despite the dupe upon release of the Age of Sorcery for bombs and addressed in a few weeks. No roll back at that time and the first hotfix making it even easier to dupe bombs within inventory. Funcom remained silent on the matter and often closed and de-listed posts on the forums. To this day there are still inventories of pre-crafted, duped bombs and mats.

The argument being that of course the spreading of information on how to exploit shouldn’t be allowed and anyone posting videos on how to do it should be damned. This still didn’t stop the exploiting and the response time was embarrassing to say the least.


Hacking can happen on both Official and Private servers as well as any play mode. However, it is most prominent on Official PVP.

Funcom uses BattleEye as their anti-cheat program however it doesn’t meet the mark. Most games use anti-cheat software as it is an inevitable that players are going to use injection programs to gain an advantage or disrupt play online. What separates Conan Exiles from many other games is that the addressing of cheats is not done fast or well enough.

If reporting a cheater(s) through Zendesk it can take upwards of 3 weeks to receive an automated response (paraphrased) “Hoping the situation has resolved itself” but most often requires a reply. Within 4-6 weeks the ticket is closed. But the damage was done the day it occurred or continues until either the cheater gets hit by BattleEye, loses interest or money.

Most of the actions presented by hacking are: speeding, hitbox pulling and ignoring ownership of locked containers.


Official servers are hosted by G-Portal. It has been suggested that the server hosting is not enough to bear the brunt of the max active player count of 40 players at a time along with the loading of bases, graphic intensive items, followers and actions being performed on a server at any given moment.

Reports in the hundreds have come in from players on active servers that the AI does not perform properly and not because of programming issues itself but because of lag. This presents a host of problems such as not seeing an enemy until after it damages or kills you. Not to mention the lag that happens that throws you off of cliffs, into the green wall or lava.

Those 40 players on a maxed out server are not the only factor either. There’s the loading of information for inactive players, their inventories and remaining builds. A leftover build will not decay on its own even if the owner does not return. It can stay on a server indefinitely as long as no other player visits the vicinity.

Funcom has pledged to improve performance many times over, mostly during early access and have recently on consoles. Although not completely addressed, there have been improvements to the overall performance of the game.

Most private server owners who have spoken up have said that G-Portal is a poor service and their servers run better with other service providers.

Players from other regions:

Issues arising from this can happen on both Official and Private servers as well as any play mode. However, they are most prominent on Official PVP.

The way that the game is programmed to facilitate play and mitigate lag both server and client side allows the actions of a player, no matter their location, to “even out”. Maybe I am not explaining it properly but let me give an example:

You’re on an NA PVP Official Server and a player from another continent joins. Sometimes the player will appear to be speeding or really far away, especially during busier times. They have a poor connection. If they hit you, the game will mitigate the action and consider it -true-. Even though it looks like to YOU they are nowhere near and thus you’ve been damaged or killed. On especially laggy servers, you won’t see them at all before you’re dead.

Most visiting players from far away places know this is a thing. It’s called Ping Abuse (with or without a little help).

This has created hostility and accusations of hacking or exploiting. Disgruntled players have come to the forums to request that players from far away countries not be allowed to play other than in their region.

While there is the ping restriction in the server list, it can be bypassed by using Direct Connect. Any server IP can be found with a quick Google search.

In March of 2023 there was an update that removed Direct Connect as a way to connect to servers out of region. Players were using VPN to bypass this change then a hotfix removed the restriction.

While I’d like to think that everyone is happy to play along anyone from any region, the reality is that online play does not allow for proper mitigation of ping issues due to proximity to a server.

Official vs. Private:

Private servers are an amazing option that offer a different experience to the player base. Admins can alter the settings, install mods, monitor their players in real time and choose how they want the world of Conan Exiles to be.

However, most players that opt for Official servers choose to do so for the following:

  • server will disappear without warning
  • admin abuse
  • favouritism
  • constant changing of rules
  • server modification that affects performance
  • changes to the base game that go well beyond expectations
  • monetization for loot, protection or perks
  • overbearing control over the actions of players
  • risks of player information being leaked (this has happened)

Additionally, while not a requirement most games including survival types have official servers because it is an expectation of gamers. Most big titles run on official servers or only allow it and it comes with the added expectation of proper oversight.


