How unplayable do officials have to get?

Something absolutely has to give on officials. All of these things keep getting added to the game that we can’t enjoy because the servers are so full of asinine builds. Is nobody paying attention? Does something really have to be reported ten times for someone to acknowledge the disrespectful, over the top, unnecessary and altogether ridiculous “builds” that are bogging us down? There are probably thousands of building pieces making up fancy unnecessary paths and sandstone bridges over EVERY gap. And then you have the ones who think they need to “foundation floor” an entire grid square, and those who feel the need to have a separate building for EVERY bench/table/placeable in the game. Some of these bases span so far and wide that you cant even render it all while standing in it!

Official players can’t enjoy new things because the game is either crashing or lagging or both. The ai response is so slow. Thralls don’t respond for several seconds. What gives??!?! Do I really have to resort to unofficial?:woman_facepalming:


A good private server is better than officials in every way possible. Just last night I was surprised by a rocknose purge with that many mini boss rock noses that it caused me to be disconnected repeatedly leaving my base basically undefended I was able to message the owner who instantly reset the server and saved a months worth of progress. Just an example. Active admins clean up rubbish lag causing builds, deserted bases, can ban cheaters and hackers/griefers fast and efficiently. I urge you to give private servers a go. Officials are a pure shit show.

I agree with darkzombie

I’ve played private servers many times, and just as there are good sides to them, there are bad as well. Many of the more populated private servers have dozens of rules, some fairly petty and/or unreasonable. I don’t like the idea of all of the time I put into the game to be at the mercy of some rando not paying for their server one month. There are so many variables that exist in private servers that are unsettling. I love some of my experience with officials, but I honestly feel that if there were even ONE dev that visited these servers regularly and just flew around taking care of ASININE rule-breaking builds, we’d benefit greatly!

Except trying to sell the game without any administration work. The officials have a kill switch when there is much ado. Got to control the sprawl. They can get in and do their investigative work of the claims made. Once the admin sees the sprawl, they release the kill switch to go. Again. It’s bye-bye. :+1:

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