Game Launcher Build Tutorials

If you have watched the build tutorials featured in the game launcher, has it struck anyone else that, on official servers, the finished products would be reported and probably wiped under the current ToS?

Of course they would, which is why they are not built on official servers.

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The problem is rather, that they only promote building videos in the launcher…

There is also other content in the game…

Then it should be largely announced. Hey buy our online multiplayer game, but play it singleplayer or risk yourself with third party server, because on official game servers you cannot enjoy the complete game experience. Abusers and regular players are being put in the same level in some aspects.

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Its obvious because they are flying.

Love these wierd gotcha takes. You bought the game for the game. Official servers are a courtesy, not a core component of the game.

It should be clearly adviside then, and not let the players discover it after had bought.

I didn’t see official servers listed on the store page as a selling feature? Hell when I got the game for a time back when they did the old partner nobody played on officials. Just because you harbor some inane distrust of private servers doesn’t mean you’re being victimized by rules

When the rules put a player that spam a spiderweb of foundations, in the same level the one who build an elevator on a cliff, they are unfair. My concern with private servers is that they come and go easly, i like to play on persistent worlds dont like to start over and over. I asked in the community for a private server vanilla pve-c that not get wiped, and got a silence. I Dont feel a victim of the rules, the minimum i expect is transparency, before and after buying a product.

The point that is being made, you didn’t buy access to the official servers. They are provided as a courtesy. Officials are private servers rented by Funcom. You are playing on a private server. One that has a ruleset different than others. Nothing more.

For sure, it just need to be explained when you buy the game, and not within the small letters section.

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Okay, I love the Conan Exiles game. Three+ years into it and I am still playing several times a week.

But this apologist “official servers are a courtesy” stance is odd to see.

The issue, as I see it, is that they launched a game under one model and are surprised at blowback when the model changed.

Me, I left official servers in November of 2021, as such, I am unaffected by the revised ToS and the environment it created to encourage reporting folks. I do find it odd, however, that the launcher screen highlights builds that will get folks reported.

Because, as has been stated, if you highlight a behavior publicly but, in the fine print, prohibit it, it dilutes the message.

This was more of a “Things that make you go, ;Hmmmm;” moment, for me.

I don’t think they’re surprised. I think they decided to change the rules and are waiting for the players to understand that the rules changed.

It’s okay to want the rules clarified if they’re not clear. It’s okay to dislike the rules or disagree with them. It’s okay to ask the rules to be changed to address our concerns. Hell, it’s even okay to say you want the old rules back.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that. But once it’s clear they don’t intend to do exactly what you want – e.g. go back to the No Holds Barred Wild Frontier Rules – it’s really pointless to keep throwing a tantrum over it. Most of the “apologists” are pointing that out.

Well, that, and also that everyone who keeps saying “BuT i pAiD fOr ThE gAmE” doesn’t understand what they paid for.

The launcher screen shows content Funcom decided to promote, but in case anyone is confused, the content is not of their own making. “Creative Builder” is a well-known YouTube channel by a Conan Exiles player.

The launcher is Funcom’s way of promoting stuff they think would be interesting to players. I don’t know where people are getting the idea that the showcased content has to be related to the official servers, but it’s a weird idea.

Just about the only thing I can agree with in this whole topic is that Funcom could include the mention of their official server rules somewhere on the store page for the game, if they wanted to be extra nice towards those who might be interested in purchasing the game but can’t be bothered to do some basic research before buying. :man_shrugging:


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