Whether it’s the Nemedian foundation catastrophe, performance problems, removal of transfers and lack of communication on if it is or is not coming back, AI pathing issues, dying while logged out despite taking all precautions, hiccups with sorcery problems like summoning corpse, thralls dying for no reason, disappearing transportory stones, or what have you.

Some might look slightly different in the coding but they remain or resurface. Some take the wind completely out of the sails of a dedicated player or clan.

If anything the most consistent thing with the game is bugs. It is a huge, complicated, intricate game with so many different services and factors that I do not envy the programmers. But it can have a huge impact on the playthrough of any person.


As I’ve mentioned many times, Funcom jumped in with quite the bang for communicating with us. The blog posts, participation in the forums and elsewhere, the down to earth conversations and listening to us.

But it feels like it’s all but gone. We’re lucky if we get an update once a month. The communication from moderators on the forum tend to be copy and paste responses. Zendesk itself is a mess with lack of action and automated responses. Social media is more frequent but is clearly pre-prepped posts on a schedule and tone-deaf. Comments from the community are complaints.

There have been calls over the past year especially for us to see more of the company doing it’s best to be a part of the community instead of just popping in every once in awhile to announce something after it came to an overwhelming head.

It has been theorized that the game is maintenance mode and I’m sad to think about what that entails.

So I have to ask myself with all subjects presented in addition to the original question posed:

Why change the decay timers?
Why have a ToC?
Plus, a department dedicated to receipt of reports and enforcement of ToC?
Why halt decay timers on official Siptah servers?
Why provide compensation for mistakes?

…if Official Servers are not important?

Shouldn’t they have more oversight?
What needs to happen?
What would bring players back?

I definitely didn’t cover everything and I have my own ideas but let’s hear it.


This is an interesting question. It depends on who you ask. I would say that the players who chose to play there think they are, and those who haven’t wouldn’t. That’s obvious. But what isn’t obvious is how much importance that Funcom puts into them.

Funcom is frequently seen as a monolithic entity completely controlled by a certain overreaching company strangled by an ethnocentric government. I am not saying this is what it is, I’m just making an observation of people’s perception.

But Funcom is NOT a monolithic entity. The guys who work on animations don’t have any input or opinions on how their servers are run. The level designers, the texture artists, and many other development type people also do not have much if any input or consideration of how those servers are run.

I’m not going to say that they don’t give a damn. Its simply not something on their radar. They are developing a game that can be played in a vast variety of ways, and those servers only represent a tiny fraction of how those ways can be done.

They do care about performance and they do have to make changes in the performance for not only PC but the two consoles as well. The unfortunate thing is, that has NOTHING to do with server performance. And to get that to work well for such a subset of servers is something that isn’t easy, and potentially not possible.

I don’t quite understand why G-Portal doesn’t run a server of over 15 players online well. It uses the same hardware (or they claim to) as contemporaries. And most if not all server providers do use virtual machines to handle many servers on one machine. So while you can see a benefit from one server to one machine. It does NOT account for the discrepancies they have here.

This issue is hard to point fingers at because we don’t know what kind of agreement was made. FC is still reponsible for it because they signed the agreement in the first place. But understand that saying Funcom did a bad thing here will never fix the issue, as it cannot really be fixed. Its a woulda, shoulda, coulda situation. All they can do is say they do not see those servers running as well as they would like, which they have said in the past. And they are trying to do things to improve the situation (and believe it or not, they have).

Due to the partnership, they can’t switch to another provider, they can only adjust things on their end. And I mean its all well and good because anything that helps these servers helps all. If a g-portal server can go from 15 players to 20 before crapping out… well a 50 man server on another can go to 70 and so forth. Which has actually happened. The hard limit used to be 70, but now there are servers with 80, 90, and 100 player limits. Though I can’t say that you will have a nice experience over 70. The game is recommended at 40 and that has never changed. Of course a g-portal server running well at 40/40 is a thing that won’t likely happen.

What I think FC should honestly do is simply acknowledge the limitations of the servers in action more than word. That means reducing their server limits to 20. Yes they’re not going to be smooth as say… 10 players but they will run just as fine as any 50-60 server on other providers which is good enough for what they are.

They also need to condense the number of servers down. Currently on PC there is around 1300 players players on PC. With 365 servers, they are at less than 9% capcity. So they could easily cut that down to around 100 servers and lower the limit to 20.

This is of course assuming the partnership allows for the cutting of servers. The last trim was a bit of an unusual event and I don’t believe that was done lightly between the two. Cutting servers means there is a ton of G-Portal servers simply disappearing. And part of the partnership is to Advertise for G-portal.

Look at every ‘Funcom’ server. They don’t say Funcom. They say g-portal .com. They have a website url in their title that you would go to in order to host your own server. Not to mention there is a shiny g-portal logo on the lower left above a button that says Get Your Own server. Clicking that takes you to g-portal.

The cynical side of me likes to think that you play on one of these several hundred servers either because you see the tag ‘Official’ or that there’s hundred of them and you’re randomly likely to land on one. You play for a bit, get invested… and then find the experience sucks… prompting you to ‘Get Your Own’ and so you click the button and are granted access to your own.

Nice… G-portal gets paid for every dupe that does this. I would think this is just a cynic way of thinking if I haven’t actually seen people fall for this. Whenever I speak to someone having had a G-portal server and ask why they rented from them. They said they clicked the button. And then I have to proceed to show them a listing of better alternatives. And cheaper at that.

Now for the recent event with the rollback, there is a misunderstanding of where Funcom did wrong. Players are arguing for the rollback and against it and not even realizing that the rollback was a symptom of another problem.

The issue is that a setting change was made at the end of friday evening before everyone clocked out and went home for the weekend. Letting the automatic restart to let the settings take effect. I have made setting changes to live servers many times. You never ever do it this way. I don’t care how good you think you are, I don’t care how many safeguards you have in place to tell you if your server settings are bonkers are not. You just don’t do this. You don’t change settings and then take off for a weekend. Especially not a long weekend.

Had Funcom did this Monday morning (after labor day when the summer season actually ends pretty much for the northern hemisphere), before the normal restart for that day, they would have caught this issue on the restart. Instead of a 48 hour rollback. It would have been 15 minutes TOPs. They wouldn’t even have needed to talk to a higher up and have a committee on it. And the best part is… you all wouldn’t even have noticed it happened. MAYBE a few who like to login right after restart might have noticed some very small losses. And you know what? This happens frequently, though uncommonly. There is frequent micro rollbacks if you watch the forums you’ll occasionally see complaints about them. But their impact is minor and only affect maybe a dozen individual at a time.

But they decided to change the settings right before a long weekend. Crap hit the fan and by the time they got word on it (it was a bit over 24 hours too) they had to have an emergency discussion about it. Probably a zoom call or whatnot with key members. This took extra time, affecting the entire weekend for many.

Arguing over rollbacks is pretty much pointless. Its shit to do it, and shit not to do it. The complaint should be not to cause the shit in the first place by NOT changing server settings on a Friday Afternoon and let the Saturday restart handle it. Now they said they won’t do this again. And I guess that could be seen as reassuring.

But I do want to point out something I mentioned before. This is not a reflection on the developers. I’ve seen calls for Dennis to resign over this and ironically he had nothing to do with it. Nor anyone on his team. I don’t even believe they are in the same country as each other, but I could be wrong there, either way it doesn’t matter. As I said, this isn’t a monolithic company and this event doesn’t affect the game for the other 85%< (PC numbers only) of players. I’m not saying one type is more valuable than another, I’m just putting things into a bit of a perspective. You can have a great game, with crappy rented servers, which has been the case for many years with this game.

Any issues caused by the developers is a separate issue. I will say this though. There was ONE time where the developers and server admins did conspire on ‘fixing’ an event and it was absolutely atrocious due to the effects it had on everyone. It had to do with a duping bug with orbs back in 2018. These was something that server admins had a handle on. But FC decided to change the item table to fix it on their servers. Affecting not only people on those servers, but everyone in Singleplayer and private servers as well. That was the wrong decision, they could have easily ran a script on their own servers and fixed the issue that way without deleting gamewide everyone’s orbs after patching the exploit. Thankfully that was the only time they have ever done such a thing and probably will not do that again.

But to answer the question in the title. What do I think? Too damn many servers. It makes them a moderating nightmare and any changes or issues affects far too many players. In survival games in general I’ve seen a max of only a handful of servers, frequently only one per server type (PVE and PVP) per major region. Unfortunately I don’t believe there is a fix due to the aforementioned partnership which effectively turns them into server browser billboards advertising g-portal.

Funcom originally had placed more importance on them in 2017 and some part of 2018, but have long drifted away. Unfortunately the players who chose to play there haven’t had the same change of opinion. Not their fault, they are going to be biased where they setup roots. Anyone would.


One reason they are important- no admin command. If i die regardless of how it happens- i cant just give myself my stuff back.

Theres a certain degree of risk involved. I prepare in case i do die with extra equipment backups and tools etc. Most players dont.


Don’t be. It’s thorough, well-written, and thoughtful. I loved it!

Right now, it’s clear that extracting profit is Funcent’s overarching priority when it comes to Conan Exiles. They haven’t hesitated to ruthlessly cut other costs and corners. They could’ve gotten rid of the official servers, too.

So why haven’t they? Either there’s a reason why they’re important to their bottom line, or they’re planning to get rid of them and we just don’t know it yet.


Pure speculation here:

Step 1: Use chapters to release content and fix some major game breaking bugs

Step 2: Gain some positive reviews once the game has stabilized

Step 3: Advertise dune awakening harder - using recent reviews and streamer feedback of conan exiles to gain good credibility as a studio

Step 4: If all the dune movies release close to schedule the game should be close to release before the third movie is released so that it can ride the hype and free dune advertisement from the movies.

Step 5: Dune awakening launches near the third movie (right before or right after) with strong numbers and hypothetically is not a garbage game

Step 6: Pull everything (including official servers) except modding/dev kit support from conan exiles and leave the battlepass and bazaar on a predictable looping rotation. The online game is now basically run by the community, but the vanilla singleplayer experience is still fun because of all the upcoming changes.

Step 7: Focus efforts on dune awakening with a strong battlepass / bazaar and community support from the start that is now reinforced by the conan exiles team. Remember, 1 skin developed for a game with 250k players is worth more than 1 skin developed for a game with 10k.

So by my speculation official servers are not going anywhere until dune launches and it has to be a strong launch., I believe they cannot afford to not appear to support conan exiles at this current point.



I’m well acquainted with how tencent works. This is far from the only game i played that they bought out. This new monetization system is pretty much the tencent standard.

As I have said if I’m PVPing it’s a BR. One of them I loved till it just wallowed in it own lost developmental direction, was Ring of Elysium. When it was first released a lot of BRers jumped on it; winter games with you choice of snow board, hang glider, zip line. The first big update was after tencent, and introed the new monetization system, new maps, mountain bikes. But there were issues with bad welds on maps, tears, openings ect Next update new scuba stuff, maps, challenge events, new bugs, unfixed bugs, more map issues, next update new season new crap new bugs… Development ended quite some time ago. The game hemorrhage players because NEW took precedence over FIX. It is in limbo now, still running, same old maps, same old rotating season passes, same old daily/weekly challenges to get game currency to pay for the passes. Running on autopilot making enough to keep the sever up.

Tencent does not let games die, it turns them in to cash zombies.


My thoughts on the servers aren’t that deep. I have over 5000 hours behind me and all i can say that the direction FC has taken with the game is horrible. Official PvP servers have been made so easy that it’s ridiculous, and of course many of the changes affect PvE as well. The reasons i won’t play on privates are basically all listed there, so that’s not an option for me.

Maybe it’s the get-it-all-instantly mentality of the world today that affects the decisions FC (or TenCent) makes with the game, who knows. All i know is that the gameplay was interesting, challenging and rewarding a few years back. These days it’s a completely different song when everything is basically handed to you on a gilded Stygian platter. That’s all i have to say about that.


I would say official servers are important as often they are the first impression a new player would get. If they are a laggy mess, people would think that this is how the game generally plays. They may not stick around long enough to give another mode a try or know enough to decide what they want from the game.

PvP servers are full of cheaters which is another major issue which I am afraid Funcom doesn’t know how to solve which puts a huge question mark on how they plan on dealing with it in Dune.

However, having 780 poorly maintained servers is a problem. Not good reputation for the game, not good reputation for Funcom. I believe officials poor performance is one of the reasons why Funcom is having difficulties growing their playerbase.

I am not sure there is a way to turn this around at this point without major investment. We need better servers, better land claim system, better anti-cheat, better coding. I can’t see any of this happening without Conan 2.0 so my hope it that Funcom learnt from their mistakes and they won’t repeat them with Dune.


Are Official Servers Important? (Yes)

It is expected for a multiplayer online game to give you access to an online mode.
Sure, some games go use peer to peer instead of servers, but it’s not really an option for Conan, so having servers is definitely important.

Are those servers handled properly? (No)

The poor performance is already aggravating on its own, but what is truly appalling is the amount of things that are in the hands of Funcom, things that they control, and that they fail at doing properly.

Yes, the development of the game, with the numerous updates, does have a serious impact; and it looks like there isn’t enough testing being made before releasing a patch. We see a ton of bugs, some affecting everything, some only affecting servers, and while not all of them could have been predicted and avoided, a lot could have :pogchamp:

Moderation? Awful.
→ The official servers are a free-space, but you have ToC, and the moderation (through zendesk) is inefficient, nonreactive, insufficient, etc. etc, and thus overall terrible at enforcing their rules.

Administration? Questionable, and sometimes terrible.
→ Server types and their settings… ×4 Harvest Rate is ridiculous for PvP, ×2 (or 3 I don’t remember) is not needed whatsoever in PvE-C, Raid time window is questionable, DBD is not active, PvP time on PvE-C is way too short, all those things show a lack of understanding from Funcom towards their own game.
→ This issue is visible through all the “balance” of the game, whether materials, recipes, weapons, thralls/pets, or server settings. Everything is out of place, Cannibal Brutes are top Thralls right now? Greater Sabretooth and Jaguar are only decent due to an oversight that doesn’t give them their trash pet attack? All other pets are the worst joke ever? Legendary Weapons are OP and easy to acquire? Weapons crafted from high-end materials are worse than mid-end materials???
You get the point, everything is upside down in so many ways, the Server Settings for Officials are also affected, and all of this comes from Funcom being clueless about the balance of their own game.

So, the official servers are important as long as Funcom doesn’t find another way to give people access to an online multiplayer experience the moment they buy the game, but the official servers are being handled as poorly as the rest of the game, and their performance is aggravating as well :slight_smile:


I can’t bring myself to call them “official” servers.

To me official infers the best example of what the game can be, with active admin. What we have a public servers, like public bathrooms. No attendant on site so if the toilet clogs all we can do is leave a note on the door. Then hope it doesn’t over flow before a plumber gets there, and that the plumber doesn’t break something else fixing the toilet.

I play on the publics for the a fore mentioned reasons. I wish funcom would move Conan to a more dependable server host with far more robust servers, AFTER they get more/better server admin.

I was really hoping we’d get better servers and admin when they introed the battle pass.

But in the end, if there wasn’t publics, I probably wouldn’t be playing.


Officials are important because they are the gateway to new pc players and the mainstay for console. Without them, it’s a hobby game and not a business model.

I’ll add more later when I fully wake up and not so busy(homecoming weekend for a daughter that doesn’t have a license is taxing for the household)


Thank you for this point of view and this fine analysis.
A little critical sense, so why? what purpose…?
I’m sorry for the answer I’m going to give, beautifully colorful and inevitably sarcastic…

billy en

It is not THE answer and even less a judgement, simply a means of questioning.
We live in a moment with a complex interaction…
In my turn I will ask a question to those who have known the technological evolution, what has changed?
why do we play?
What motivated me in front of my amstrad cpc464+
How did I feel during my first connection experience?
a utopia?..
Maybe, but I would answer your question for yes, yes servers are important, and not just for a simple question of entertainment service, hobby, buisiness model, they represent an experience, a networking.
Thanks to this, I was able to meet Billy and discover his point of view…his why…
Sharing good times and bad…especially, procrastinating :japanese_ogre: :rofl:
So good game to everyone and thank you for all these tools made available to all.


Yes, what is also Funcom’s stance on it aside from players? I tend to think that if they were not important they would not go to the lengths of which they did with reverting, the ToC and always changing the decay timers despite their reputation tied in with their paying clientele on the line.

Absolutely. Perhaps they wear too many hats and the labour involved is too intensive requiring a larger team.

With the recent optimization servers have seen an improvement. I’ve noticed, even on maxed out PVP servers. So, I’d say add another 10 players to be conservative. Is that exclusive to PVP as opposed to the rolling landscapes of player builds on PVE though? Now the question then is, is it really G-Portal? Is it a mix? Like you said, hard to pinpoint.

Additionally, with the behaviour on servers and the social expectations I don’t think a reduction in allowable player count would be well received.

I agree completely. Still have options but reduce, monitor and adjust as needed.

Exactly! To me it seemed like it was an “oops almost forgot to do this thing we scheduled, hurry up and get out of here”. 100% bad planning. 100% a regrettable, although preventable, mistake.

Agreed. People were understandably upset however there’s a way to communicate dissatisfaction without asking for the noose.

It really does and I can see where Zendesk reports MIGHT have some automation tied in, as theorized by many I have talked to. Because how could they have moderated over 1000 Official Servers well otherwise?

Plus Official Servers on any game tend to be the face of online play. It was what most players in the entire world expect what the base game would behave as.

I like that you think of it that way. While it certainly isn’t a rogue game or hardcore in that sense, there’s no ability to play god.


Appreciate it! I was a little worried when I was done (but I’m a gabber lol)

I hate it but agree with you that profit does appear to be the priority.

But what I don’t understand is that IF they took better care of the Official Servers, they’d SEE more profit. I’d go as far to say substantially.

Considering I have not purchased anything and won’t since what happened to me and my clan over a year ago. If they did make the improvements I and others asked and in consideration of what has been presented here that might be different. Despite my issues with FOMO and the price itself, I would consider supporting the company further and open my wallet.

Providing a well curated space to enjoy the game is standard for most online play.


Echoing much of what you’ve said.

Despite it’s problems, PVP was amazing before the “get-it-all-instantly”. It was the anticipation and the resulting reward or failing of your own choices. Very organic.

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Yep, yep, yep!

Although not often equated as such, I don’t think you’re wrong. An overall problem that affects all service offerings.


This is best analogy. It’s true. So many clogs, so many notes. Then when the plumber does finally arrive they close the door and call in the demolition team…

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For this i will only thank you.
I really wish people will continue contribute the way they did so far. It’s been some time in here that most of the topics end up to something “else” something not clear of what really is, so i stop every effort of reading the posts. However, so far, not only the op managed to keep me me with this outstanding work but all the comments so far had something to say for me.
So let’s start.

It doesn’t feel to me this way too. All these years i never had the impression that they are careless but the opposite. I feel that they grow up with us!
Thank you Taemien.

Thank you Akomo.

You just revealed one of my greatest fears in this game and it really makes me sad. I really hope we are both wrong in this, yet it’s getting so obvious, isn’t it?

We are all making pure speculations in many. Thank you however for the encouraging effort :+1:t6:.

Horror! Let’s hope this won’t happen to this game my friend.
A fools hope? Probably, but i will keep this hope.

Many bad things will follow with this. All these years p2w was epidermic in this game, questionable. I am afraid that p2w will strike harder to embrace this mentality you said above.

Thank you Narelle.

We all feel this way.

So true and sad at the same time.

I can see where you’re getting it and i agree, looking forward for your rest reply and thoughts.

Oh don’t be. Thank you GullTopp. Sometimes art is saying more than a million words. Especially when it involves sarcasm.

Here’s my opinion!
We must continue give this kind of feedback, united and open minded for better conversation.

Official servers
But they need remodeling. I would endure happily another wipe or merge from Funcom, just to know that this time i will play in a safe environment with excellent performance.
I would even pay for that if necessary, i don’t want anymore “favors”, but with a donation system, i want my fellow exiles who can’t donate to play anyway.

Congratulations to Kiki and to all of you above, thank you for this wonderful conversation.


Every longtimer knows this isn’t the first server host we’ve had. And anyone who saw what happened at launch of Frozen North will understand how the initial deployment and setup of G-Portal assets was deficient, to the instant drop-off of almost half the online players.

I guess I’d just like to stick to performance and expectations. If you ever ran a local or online Private server from an old computer or even a well-conditioned server, you know. You really get the facts of the matter. You know how many players you can support, and you know the reported effects of various players under load. You also know that you must reboot your server more than once a day.

That’s one server, running on one machine. At G-Portal, you have multiple servers running on one machine. Just check the IP address of consecutively-numbered servers. My old server, 1876, is on the same IP address as 1877 and 1878. note: 1877 is listed on Battlemetrics as officially dead.

Question: Presuming these servers were active, what are your expectations for performance when you consider they’re running on the same machine, and being rebooted once daily?

My opinion: I’ve been an advocate for maintaining “starter servers” that are free and open Officials with this style of performance expectation, and a subscrIption-supported set of Officials that adhere to one server per physical machine. With multiple scheduled reboots daily. Under the subscriber model, access to this tier of Official Servers would still be free, but it would be limited to X number of Servers for non-paying players, instead of unlimited as it is now.